B&B Monday Update 11/23/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/23/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Ann has blurred vision of the IV drip, heart monitor, lamp above and then sees nothing. Stephanie stands with Pam, Taylor, a nurse and the doctor. Stephanie calls to her mother to tell the doctor what she had just told her. Ann is not lucid and says nothing. Stephanie asks what they have done to her and the physician explains that the patient complained about the pain so they increased her dosage. Stephanie is livid and follows the doctor out of the room. She says her mother is dying of cancer and her one wish was to not be in a hospital. Stephanie says this is not fair; what if her mother never regains conciseness?

The doctor informs the group that Ann has a blood clot and while her diagnosis is terminal but the problem at the moment is treatable. She goes on to say Ann was an emergency admit so unless she herself or the person named as her Power of Attorney says otherwise they will fix the clot. Taylor asks who the POA is and the doctor looks at an emotional Pam and says she is Ann’s medical caretaker.

Steffy calls Taylor as she stands in the guest room and wonders what has happened. Taylor says things are not good and they may be back so she should straighten the guest room. Steffy says she will and she will also have dinner waiting. Taylor ends the call and walks towards Stephanie and Pam. Stephanie talks about supplies with Taylor as Pam asks what if her mother can’t tell them she has changed her mind. Stephanie is very angry and adamant when she says this is Pam’s fault and when they ask she will say they are taking her home. Stephanie looks at an upset Pam and tries to make her look her in the eyes as she demands that she tells them to take their mother home.

Pam looks over the paperwork and asks what all of the blank lines are for. The doctor says they are the decisions her mother has left for her to make. Stephanie says Pam needs to tell them to go home. Pam says Stephanie did not see her there when it happened. Pam tells the doctor to treat Ann. After the doctor walks away Pam tries to avoid Stephanie. Stephanie accuses that Pam always wanted the power and now she has it. Pam claims she did it because her mother is a coward and did not know how painful it would be. Stephanie asks what if she dies; it is not what she wanted. Pam says she never gave them anything they wanted and then covers her face with her hands. Stephanie stands stunned, staring at Pam as she melodramatically asks where the Chapel is. She then says she will find it herself and storms away.

Stephanie goes to her mother’s side and sits. She recalls arguments and confrontations that Stephanie had with her mother about her father abusing her. She shakes her head and looks at her mother. She recalls her mother responding that it was all Stephanie’s fault for being so stubborn. Stephanie looks down as her mother goes to remove her tubes. Stephanie tells her not to and Ann says she is thirsty. Stephanie gets her water and kneels by her bed. Stephanie informs her they put her on oxygen because she had trouble breathing. Ann says she had trouble being listened to. She then demands Stephanie get her out of there.

Stephanie tells Ann she has to be the one to tell the doctors she does not want to be there. She tells her Pam was afraid. Stephanie says they think they can get her over the attack but if she foes home she will die. Ann says nothing, but begins to hug “Beautiful Dreamer.” Stephanie says she was going to tell her she could not block out all of the terrible things. Ann looks at Stephanie and tells her she will not go to hell if Stephanie forgives her. Ann tells Stephanie to let her stay there and die. Stephanie puts the red coat over her chest and says it is okay. Pam comes in the door and goes over to Ann. She tells Pam she has to let her go. The doctor and Taylor come over and pull them to the side. They say the Pancreatic Cancer has caused one of the blood vessels to burst and they can not fix the blood clot while she is bleeding from the inside. Pam asks I they should take her to Taylor’s just to watch her suffer and die. The doctor says she may not regain consciousness and it is the best she can do.

Steffy looks through her grandmother’s wallet and finds photos that are black and white. They are of the family and then there is one of her great grandmother on the pier.

The beach is shown and Stephanie, Pam and their mother are on the beach. Ann is laying dormant as Pam says “mom, we’re here.”

Steffy fixes flowers in the guest room when Taylor comes in. Steffy asks if her grandmother is in the hospital. Taylor says she is not. Steffy asks if everyone is downstairs. Taylor says they are not as she closes the space between she and Steffy to embrace her. The pictures are lined on the side table, and we see the photo of the girl on the pier.

Stephanie covers her mother up as Pam asks who will take care of them now. Stephanie says they are almost old ladies. Pam notices Ann’s eyes opening. She says “good girls.” Pam tells her not to leave them. Ann tells them to sit up straight. Stephanie whispers in her mother’s ear that it is okay to go. Stephanie and Pam both cry as “Danny Boy” is played. Pam lays on her mother’s chest as Stephanie sits beside her in a lounge chair. A painter is busy illustrating the pier and we see the vague image of a girl walking to the end of the pier. When she reaches the end of the pier, the girl vanishes.

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