B&B Thursday Update 11/19/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/19/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Ann continues to hum “Beautiful Dreamer” and she tells Pam to concentrate on the moment. Ann sees Catalina in the distance. Pam argues that she can fight this with the help of the doctors in Los Angeles. Ann tells Pam and Stephanie she has advanced Pancreatic Cancer and there is nothing to do. She continues to hum as Stephanie looks stoic and Pam begins to cry.

Katie is on Bill’s jet and while talking to Brooke on the phone Bill hands her a glass of champagne. Katie tells Brooke she does not know where they are going as Bill begins to kiss her neck. Katie drops the phone as Brooke tells her not to worry about things at work. Brooke finally understands Katie is not there as Ridge walks into the office. He comes over and kisses her. She asks if he wants to hear about Katie. He informs her Katie, Bill and Eric are gone and they are all alone. Brooke and Ridge begin to passionately kiss.

Ridge and Brooke continue to kiss when Steffy knocks on the door. She apologizes for interrupting but says they have to see the models. Models come in and Donna points out how much she loves the gowns. Steffy says Ridge is a genius as he instructs the models to leave. Brooke announces Ridge is modest as Steffy says he has outdone himself. Donna points out the idea was genius and they would be “front and center.” Brooke says the campaign is not only about Bill Spencer but “father and daughter.” Steffy lays her head on her father’s chest.

Bill and Katie continue to passionately kiss one another as Katie tells him he has her “flying high and it has nothing to do with the jet.”

Brooke, Donna, Ridge and Steffy look at the photos of the shoot as they say they hope Bill treats Katie well. Steffy announces she is sure he will be nice. Ridge says they are talking about Bill Spencer. Steffy says she thinks Bill will treat her well as Ridge asks if he has disrespected her at all since they have been working together. Steffy says he has not. Steffy changes the subject to Jackie M and wonders how they will counter the campaign. The group poke fun at the fact that first they used leashes and now they use the Garden of Eden. Ridge tells them sex will not sell forever and in order to sell clothes you need to wear them. Brooke ponders that Stephanie must know this. Ridge is confident his mother is toning it down. Donna says she overheard at the studio that Stephanie’s mother is in town. Steffy and Ridge are shocked to hear the news and Ridge wonders how his mother is handling that.

At the beach Stephanie, Pam and Ann sit at the table. Ann says she is looking forward to dying. Pam begs Stephanie to get her to stop “talking like that.” Stephanie tells an upset Pam that this is her way of dealing with things. Stephanie suggests they take their mother to the hospital and an upset Ann says “oh no you’re not.”

In bed on the jet Katie hands Bill a martini. Katie asks if it was better making love with a wedding band on. Bill chides that it did not get in the way. Katie says “Dollar Bill is a married man.” She asks if he has any second thoughts. He says he should have married her sooner. He says he knew she was in a tough position when she had to face her sisters during the takeover. He says he knew if they were to be married she would have to be able to stand up to pressure. Katie says she can face anything with Bill by her side. Katie and Bill continue to kiss.

Donna greets Eric from behind by kissing him on the neck. Eric pulls her onto his lap and says that was a great way to greet him. She is curious as to what he is working on and he says he will let her know when it is done. Eric plays with Donna’s hair as she tells him she overheard at the studio that Stephanie’s mom is in town. Eric drops Donna’s hair at once and exclaims “Ann’s in town?” Eric asks where she is staying and Donna says the visit was unexpected. Eric chides that nothing is not planned with Ann. He confides in Donna that Stephanie was abused as a child by her harsh father. Donna says for once she feels bad for Stephanie, as no child should have to go through that.

Brooke wonders why Ann is in down. Ridge brings over coffee and says that he is sure Stephanie will be preoccupied with his grandmother there. Ridge says his mother and grandmother do not get along and so when the two of them are together it does not go well. Brooke says it must be difficult to not get along with your mother, “especially when you are a woman.” Ridge says there must be a reason for the visit and then wonders what it is.

Stephanie tells Ann there are some great doctors there. Ann says that the doctors can work their magic on someone else. She says she has had enough of the doctors and demands that they not take her to the hospital. She says it is her one wish, “and you will honor it.”

Katie lays on Bill’s chest as he strokes her hair. She looks at her diamond ring and wedding band as she says she is so grateful he chose her to be his wife. Katie looks at his ring and asks how he feels. Bill says he is grateful she chose him to be her husband. He says he means it as the two begin kissing one another.

Eric looks out the window as he remembers Stephanie forgiving her mothers at Christmas. Donna comes in with tea and Eric says Stephanie will need moral support after the visit. Donna says Pam is with her. She tells him they had to go to the beach, Paradise Cove. She asks what kind of person wants to get off the plane and go to the beach. Eric says he is not surprised. He tells Donna the story of how Ann was being particularly nasty one Christmas and Stephanie took her to the beach. He says she came back calm and it allowed everyone to see the woman she may have been had she not been married to such a horrible man. Donna says you can not redo the mistakes of the past. Eric says “those two girls adore their mother.” He says Stephanie would not admit it but she would do anything for her mother.

Brooke tells Ridge she is sure they will find out why his grandmother is there soon enough. She says it must be so difficult for Stephanie coming from such an abusive family. Ridge says he does not like to think about it. Brooke tells him that no one protected Stephanie as a child which is why she is so over-protective now. Brooke says Ann is the reason why Stephanie is the way she is. Ridge says “that reason is in town for an unexpected visit.” Brooke asks if he is worried and he confides that his mother has been through so much with his dad, including the stroke. Brooke speculates that he is worried that it will be too much. She says Stephanie is stubborn and Ridge says his grandmother is very “self centered.” Brooke says they are two peas in a pod and he should look at it from the angle that maybe they can reconcile differences and spend what time they have left with one another.

Stephanie agrees to no hospitals. Ann asks Pam and she agrees as well. Ann says they can take her to the airport now since her flight is in two hours. Stephanie says she will not take her to the airport. Ann protests she wants to go back to Chicago. Pam says she wants to take care of her. Stephanie looks at Pam and says they will take her to Taylor’s. Ann agrees as Pam helps her up. With both of her daughters supporting her as she walks, Ann winces as pain strikes and Pam explains “Mother!!”

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