B&B Friday Update 12/4/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 12/4/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Bill tells Brooke Steffy will not tell Katie that she kissed him. Brooke says if Steffy is so hung up on Bill she might tell Katie. Brooke says she doubts Bill’s story. Bill plainly says he loves only Katie and he would not have married her if he had wanted to be with anyone else. Brooke says Katie trusts her; she has to tell her and then walks out of his office.

Ridge looks over the models as Steffy says it is his best work ever and she wishes Eric was there to see it. Ridge says it is a pride issue and she has been given a chance there. He says he is proud of her when Katie walks in and says he should be proud of her, she also adds his work has been brilliant. Ridge walks out the door but before he does he wants Katie to imagine how much better it would be if he owned the company.

Sandy says Nick is reading too much into this and she really likes his wife. Nick says he knows she likes his wife and that is what he wants to talk about.

Brooke comes into Katie’s office who is looking at ads and says Katie is a genius. Brooke walks over to Katie who is now seated at her desk and says there is something she needs to know.

Nick says he wants Sandy to be comfortable. Sandy tells Nick to chill out and cut her some slack. Nick looks down on the table and sees an envelope addressed to Agnes Jones.

Bill looks at the necklace while propping his feet up on the window seal. He remembers saying his vows to Katie. He remembers that he told her he had never broke n a promise and then grasps the necklace tighter.

Katie says she thinks it is extremely important. Ridge walks in and says Brooke was going to tell her something important. Katie stands and she knows they Ridge must think someday and somehow Ridge will get the company back. He says Steffy is excelling and he is stuck between choosing between his wants and his daughters success. Katie says there is a sense of respect within the company and she does not see that changing. Katie asks Brooke if they have covered their pressing matter and Brooke says they have. Katie says she will take the designs downstairs. Brook looks at Ridge who views the sketches on the table.

Nick says he would like to get to know her better. Sandy does not understand why he wants to know her so well. She is being paid to carry their baby and she plans to do so. Nick says the process is more than just that. Sandy is flustered and says Nick is upsetting her and he should leave. Nick wonders why and Sandy defends that he should call next time instead of barging in her home. Nick points out he knocked on the door like a gentleman and wonders what the big deal is. Sandy says she is a private person. Nick asks if can ask if she lives there alone. Sandy says she does and then Nick picks up her mail and asks why all of her mail is addressed to Agnes Jones. Sandy snatches the mail from Nick’s hands and says it is none of his business. Nick says she is having his baby and so it is their business and wants to know who she is.

Brooke asks if Katie is still in her meeting and Ridge says she is. He says that is what his dad used to do. Ridge says she is right and it did not go south because of Steffy and Katie. He tells Brooke how happy he is Steffy has been given an opportunity. Brooke says they make a great team. Ridge vows that they will get the company back but he says he is thankful there is finally some peace.

Bill drops the necklace on his desk and tells his secretary to cancel his afternoon meetings.

Sandy asks how dare Nick interrogate her. Nick opens the cabinets and finds cookies, chips and says she was not the health food nut. Sandy asks why if they do not want the baby as Nick throws the chips on the couch and says they want the baby but she has not been straight with them and he wants to know why.


Ridge is on the rooftop looking at an evening gown on a model. He says it looks good in natural light. The model walks away as Steffy approaches Ridge to tell him how great the gown looks. Steffy says she wishes things could be different. Ridge says they will be; they will get the company back but until then she should hang in there. Steffy says she will do anything for her father. They hug.

Katie tells someone on the phone that they have to talk to Steffy since she is the head of PR. Bill walks in and Katie comes over to him and kisses him. He tells her to hold her calls. She asks if she should lock the door and he says it is not necessary. As Katie is on the phone with her secretary Brooke comes in. She asks what Bill is doing and he says Brooke was right and he wants to tell Katie. Brooke says he can’t; she has changed her mind. Bill says Katie needs to know. Katie tells Brooke whatever it is has to wait. Brooke says it can not wait and Ridge needs to see her right now. Katie walks out and Bill says Brooke can save her breathe…he is telling Katie about what happened. Brooke looks angry and stunned.

Nick asks Sandy why the name change. Sandy says it s not his concern. Nick says she is carrying his baby and he needs to know why she lied. Sandy says she embellished. Sandy says she wants to know what it is like to help a couple. Nick says he feels like he has been tripped. Snick asks what her story is. Sandy says she wants to experience birth but it will not happen for her; not with a man. Sandy cries as she picks up stuffed animals. Nick walks over and says they have a right to know. Nick goes to touch her and she pulls away and says for him not to touch her. Nick says it is not him, it is just men in general.

Ridge asks what Steffy meant. Steffy tries to explain that she knows Ridge is not happy with Bill and Katie running things and she will be there for him. Katie rapidly comes outside and says Brooke told her Ridge needed to see her. Ridge is confused and Katie asks if it is about Steffy. Ridge says maybe it is and Brooke has been worried about Steffy’s work. They do not ant her to burn out.

Brooke closes the door and says Bill can not do it. Bill says he can not believe he is hearing this. Brooke says everyone is getting along. Bill says they still will. Bill says he has to tell Katie because he has to hear from him. Brooke says Katie will not take it as he thinks and then poses what if Ridge should find out. Bill says nothing happened but Steffy got carried away and it is done with, just like their conversation. Brooke tells Bill not to do it for the sake of the family and the company. Brooke says Katie will treat Steffy differently and Ridge will know. She says if he tells her he will regret to. As Bill comes out of the office he sees Steffy. She asks if everything is okay and he says he thinks so. He tells her he is going back to his office.

Steffy strolls into Katie’s office to find Brooke. She says hi and says congratulations are in order for everyone because the numbers look so great. Steffy adds that Katie should get credit. Brooke tells her not to speak her sisters name. Brooke looks at Steffy and says “I know what you did, I know everything.”

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