B&B Tuesday Update 12/1/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 12/1/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

At Jackie M. Nick asks a cocktail dressed Bridget if Sandy is there. She says Sandy is on her way. Nick asks if there “is any word” and Bridget says there is not. Nick says it is still early but wonders why she invites Sandy there in the first place. Bridget explains it is the first day of the ad campaign and she thought she might want to watch the shoot. Nick and Bridget open the door to find Owen in a leaf type garment posing with Jackie who is in a long hemp tunic. Whip is telling Owen to bite into the apple he is holding as Nick and Bridget stare at one another.

Katie walks into her office to find Steffy who is dropping off a present. Steffy says it is a belated wedding gift. Katie says she will call Bill over to open the present with her but Steffy tells her it is not necessary and that it is something small. Katie smiles in appreciation after hugging Steffy.

Brooke has caught Bill in a lie and accuses him of denying that he had been to Big Bear when he in fact had.

Bill turns away from Brooke as she says she wants to give him the benefit of the doubt since he is married to her sister. She says she has always seen him with that necklace, he denied Big Bear but he was there and she wants to know with whom he was with. Bill asks why he is making such a big deal. Brooke tells him she will not leave until she has an answer. Bill reluctantly tells her he was at Big Bear and that he was with Steffy. Brooke’s mouth drops upon hearing his answer.

Katie holds a framed wedding photo of she and Bill. She asks how Steffy got it and Steffy explains that she knew the photographer and was allowed to choose a proof. Katie smiles brightly as she says she and Bill will both love it. Steffy says she hopes they do. Steffy tells Katie she wants them both to be happy before hugging her.

Brooke is stunned that Bill was at Big Bear. He says he had to go to talk to Steffy about her promotion. Bill sits in his chair at his desk as Brooke interrogates and asks why he lied about it. Brooke says she plans to talk to Steffy but Bill says there is “no need.” He confesses that after he gave Steffy her promotion she kissed him. Brooke is stunned.

The photographer tells Jackie to hold the apple above Owen’s head and as they break Nick asks if there will ever be an ad campaign where Own is not naked. Owen asks the same question and says he looks like an idiot. Owen wants to know why he can not wear a three piece suit and Whip responds that they are not selling men’s clothes. Whip adds that if he had Owen’s body he would wear the fig leaf. Sandy walks in and Bridget introduces her to everyone as their surrogate.

Katie tells Steffy that her support means a lot to them. She says it means a lot to Bill. Steffy tells Katie Bill loves her and that they will have a great life. Katie walks up to Steffy and says she knows that this year has not been the best for her as far as love is concerned but she knows that she will find someone that adores her; someone just like Bill.

Brooke repeats “Steffy kissed you?” Bill tells her it happened in the office. Bill says the kiss came out of no where. He tells Brooke the truth, that the kiss itself was brief and he saw it as an innocent mistake on her part. He says he did nothing to encourage it. Brooke asks why he went to Big Bear. Bill confides that Steffy was mortified and he would classify her as “distraught.” He says he went up there to make sure she knew it was not a big deal. Brooke asks why he did not tell Katie. Bill says it was insignificant, he handled it and it is over. Brooke asks “is it?” Bill tells her it is.

Steffy says she has to get back to work. Katie compliments her work; she says sales are on the rise and Bill is sure to tell her when he sees her.

Brooke tells Bill she has to tell Katie. Bill says there is no reason to. Brooke points out he is starting his marriage with a lie. Bill retorts that it is an omission and the outcome would not be good. Brooke refuses to take Bill’s word since she knows his reputation.

Steffy walks into an office, sits in the chair and thinks of kissing Bill. She closes her eyes and shakes her head before Marcus walks in and says he has papers for Ridge to sign. He says Steffy is not Ridge and then tells her there is so much buzz about the Catwalk Challenge. Steffy says once again she went with her impulse. Marcus asks what she is talking about, and with her back to him she responds that sometimes she acts on her impulses before she can think.

Bridget and Nick explain to Sandy that the line is all organic. Sandy says it must be nice to have the money for the clothes. Nick offers that they put clothes together for her. Sandy says she couldn’t but Bridget insists that she can even make a maternity line just for Sandy. Sandy thanks Bridget alone, leaving Nick out and then walking away. Nick purses his lips together noting the lack of acknowledgement for his part. Jackie calls over to Nick and Bridget, stating she needs their opinions. Sandy walks out and Whip follows her into the hallway. He does not call her Sandy and she tells him he has to call her Sandy. She firmly tells him not to mention they are cousins. Whip is baffled and claims they were so close and he wonders if he did something to her. She tells him to drop it. The photographer comes out asking for Whip’s opinion and he tells Sandy he will drop it. The photographer tells “Eve to touch her Adam” and other quick quips as the sound of the flashes drown out the voices. Sandy closes her eyes as though the sound is painful.

Bridget sees Sandy with a painful look and then when Sandy walks away Bridget runs after her. Bridget asks if she is okay and she claims it was too loud. Nick says they are almost done. Bridget tells her she ordered gluten free food as Nick encourages her to stay. Sandy says she can not and runs into the elevator. She tells Bridget she will call her. Whip comes out of the office and asks where Sandy went. They say she had to leave.

In the elevator Sandy is crouched down amongst a rack of clothes on the elevator. Her hands are over her ears as we see flashbulbs go off around her and she hears the clicking sound a camera makes while shuttering. Sandy stays in the position, closing her eyes while panicking.

In Katie’s office Katie looks at the picture of she and Bill and says aloud she is Mrs. Bill Spencer.

In Ridge’s office Marcus tells Steffy she can tell him anything. Steffy says Bill and Katie are so good to them. Marcus asks if everything is okay with Steffy and Bill because she used to be his golden girl and he saw tension at the studio. Steffy covers, admitting she thought Bill would have taken her head off for accepting the challenge. Marcus says he would think Bill would be proud of how she jumped on the challenge. Steffy says Bill will be happy if they win. Steffy asks about the wedding and asks if Bill was “cool” with everything. Marcus says he was and asks why she would ask that question. Steffy dodges the question and quickly walks back to the chair. Marcus stands making faces as though he is still pontificating such a strange question.

Bill tells Brooke he would not have married Katie if he were interested in any other woman. Brooke says Katie trusts him so why not tell her. Bill says it will upset Katie, Steffy and Ridge. He tells her there is no need. Bill claims Steffy acted “youthfully” by kissing him while she was excited and he will tell Brooke the same thing he told Steffy, “it was meaningless; let it go.” Brooke wants to make sure nothing happened in the cabin and Bill says nothing did. Brooke adds that she cares about Katie and she wants to see her happy. Bill agrees that is what they both want. Brooke says she “certainly” hopes Bill is not lying to her.

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