B&B Friday Update 11/20/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/20/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

\As Ann almost collapses from pain Pam suggests that she should go and get help. Stephanie sits them down on a bench as Pam pulls water from her bag. Stephanie says Ann does not want to go back to the airport and will not. Pam asks about pain killers and Ann tells her she took all of the pain pills. She asks if they can get her some medical marijuana. Stephanie looks at Pam after the question is asked.

Steffy walks through the house with Taylor as she says she will do the shopping and make dinner for her great grandmother. She asks if Ann is a vegetarian and Taylor admits this is all so sudden and that she has no idea. Steffy says she will go back to work but will handle dinner. She says she will invite her father to join them. Taylor agrees as Steffy closes the door. Taylor’s phone rings and she looks at caller id. She says “hey” as Stephanie tells Taylor her mother has had an attack and asks if she can bring her to the guest room and also if Taylor could look at her. Taylor says she has already told Stephanie she could stay there and that she will look at her as well. Stephanie thanks her and as the women help their mother up Ann remembers Pam forgot her bag. She tells her she did not come all this way to have someone steal her bag. She then tells Pam that Pam would lose her head if it was not attached to her body. Pam quickly goes to get the bag as Stephanie leans down and says “I take it we are feeling better already.” Ann turns and glares at Stephanie.

Ann sits on the bed and tells Taylor she does not want to be any trouble. She barks at Pam to close the blinds. Taylor asks what Ann was on and she says she was on many things but she stopped taking the pain medication because it made her feel sick. Stephanie asks how she does not know that was not a side effect from the cancer. Ann lays down and says she knows. Taylor asks if it hurts more when she lays down. Taylor says she can prescribe the top of the line but that is far as her care can go. Taylor says she will go to the pharmacy. Stephanie says she will drive her. Stephanie turns and asks Pam if they will be okay. Pam says it will be like old times. Stephanie closes the door and Ann tells Pam she knows Pam wanted to smother her; and now would be a good time to make that dream come true.

Taylor says Ann should be in the hospital. Stephanie tells Taylor her mother is afraid she will die there. Taylor says once diagnosed with pancreatic cancer it has normally already spread through the body. She tells Stephanie she is sorry and Stephanie responds that she and her mother were not that close. Stephanie adds that she does not even have a home of her own to bring her mother to. Taylor tells Stephanie this is her home. Stephanie says Ann could die in the guest room. Taylor says they will have to make sure she is comfortable then.

Steffy comes in looking for Brooke. Brooke puts down the sketch and says she has not seen him. Steffy repeats that her great grandmother is in town and then says Brooke knows that because she was there when they found out. Brooke asks if Steffy knows why Ann is there. Steffy says she does not and tells Brooke her plans for dinner. Brooke says it is a great idea. Steffy points out there will be four generations there and that she has heard her great grandmother is a fighter.

Pam says it is much warmer there than in Chicago. Pam sits beside her and notes she has let her hands go. She says that is not like her and pulls polish from her bag. Pam begins to polish her nails as Ann asks if her hands are shaking. Pam says they are fine. Ann says that she remembers Pam’s father’s hands would shake before he died and he said he could not control it. Ann remembers Pam came there looking for something, happiness or love and wonders if she found it. Pam says sometimes it is easier to be low key. Ann says Pam is just like her. She liked being a homebody and she liked doing things for someone superior. She tells Pam that between them she will admit she does not think her husband was superior. He may have been smarter and wealthier, but he was not superior. Ann says she loved Pam for taking care of her but she was right to leave. Pam says it does not feel so right now. Ann admits she missed Pam’s dogs and as the two laugh Ann is overcome with terrible pain.

Pam freaks out as she calls Stephanie and Stephanie does not answer. Stephanie is at the pharmacy where the pharmacist notes that Taylor’s address and the patient’s address are the same. They explain the situation and Stephanie offers to call her mother’s doctor. The pharmacist is putting medication and patches in the bags while apologizing for taking so long to verify with the doctor. Ann clenches her chest as Pam calls 911. The pharmacist tells Taylor Hospice would be a good call to make. Taylor says it was next on her list. Again the pharmacies apologizes for taking so long and Stephanie replies time really does not matter now. The paramedics ask if Ann has been sitting or immobile for a while and Pam says she was on a plane. They give Ann a shot of morphine and announce her blood pressure is 180. They tell dispatch they are bringing Ann in and before they move her to the Gurnee Pam pleads not to take her to the hospital. She says they promised her no hospitals. The paramedic tells Pam this has nothing to do with the cancer but is life threatening because of her lungs. They tell Pam they can take care of it now so she can have time with her mother later.

Brooke tells Steffy that Stephanie dropped everything the moment her mother called and that speaks volumes. Brooke says the relationship is so important and maybe Stephanie’s willingness to meet her mother means she can maybe forgive her.

Pam stands at the doorway of the guest room and has flash backs of the day before. She closes the door as Stephanie and Taylor come in the foyer. Taylor says she will have to have something in her stomach and goes to get saltines. Stephanie goes up the stairs and sees Pam sitting in the hall with her knees to her chest. Pam says Stephanie did not answer her phone. Stephanie opens the guest room and asks where their mother is. Pam says she thought it was her heart but they said it was a clot in her lungs. She says “they said they could fix it.” Stephanie is aggravated as she asks who “they” are and where their mother is. Taylor enters the hall as Pam says it was horrible watching her go through it and so she called 911. Stephanie throws the medicine as she id visibly upset that Pam let them take her to the hospital. Pam hugs her knees and cries.

At the hospital Taylor, Stephanie and Pam greet the doctor. The doctor says she did have her records from Chicago and saw the DNR etc. Stephanie asks to take her home then. The doctor refuses release due to the clot in her lungs. Taylor asks about the DNR order and the doctor informs them that she has been sedated so they could get an x ray. Pam feels guilty as Stephanie is not happy about them not releasing her. Pam and Stephanie go to their mother’s room. She is hooked up to various machines and wakes up to say the one thing she wanted was no hospitals. Pam apologizes and Stephanie says they will not release her even though they have asked. Ann says no matter what she has done for them to get her out of there. She repeats, “get me out of here.”

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