B&B Monday Update 12/7/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 12/7/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Steffy declares to Brooke she does not know what she is talking about. Brooke tells her not to act like she does not know what she is talking about. Steffy turns to leave, saying she must go. Brooke asks if she is going to see her sister’s husband. She says she knows all about Steffy coming on to Bill.

Katie walks into Bill’s office and announces that he better have a good reason for leaving before taking care of his wife’s needs. Katie goes over to Bill and passionately kisses him until she sees his necklace. Bill says someone else found the necklace. Katie notes they need to get the clasp fixed. Bill says he will not be wearing it anymore; they need to talk about where it was found and why.

Nick says something happened to Sandy and it was not just him, but all men she did not like. Nick speculates something happened to her.

Taylor says Nick may be overreacting. She asks Bridget how she likes Sandy. Bridget says she is great. Whip comes into the office. He smiles when he sees Taylor. Bridget tells him to come in and that they were talking about Sandy.

Nick says what happened is important because she is now carrying his child.

Katie tells Bill she likes a good story. Bill says it has to do with Steffy. Katie says that everyone has a crush on Dollar Bill. Bill looks at her and says it is a little more serious than that.

Steffy closes the door and admits that after Bill gave her the promotion she kissed him. Brooke says that does not sound so bad, but they ended up at Big Bear the night before her sister got married.

Taylor asks if Whip has met Sandy and what he thinks about her. Bridget says she saw them talking and wants to know what his impression is.

Nick asks if Sandy would just rather not have anything to do with any man. Nick asks if that is why she changed her name. Nick says she is carrying their child and she can trust him a little. Sandy says the profile she wrote was who she wanted to be and who she used to be.

Katie sits in a chair with arms folded while Bill sits on the desk and tells Katie that Steffy kissed him. Bill explains he told Steffy that she should let it go. He explains about Steffy’s call and Big Bear. Bill goes on to say he was aggravated with the situation and tells Katie how Steffy enticed him to look at the pictures on the couch. The scene is replayed where Steffy kissed Bill.

Steffy tells Brooke “that is all that happened.” Brooke asks if that is all that happened and Steffy says it was. Brooke asks if Steffy had planned on seducing Bill. Steffy asks what Brooke intends to do. She desperately wants to know if Brooke will tell Katie or her father.

Katie says Bill hid it well. She points out that the day of their wedding she had no idea. Katie asks why Bill told her now. Bill says he does not want a marriage filled with secrets when there is nothing to hide.

Brooke tells Steffy she is such a bright girl but follows with the question of how she could do this. Brooke says everything is calmed down and this could impact everything. Steffy says her father can’t know. Brooke says he can. Steffy asks if Brooke will tell him. Brooke says she will not promise that she won’t, unless she can have a guarantee.

Whip says he thinks Sandy was overwhelmed by everything. Bridget says she definitely sensed something. Whip says Sandy is her surrogate, not her BFF. Taylor agrees with Whip. Bridget says that she does not believe that and her husband does not either.

Nick tells Sandy she needs to deal with everything. Sandy says she is and she is having their baby. Nick says there is something else going on there and he can see it in her eyes. He asks her to tell him what it is.

Katie says she wishes Bill had not gone to Big Bear the night before their wedding. Bill says it was not his best judgement call. Katie says she trusts him and believes that he did not want to egg Steffy on. She says that he has never lied to her and so she does believe him. She asks if he sees that by going to Big Bear he led Steffy on, even if he did not want to. Katie walks over to Bill and says the next time a damsel in distress calls she wants him to tell her to call her shrink or priest, or better yet hang up. Katie looks into Bill’s eyes and tells him she wants him to always trust her with the truth. She says she will not make him regret it. Katie hugs Bill, who breathes a sigh of relief.

Steffy pleads with Brooke saying she is sorry. Brooke asks how she can know it. Steffy says she will not make the same mistake and that she has learned her lesson. Brooke tells her she does believe her. Brooke says she has made her own mistakes and she will not talk about this with anyone. Steffy thanks her. Brooke says she will trust her and she is happy no one got hurt. Brooke tells her to be on guard and not to let it happen again. Steffy hugs Brooke, thanking her repeatedly.

Nick asks what Sandy’s story is. He moves towards her and she moves back. Nick says it is instinctual for her to move away. He asks what she does in her spare time, did she have a job. Sandy says she did have a job and he asks what happened. Sandy promises to give them a healthy child. Sandy says she wants to focus on the furure which includes giving them a baby. She begs Nick not to tell Bridget. She claims Bridget is the only friend she has. She begs once more before Nick goes to the door and leaves. After Nick has closed the door behind him Sandy rushes to it and locks herself in.

Katie walks into her office to a happy Steffy who says she just showed Brooke the figures for the campaign. Katie unpacks her bag on her desk and announces she knows what happened with Bill. Steffy asks “what?” Katie sits back in her chair and answers, “I know what happened with you and Bill.”

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