B&B Tuesday Update 11/24/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/24/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

Eric hugs Stephanie and asks how she is. Stephanie says she is fine since she got some rest. Ridge, Thorne and Felicia offer support. They say they could have helped and Stephanie explains their grandmother did not want a memorial service. They cremated the body and spread the ashes off of the pier.

Steffy looks at a photo of her great grandmother. Taylor folds laundry as she explains that Stephanie refused to have her mother die in a hospital bed. Steffy wonders how her grandmother and Pam are doing now that it is over.

Bill and Katie walk in Bill’s office to see a ‘Welcome Home Mr. & Mrs. Spencer’ sign as the Logan sisters rush to see them. Brooke says Katie is glowing. Donna says it must have been “some honeymoon/” Bill responds he had a “good time.” Brooke says they want to hear about it.

Donna comments that they had their own private island. Katie tells them how it was her own Garden of Eden and she did not want to leave. Katie sits on Bill’s lap as Bill asks what they have missed. Brooke announces Stephanie’s mother has died.

Felciia and Thorne says they did not know their grandmother. Ridge says it was a wonderful Christmas the year she came out to L.A. Eric tells them all to cherish that memory. Stephanie wonders if she should have made that happen sooner.

Steffy helps Taylor fold clothes as they discuss Stephanie and Ann’s relationship. Steffy says Stephanie is living there so she will have support. Taylor says Stephanie loves her namesake. Steffy says she thinks they should redecorate Stephanie’s room. Taylor says it does not matter if they redecorate, it is not Stephanie’s home. She will never consider it her house. Taylor says the house with Eric will always be home to her, but Donna lives there now. Steffy asks if she really thinks her grandmother would move back in after all Eric has done to Stephanie. Taylor says she know she would. She says Stephanie is “old school” and when she married him she meant it would be for forever. Taylor says Stephanie’s love for Eric will never die.

Katie asks if they missed the memorial service. Brooke says there wasn’t one. Donna says that Stephanie is strong and she will make it through. Katie adds that Stephanie will need her family’s help,

Stephanie tells her family the one thing she is walking away with, the one thing she wants to tell them is that if there is something lingering they need to say, they should say it. Ridge points out that Stephanie resolved the issues with her mother. Stephanie says Eric was responsible for that. Stephanie recalls Eric started singing carols and they all joined in; her walls came tumbling down. Stephanie tells them she and Pam were able to be with their mother on the beach. She becomes emotional as she talks about her mother leaving her life with ease. She says she and Pam were able to share that with her, all because Eric brought her out there that Christmas. The two stand to hug as their children look on.

Bill asks Donna if she is supposed to be at the Studio. Donna says she thought it was cancelled since Pam would not be there. She says she has plans with Eric. Bill says she will cancel them because they are on a deadline. Bill leaves the room and Donna says Eric will not like it.

Eric breaks away from the hug and tells everyone to quit staring. He says he and Donna are going to the opera. Stephanie asks if they are using their seats. He says he is. Eric tells them all to eat and make sure Stephanie eats. His phone rings and Donna breaks the news. Eric is not happy and after he ends the call his children accuse Eric of being overrun by Donna. They say it was a good “run” but Donnas true colors are showing. Thorne points out she is VP and does not need to host a gossip show. Ridge adds that while Stephanie may never admit it; she needs him, and he needs her too.

Steffy has flashes of kissing Bill when Taylor comes in with tea. Taylor asks if Steffy needs to talk about anything. She says she is not. Steffy says if Taylor is over her dad she should really move on. Taylor jokes that Steffy is going to set her up with one of her friends. Steffy says she was thinking about it. She makes note of the positive attributes Taylor has to offer and says she has an idea.

Steffy asks when Taylor will have the time. She brings over the laptop and says Taylor can meet someone online since it is confidential. Taylor says she can say the same thing about Steffy. Steffy says she is the poster child for hooking up with inappropriate men. Taylor agrees as Steffy sings that she will build Taylor’s online profile.

Katie apologizes to Donna for having to work. Donna tells her it is not her problem. Bill is outside leaving his office when he runs into Jarred. Jarred says he hopes he does not mind the banner. Bill says he does not and asks if they have found his necklace. Jarred informs Bill they have looked everywhere but can not find it. He asks if there is anywhere else he can think of where he could have lost it. Bill pauses for a moment and says he can not remember. Jarred walks away as Bill hears the Logan women laughing in his office.

Eric tells everyone he hopes everyone is done. Eric says he will not talk about his marriage with them. Stephanie says she is leaving. Eric says she does not have to go. Stephanie says she spent the day with them, which is what she needed and she is going to Big Bear. Felicia stops her and says that she broke the cycle of abuse. She says she loved them and raised them without laying a hand on them, which is something most victims of abuse can not help but do. Stephanie says her mother’s death has closed that chapter. She hugs Thorne, Ridge and Felicia while admiring Eric’s gaze.

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