B&B Wednesday Update 11/25/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/25/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Stephanie arrives at Big Bear and talks to herself. She says there is no one to talk to and no one to bother her.

Bill taps his pen on his paper. Jarred walks in with paperwork. He notices Bill’s face and says he is sure the necklace will turn up. Katie walks in and over to Bill. She asks if he is missing anything. As Katie leans down to kiss Bill he says she is there and so he is not missing anything.

Justin and Marcus talk on set when Donna approaches wearing her hair in a chignon and an off shoulder black sequined dress. Justin says Pam should be there shortly. Donna is shocked that Pam is coming at all but Justin says Pam wanted to get back to work. Donna watches as Marcus follows his father to handle a matter. Pam comes in and apologizes for being late. Donna tells her it is okay and she does not have to do the show if she does not want to. Pam says she can have her makeup done in the chair and Donna says she has been crying and will need an ice pack. Donna is genuine as she offers condolences to Pam for the loss of her mother. Pam says she is sure she wants to be there. Whip comes on set and Pam says she is there since she did not want him to be thrown in the “lion’s den” on his own. Justin explains to Whip it is a PR faceoff between Forrester and Jackie M.

Taylor and Steffy watch as her profile online is complete and the computer notifies her that she has a 90% match with someone. He sends a message and Steffy tells her she has to check it. Taylor notices he does not have a picture, Steffy says neither does Taylor’s profile. Steffy says she has to go as Taylor asks doesn’t she want to stay. Steffy says it is a “work thing” and leaves Taylor in the room alone.

Katie sits on Bill’s lap at his desk and breaks away from kissing when he asks if she is going back to work. Katie says she has no plans to go back tonight. Bill asks if she wants to stay around and catch up. Katie asks if that is his way of saying “baby don’t go,” to which Bill answers it is. They continue to kiss.

Stephanie has lit the fireplace when Eric comes through the door. Stephanie asks why he is there and then tells him to make her a drink as well.

Taylor is at the computer as her “match” corresponds that he too is in the medical field and they should meet. He says it is sudden but it could be somewhere public. Taylor types no, but before she sends the message she recalls Steffy telling her she is afraid to move on. Taylor ponders for a moment and then types ‘yes’ instead of ‘no.’

Stephanie has her drink in hand and tells Eric she could have never forgiven her mother. She says the anger and pain are gone. Eric asks if she really feels that is true. Stephanie says she feels “free” and like “Stephanie Douglas.” Eric adds “Forrester,” but Stephanie says she is her own person again. Eric adds that they remain a part of each other’s lives. Stephanie asks where he would be if Donna did not work and he responds “the opera.” Stephanie brings up the fact they would be there in her opera seats. Eric agrees and the two laugh.

Donna introduces Whip and Steffy to the crowd. Donna talks about Steffy’s idea and how it helped give her the promotion. Donna asks Whip if he feels pressure that Steffy is young, sexy and beautiful; climbing the ladder. Whip says it has all been talk thus far and he has not seen anything she has actually done. Pam adds that Whip is a gentleman, unlike the vultures hording the Jackie M. campaign. Both Steffy and Donna appreciate that their campaign is unique in selling clothes when in the garden people wore none. Whip says selling it is all about an attitude. Steffy adds that Jackie M. always has a certain attitude, then says she did not mean that as a “dig.” Pam says it sounded like a dig. Whip says it is their job to create campaigns circling around what their Fashion Houses are known for. He says if Steffy wanted to debut her campaign against his on the Catwalk that would be a “stunner.” Pam says that is a great idea. Steffy says he can not be serious. Whip tells her she is playing in the big league. Steffy confidently says she accepts his challenge. She says she will put their line up against anyone, anytime and anywhere. Justin and Marcus are watching as Katie and Bill walk up. Katie asks what is going on. Justin says their new PR woman is either the most “confident or the most reckless.” The crowd continues to cheer.

Taylor reads aloud that the person writes that finding a 90% match is a big deal. Taylor asks if he has been using the site long. He says he is a “hopeless optimist.” Taylor says she is too. He tells her he has time now and would like to meet. He names Insomnia and says he will be wearing a beige leisure suit.

Eric asks if it really matters where he could be when he is there. Stephanie says he can not stand that he has finally done something he can not undo. Eric says he can not undo them. Stephanie says they have children and that is not the present. Eric says if Stephanie wanted to be alone she would have never told anyone where she is going. Stephanie asks if that his justification for stalking her up to the cabin. Stephanie says she is happy he is there and he says he is as well.

Donna closes the show, thanking her guests and telling the audience to stay tuned for more details on the “showdown.” Pam puts on her cat ears and says “meow.” She grabs Whip and they dance to the cat song briefly before the show ends. Steffy confides in Donna she may get killed for acting on impulse. Donna tells her there is nothing to worry about and that whatever she is doing Bill has noticed. Bill walks up to Steffy and says “you’re just full of surprises.”

At Insomnia Taylor enters in a casual sleeveless dress. She looks around and says her date is not there. White shoes appear as she says her date is not there. Someone walks into her and she says “you…you’re my date.”

Katie tells Donna she did a great job. Donna says Steffy got blind sided but Katie says she did a great job. Donna tells Katie she should go over there and tell her herself. Katie says Bill is handling it. Donna asks why she looks so tense if he is telling her she did a good job. Katie laughs and says her husband is intimidating. Marcus comes over and begins to tell Donna what a great job she did.

Steffy braces herself for Bill to lecture. She tells him she acted on impulse and he says she has done a lot of that lately. He says her impulse is going to shoot their ratings through the roof. She sees he is not mad and is happy. As the smile returns to Steffy’s face she congratulates Bill on his wedding and honeymoon. She says she heard it was a quiet and private ceremony. Bill responds he would do anything for his bride. Steffy corrects him “your wife.” Bill nods in agreement as Steffy says he is a lucky man and wishes him a long and happy marriage. She says she will see him later and walks away, trying to hide the awkwardness.

Stephanie comments that no one comes up to the cabin anymore. Eric says they should have gotten rid of it. Eric says no one uses it. Stephanie says they never use it like they used to but there used to be a time when she walked in the door, afraid of who she would find rolling around in the rug. Eric says there was a time when that would have been them. Eric says he will make them soup and Stephanie tells him there is plenty in the freezer. Stephanie exclaims “ow” as she sits on the couch, she quickly stands holding Bill’s necklace, wondering what it is.

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