B&B Wednesday Update 12/2/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 12/2/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

In Ridge and Brooke’s bed, Brooke lies awake while Ridge sleeps soundly. Brooke recalls Bill telling Brooke about the brief kiss and then she turns to Ridge who wakes up. He notes that she has tossed and turned all night. He says it did not bother him but he wishes she would have told him what was bothering her. He asks what she knows that he does not.

Steffy comes into Katie’s office dripping off proofs when Rick walks in. He says they are late because they are newlyweds. He notes they never made it down the aisle. He says he wants her to know that he never stopped wanting the best for her.

Bill sits in his office chair looking at his necklace. Katie walks in and says “you’re in trouble Bill Spencer.” She notes that he let her stay in bed and oversleep so now her schedule will be delayed. He comes over and says he loves her more than words can express. They kiss as his hands roam her back. She adds that he is not wearing his necklace.

In a very dingy bathroom Sandy washes her face and pulls her hair in a side ponytail. She tries to stop crying and then hears laughter and flashbulbs resume. There is a knock at the door and the flashbulb noises become louder. Sandy foes to unlock the door and sees Whip standing outside. She asks how he found her and he says he was worried about her. He tells her to let him in.

Katie and Bill are in hiss office and Katie says they will find the necklace and they will find it. Bill says it is okay and Katie says the necklace was apart of him. He says fast cars and fast women were also something you used to like but that has changed. Katie says she likes his dark side, it is sexy. Katie continues to passionately kissing him.

Ridge says he thinks this has something to do with Bill. Brooke wonders why he would jump to that conclusion. Ridge says he is waiting on the next shoe to drop and that he does not trust him. Brooke agrees with Ridge that he is a hard man to trust..

Sandy opens the door and Whip walks through the door come in to her small and little apartment. He says he does not know why she left the shoot when she used to “love that stuff.”

Brooke and Ridge are still in bed when Brooke asks Ridge when the last time he has talked to Steffy. Ridge says he talks to her at work. Ridge says she does not have a lot of time for her old man now that she is the head of PR. Brooke says he knows Steffy want s to make him proud. Ridge says Katie has helped Steffy come into her own. Ridge gets out of bed and Brooke says that she is scared Steffy is doing to o much and may need her father now more than ever.

Steffy asks Rick of he is seeing anyone. Steffy says she is not and she can not because of work. Rick comes to her and says he forgot to tell her congratulations. Steffy says she hopes to make Katie and Bill proud. Steffy asks if he wished he could turn back the clock. Rick says if there is one person that does it is him. Rick says he has learned that you can’t turn back the past. He says Katie will love her ideas. Rick says Steffy is Katie’s “golden girl.”

Katie tries to break away from Bill but he comes to her at the door. Katie chides “why was Katie tardy.” Bill answers that he was making love to his wife in his office. Katie asks what she did to deserve him, Bill says it should be the other way around and that he will work until he is worthy of her. They continue to kiss and Bill reaches down to lock the door.

Brooke is at her vanity, brushing her hair when the phone rings. Rick picks it up and it is Stephanie. He gets off the phone and Brooke tells him he does not have to say a word. She knows that Rick is not supposed to use the cabin as a “love nest.” Ridge asks if she has talked to him. Brooke says she has. Ridge says that Rick has an “affinity” for the ladies. He says his mother say on the necklace and it poked her and he can understand her frustration. Ridge says he will take a shower and Brooke is left to talk to herself. She says “between the couch cushions, what is really going on here pal?”

Sandy tells Whip if he came there to hassle her he is wasting his time. Whip picks up a candy bar and says if she is Nick and Bridget’s surrogate she should eat more healthy. Sandy takes offense and says the candy is old; he should look in her refrigerator and see vegetables. Whip comes over to her at the stove and apologizes. He says the baby is so important. Sandy say today is a big day to test to see if she is pregnant. Whip say he wants to know what the real reason is for the surrogacy.

Rick is on the phone telling someone he had an “amazing” time yesterday. Ridge comes in and asks her name. Rick says the name is Genevieve. Ridge asks if Genevieve was the person he took to the cabin. Rick defends he has not been to the cabin since he broke up with Steffy. Rick adds that Genevieve is the coordinator for the homeless shelter he volunteers for. Rick says he built a house yesterday but it was awesome. Ridge asks if that is what he does instead of chasing women. Rick says since he lost Steffy he has worked really hard to become a better person in every aspect of his life. Rick says he is finally getting there and he will get out of his hair. Ridge says he should have given him the benefit of the doubt about the necklace. Steffy walks by and Ridge asks if she would like Ridge asks if she is seeing anyone new and she says her focus is work. Ridge walks to her and says he is there if she wants to sit down and talk about anything. Steffy hugs him and says she loves him so much before leaving..,

Katie and Bill straighten their clothes as Katie admits she can’t believe she let him talk her into what they just did. They kiss as Brooke knocks on the door and says she needs to talk to him. Katie says Brooke will know exactly what they were doing. She walks and opens the door and tells Brooke it is exactly what it looks like and she should understand since they are newlyweds. Katie says she has to go and blows a kiss to Bill. Brooke walks in as Bill says that was her little sister who left and has never been more happier which is why he is glad she did not say anything. Brooke says she agreed because all she thought that happened was an innocent little kiss. Brooke says she now does not think so and now she wants to know exactly what happened at the big bear cabin.

Sandy says in case Whip has not noticed she is not in the lap of luxury. Whip says they were close. She used to comes to Forrester and he would take her to lunch. Then she disappeared. She says she says is fine and nothing happened. Sandy looks as though she could cry and Whip says he does worry, he does worry because something happened and he wishes she would let him help. Whip leaves and Sandy locks the door.

Bill sits at his desk and says that he thought they talked and he thought she understood. Brooke says she has new information. She says it was in between the cushions. She wants to know how it came off there. He says he sat on the couch and the necklace fell off. Brooke assumes he was on the couch with Steffy, touching her and caressing her. Bill looks at her and she says if he does not tell her she will find out from Steffy. Bill watches as Brooke goes to the door, telling him he had his chance. Bill beckons for her to wait and says he will tell her everything.

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