B&B Monday Update 11/30/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/30/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Stephanie is in her car driving when she looks at Bill’s necklace. She remembers finding it on the couch.

Katie is sitting on Bill’s lap as he says that if they spent as much time working as they do kissing…then he reminds her they are Newlyweds. Katie says it is the law and they continue to kiss.

Rick and Brooke are at the office and as they embrace Brooke tells him it is wonderful to see him home. He says since he has been back from Paris he has had so much paperwork to catch up on. He tells Brooke Stephanie wanted to meet him at the office, but he has no idea what it is about. His cellular chimes and he says he must go handle a shipment mix up. Brooke asks what about Stephanie but Rick is convinced she will understand.

Steffy stands at home thinking about the brief kiss she shared with Bill when Thomas approaches and says he wants to hear all about it. Steffy looks at him confused as he elaborates that he can not believe she got their mother to go on the internet for love. Steffy said her mom needed a “push” and she did not want her to be lonely. Thomas says their mother is not alone; she has them and Stephanie. Thomas asks if she thinks their mom is in love with Ridge. Steffy says she thinks she is over that and even if there were a chance Ridge is too “hung up on Brooke” so she would not want that for her mother. Thomas then adds that she pushed her to the internet and now their mom is out with some stranger who could be a serial killer. Steffy says they are at insomnia and if they were a 90% match the chances of him actually being a serial killer should not exist. Thomas says Steffy makes a good point. Steffy says it may be a “match.”

Taylor looks stunned as she asks “you’re my date?”

Thomas opens a bottle of water and says he is shocked Steffy has time to play match maker. Steffy says their mother is almost a hermit. Thomas says she is not a hermit. Steffy asserts there are good guys out there and Thomas should accept it. Steffy tells Thomas about Whip’s challenge on the Catwalk. She says she has been working on a presentation and wants him to look at the photos.

Katie recalls their wedding day and honeymoon and then says it seems unfair that they are so happy. She says it is everything she ever wanted. Katie and Bill continue to kiss.

Stephanie walks into the office to see Brooke. Brooke asks how Stephanie is dealing with her mother’s death. Stephanie says it was difficult. Brooke says her mother got to see her before she passed. Stephanie explains that she left Rick a voice mail. Brooke explains that Rick had an urgent matter to tend to. She inquires what Stephanie wanted to talk to him about and an even tempered Stephanie holds Bill’s necklace, thinking it is Rick’s. She says it is great that he wants to use Big Bear but she would like him to at least call first.

Steffy show Thomas her presentation on the computer. They both sit on the coffee table as Thomas compliments her work. He asks if Steffy has shown it to their mother. Steffy says she has not but plans on doing so when she gets back from Insomnia. Thomas notes that he hopes it is soon.

Taylor blurts out “Carl./..Carl from the lab…you’re my date?” Carl smiles widely to display his gums and is honored Taylor remembers him. He says it is a “small world.” Taylor says it was small world. Carl says it has been years since the incident and they should be able to move past it. Taylor says Carl implanted Brooke’s eggs into her and it was “one of the worst chapters” of her life, so she doubts they can sit and talk. Carl tries to convince Taylor to stay by pointing out they are a 90% match. Taylor says it could be a computer glitch or a virus. Carl adds he normally does not drink the “wakey wakey” so late but there is good reason tonight. He sits at the bar to look at the menu and comments on how expensive everything is. While he orders two of the smallest lattes Taylor walks out. Carl turns and says “Taylor, Taylor…baby wait!!!”

Katie walks around Bill’s empty chair in his office and notes her shock that Bill has adjusted to married life. She says he is supportive and belongs to her. Katie begins to kiss Bill’s neck.

Brooke asks what Stephanie is holding and Stephanie assumes it is Rick’s. Brooke doubts that this necklace is Rick’s but Stephanie is adamant that it may be one of his girlfriends. Stephanie chides, “he has been known take girls up there for hanky panky.” Stephanie adds that Rick has the “sense of entitlement.” Stephanie asks Brooke to speak with him and exits the room.

Rick comes back into the office and Brooke explains he missed Stephanie. Rick asks what she wanted and Brooke shows him the necklace. Rick says it is not his and when Brooke pries about Big Bear, Rick says he has not been there in months. Brooke informs him Stephanie wants him to call when he does go there and as Rick walks out with his papers he tells her again he has not been there in months.

Katie sits at Bill’s desk, pen in hand while looking over a document. Bill paces with a folder and Katie asks if it is bad. Bill explains it is the opposite and the numbers are going up since Katie has taken over as CEO . He says the buzz from the new campaign is doing wonders. Katie says she can not take all of the credit. Bill says she should. Katie says she can not take it all since Steffy came up with the concept. Bill looks nervous as Katie says this.

Thomas asks Steffy if she is okay since she is pacing. Steffy says she is fine as Thomas notes she paces like their grandmother. Steffy admits she just wants her mom to have fun. Thomas says the odds are he is a nerd. Steffy slaps his chest as Taylor walks in. Taylor comes in and tells the children about Carl from the lab and they both begin to laugh. Thomas covers his mouth and Taylor tells him it is okay, she has laughed about it on the way home. Steffy asks if it has scared her away from dating. Taylor says it has not. Stephanie comes home and Taylor is shocked she is still not at the cabin. They say it is a good thing since they did not want her there alone. Stephanie says it was fine but she had an unpleasant trip home since she sat on something sharp.

Brooke talks to herself. She says the necklace looks familiar but can not place where she has seen it. She then remembers Bill standing beside Katie. Brooke continues to talk to herself and says it does not make sense. She asks why his necklace would be at Big Bear.

Katie says it was a good call since Steffy was a wonderful asset. She says the campaign is going to be a smash hit. She says she can’t wait to see what “surprises” Steffy has in store for them.

Taylor asks about Big Bear and Stephanie explains Eric was there and told her to spend time with her family. Taylor is happy she chose them to come home to. Taylor says they want to be there. Taylor adds you do not need internet dating when everything she wants is there. Stephanie asks if she missed something and Taylor tells her it was an internet dating disaster. Steffy tries to pep her up by saying there are great catches out there.

Brooke comes into the office and explains to Bill there was no secretary. She tells Bill sometimes he and Katie may just want to get away. Bill asks why they would want to get away when they just came back from their honeymoon. Brooke tells Bill about Big Bear and asks if he has been there. Bill denies that he was ever there. Brooke turns to walk away and pulls the necklace from her bag. Bill asks where she got that. She asks if it is his and he says it is one of a kind. Bill presses again for the location in which she found it and she responds she found it at Big Bear. Brooke is none to pleased as she asks Bill “what were you doing there?”

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