B&B Wednesday Update 11/18/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/18/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Nick carries Bridget and says they are having a baby again. He is excited that they will have a child. He says he got her a present.

Whip can’t believe Agnes is there. Agnes tells him he has the wrong room. He says she is Sandy Sommers and she is the surrogate. As Sandy tries to hide her face with her hair Whip reminds her he is her cousin. He proceeds to ask “what is going on?”

Pam signs an autograph as Stephanie motions for her to come over. The phone rings and Stephanie says Pam has to change into her “street clothes” before announcing the call is from their mother. Stephanie asks if her flight has landed and Ann says it has. Stephanie asks what flight she is on and they will come get her. Ann informs her she is not there to be an imposition and she has called a cab. Stephanie has a perplexed look on her face as Ann abruptly hangs up.

Sandy tells Whip is not a good time “for obvious reasons.” He asks if she is not at all happy to see him. He says she “dropped out of sight.” Whip reminisces that he tried to make her dreams come true. He says they are still family. He says they laughed in a bar and then she just disappeared. Whip calls Sandy Agnes and she tells him she had her name changed. Whip wants to know why she is carrying his boss’ child. Sandy looks shocked as he says that he works for Nick and Bridget. He wants to know if her carrying their child is just a coincidence.

Ann has the taxi take her to the beach. The driver comes to her door and asks if she is okay. He asks if she is sure she wants to do this since she looks frail. Ann assures him she wants to do this. He offers to wait for her but she tells him that is not necessary. She gives him money and tells him to keep the change as waves are heard in the background.

Whip stands in Sandy’s room when Jackie and Owen come in with flowers. They are shocked to see Whip and he says he will introduce them. Jackie asks if he knows Sandy and he says he does not but he does add “talk about someone with a past.”

We see the sign for Paradise Cove and then we see Ann on the pier. She watched the birds and takes her cell phone out of her bag. Stephanie is at the studio worrying about her mom when her phone rings. Ann says she is in Paradise. Stephanie asks if she has been drinking. Ann says she has not but she remembers last Christmas being there and they went to the restaurant on the Cove with the beautiful pier. Stephanie asks if she is there and Ann confirms she is. Ann asks to speak with Pam and then tells Pam she wants to see her girls. Pam looks at Stephanie and agrees that they will be there. After putting her cell phone back in her bag, Ann removes her bottle of prescribed medication and pours it’s contents into the ocean.

Bridget twirls around in her pajamas and exclaims she can not believe Nick got her pink pajama bottoms. Nick says that is what all moms are supposed to wear. He pulls her on the bed and says she is the hottest pregnant non-pregnant woman he has ever seen. Bridget says Sandy was such a trooper. Nick notes that she pulled away and did not want him to be around today. Bridget says Sandy was going through something difficult and points out that he was a man. She tells him not to take it personally.

Jackie tells Sandy that what she is doing for her son and daughter in law means so much to her. She says she is a part of the family now. Owen notes “and what a family it is.” Sandy notes she has seen the ads with Owen in the dog collar. Owen laughs and says Whip is the PR Guru. Whip says he and “Sandy” have a lot in common.

Stephanie and Pam go to the pier and discover no one there. They look around and Stephanie says their mother is on a bench. Pam says that is not their mother; their mother hates wearing red and that woman has on red. They walk over to Ann who looks as though she is sleeping. Ann opens her eyes and with blur sees Stephanie and Pam. Stephanie asks why she has come and why she had them meet her there.

Bridget and Nick lay in bed as she opens another present. It is a baby calendar. Nick says they can mark off the days. Nick says Jack could help with the countdown. Nick hands her a pen and Bridget says she does not want to jinx it but she does think it will happen. The two begin to kiss.

Whip closes the hospital door and says Jackie and Owen are on their way back to the office so they have time to talk. Whip wants to know why she didn’t respond to his phone calls or emails. Sandy explains that she met Nick and Bridget through the Agency and it was clear to her that they wanted a baby. Sandy says she needs the money but it is more than that. She says she has their baby growing inside of her and what could be more important than that. Nick stares at her.

Ann talks about the weather in Chicago and says she had to come back. Stephanie wants to know why she had to come there. Ann says she was horrible the last time she was there but as soon as she stepped on the beach she thought it was Heaven. Pam asks where her bags are and panics that the cab driver drove off with her bags. Ann says she does not have any bags. Pam is confused that she has no luggage and she is wearing red. Ann explains that her mother made her wear red every day and so when she left she would never wear it again; but she thinks her mother would like to see her in it. Pam retorts that their grandmother has been dead for over thirty years. Ann announces she is dying. Pam scolds that she has said that for years. Ann says this time it is true and when it happens she does not want any whining. She instructs the girls to hold her hands and with tears in their eyes she begins to hum Beautiful Dreamer.

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