B&B Thursday Update 12/3/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 12/3/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Katie asks why Steffy did not run something by Legal. She says all eyes will be on them. Steffy says there will not be a next time and she will make sure of it. Katie asks if everything is okay with Steffy since she has been on edge since she got there.

Brooke says she wants the whole truth and if she can not get them from Bill she will get them from Steffy.

Sandy waits with Bridget and Nick who complain it has been a long time. The doctor comes out and says “it’s confirmed, Sandy is pregnant with your child.” Bridget jumps into Nick’s arms ecstatically.

Steffy asks Katie if she has ever done the wrong thing even if she didn’t mean to. Rick interrupts and says he needs Katie’s signature. He sees the wedding picture and says it is beautiful. Katie announces Steffy gave it to them. Rick says that sounds like Steffy; she is so thoughtful. He leaves the room and Katie crosses her arms, asking Steffy if the thing she did has anything to do with Rick. Katie asks if Steffy is having guy trouble. Steffy says everyone thinks she is a saint and she is not.

Bill tells Brooke Katie is the best thing that has ever happened to him and he would never intentionally hurt her. Brooke counters that Bill lied before and what else will he lie about. Brooke says Katie was with she and Donna the night before they were married telling them how excited she was to marry him and he was with Steffy. Brooke asks how he could do this to her sister.

Katie tells Steffy to not put so much pressure on herself. Katie says she has put so much pressure on Steffy and she is trying to impress her father and Bill. Katie tells her she will find her “Bill Spencer.”

Bill says he did not lie and nothing happened. Brooke says something did. Bill remembers the night and how he was going to leave but Steffy wanted him to sit on the couch with her and see the new photos for the campaign on her phone. She says he should check them out and he does. He scrolls through the phone and tells she has outdone herself. Steffy jumps him and kisses him when Bill pushes her off. He gets up and lets the phone drops as he leaves. Before he leaves Steffy says she is sorry. Brooke asks if she is really supposed to believe one kiss is all that happened. Bill says he can not control what she believes or does not believe but that is the truth.

Katie tells Steffy her door is always open if she needs to talk. Steffy says she thought everything was black and she thought she could never do any wrong. Katie says whatever Steffy has done she will work it out because she is a good person. Katie says she knows from experience.

Bridget can not believe they are pregnant on their first try. Bridget hugs Sandy and says she is their miracle. Bridget hugs Nick and says she has never been so happy.

Nick notes that he went to hug Sandy and she would not hug him. Bridget says she would like to focus on the most incredible news. Nick says he eventually wants to talk about Sandy because they are in this together.

Katie says she knows how Steffy feels about Bill. Katie says a lot of people dislike Bill. Rick interrupts and says Katie is lucky to be the CEO since someone left her courtside seats to the Laker game. Katie says she will leave now and hands the tickets to Steffy. She tells her to take a date. Steffy then hands them to Rick and he admits he has no one to take. He says since they broke up he lives like a monk. He sleeps alone, works all day and then volunteers. He confides that he feels bad for treating her so poorly. Steffy says that her dad has forgiven him and he says there may be a thing called redemption. He tells Steffy he misses her and asks if she will be his date.

Brooke wants to know why Bill tell Katie. Bill says Katie was walking down the aisle when he saw her next, then their honeymoon. Brooke says it happened twice. The first time it was a mistake but the second time Steffy couldn’t resist. Bill says he does not think there will be a problem. Bill thinks Steffy will respect his marriage. Brooke says Steffy did not respect his engagement. Brooke asks if she goes to Steffy will she have the same story. Bill says she will but he prefers she did not. Brooke asks why. Bill says Steffy is Ridge’s daughter. Katie finds out and eventually Steffy goes to Ridge. Brooke says she does not like to keep secrets. Bill says if this one comes out everything they have worked for will fall apart. He tells Brooke to “let it go.”

Sandy has her hair in a side ponytail and rubs her stomach while at home. There is a knock at the door and she is caught off guard. Sandy takes her hair down after looking through the glass. Nick has flowers and asks if he may come in. He enters and asks if everything is okay. Sandy asks what he means by that. Nick says he thinks that he is a likeable guy but he gets the feeling that she would like him out of the picture. He says in the upcoming months he is carrying their child and he would like to know they can get along. Sandy says they are “cool.” Nick says he reached for her hand and she pulled away. Sandy’s face is blotchy as Nick says if there is something to get out in the open now is the time.

Steffy says she can not go to the game because she may have fun. She tells Rick she did something worse than he did. Rick jokes as he asks if she stepped on a crack or parked in someone else’s spot. Steffy asks how he could stand her when she was all moral on him. Rick says she has the best body and face he has ever seen. Steffy says she has done something and does not know how to fix it.

Katie is with employees and calls to speak to her husband. She is shocked to hear from the secretary he is still meeting with Brooke. Katie picks up a magazine with she and Bill on the cover and smiles.

Brooke says Katie should know. Bill says he has thought about it and it not a black and white world. Brooke says she should know. Bill says Katie will go over Steffy and then Steffy will tell Ridge; the delicate balance will be gone. Brooke says in the coming months Steffy will have plenty of chances to get to him. Bill says Katie trusts him as she should. He says he is not worried about it. He tells her that Brooke could blow it all up and it would be the Logans vs. the Forresters all over again. He tells her it is all in her hands and asks what she is going to do.

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