B&B Tuesday Update 11/17/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/17/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

At the Jackie M Fashion House Nick and Bridget kiss when Nick breaks away to ask why Bridget is there. She explains she was too wound up to sit at home. She says they should go to the hospital and call Sandy on the way.

Sandy talks to her stuffed panda bear and reminds herself Nick and Bridget are counting on her. She says she must do something positive with her life.

Donna asks Pam and Serge to stop doing the cat dance. They have on the cat ears and are making noises at Donna. There is laughter as Donna wants Justin to tell them to stop. Justin says the rivalry is why people tune in. Pam and Serge walk away and Justin reminds Donna she is classy; the way she handles Pam’s behavior is why everyone loves her. Justin rubs Donna’s bare arm. Stephanie is on-set and watches as the two appear intimate with one another.

Jackie tells Owen she is so excited she will be a grandmother again. She asks if they should send flowers. Owen tells her he does not know if they make embryo cards. Whip walks in and asks what is going on. Owen explains Nick and Bridget are doing a surrogacy. Jackie is delighted and claims that Sandy Sommers is an angel.

Nick and Bridget walk in the Doctor’s office. They ask where Sandy is. The Doctor says she confirmed the appointment as the two look worried.

Bridget paces as Nick tries to get her to calm down. Sandy walks in and looks nervous as Bridget runs over to her and tells her how excited she is for this to happen.

Jackie tells the men Sandy and Bridget have tons in common including yoga. Owen says she sounds wonderful, Whip adds she must be wonderful to offer her body up. Jackie says Bridget and Nick wanted a baby and she thanks God for Sandy.

The doctor tells Sandy they do not use atheistia. She explains what will be happening as she shows her the tube they will insert. They say there will be there for her. The doctor says there will be discomfort and she will be on bed rest. Nick stands to the side while Bridget holds Sandy’s hand.

Pam is shocked to see Stephanie at the studio but she tells her Ann is coming into town. Stephanie sees Donna at the studio and confronts her. She asks why Donna is doing the show when she knows how much it bothers Eric.

Bridget watches as they do an ultrasound on Sandy while placing the eggs. Bridget sees Nick at the curtain. He mouths he loves her and she mouths that she loves him too. .

Stephanie tells Donna she knows Justin is Marcus’ father. She tells her she does not want to see Eric hurt. Donna chides that she would almost take advice from anyone else. Stephanie says Eric has been through enough and she should not hurt him.

Jackie tells Whip how Bridget and Nick lost a baby and then were confronted with the fact that Bridget could not carry to term. She says that Owen looked into surrogates for them and it all fell into place for Nick and Bridget. She is beaming and Owen speculates she wants to go over there. Jackie grabs them both and says she does. They all leave the room.

Sandy looks as though she is in pain while Bridget holds her hand. Bridget says Sandy is giving them a great gift. Bridget says their baby will grow up knowing that they are there because of a special lady. Sandy looks as though she has some discomfort as they announce they are done. Nick comes over and hugs Bridget. He says they were all remarkable and they were so grateful for all they had done.

Bridget covers up Sandy as Sandy asks how long it will take before they know if the pregnancy takes. Bridget says it will be a few days. Sandy tells her not to worry, that she has not done all of the right things in her life but this is going to work.

Donna asks if Eric sent Stephanie over there. Stephanie says Eric does not have to ask her, she knows him better than Donna. Stephanie speculates that Donna enjoys working for the Spencers more than anyone else. She tries to explain what the company means to Eric. Pam comes back and tells Stephanie she could not stop Ann from getting on the plane since she had already boarded. Stephanie asks why she is coming there now and Pam retorts she does not know what Stephanie’s problem is since she is the one Ann will stay with,

Nick comes back into the room and says they shouldn’t break out the cigars just yet but the doctor says they should be fine as long as they take care of Sandy. Nick gives Sandy a yoga magazine, hoping she has not read it. They tell Sandy they will check n her in a minute. They go outside the room and as Nick is excited that they are having a baby. Jackie, Whip and Owen come in carrying flowers. They are making noise and Bridget says Sandy is trying to sleep. She redirects them to the waiting room. Whip stays behind and walks into the room. He pulls the curtain and as Sandy turns to him he says, “Agnes, Agi, what are you doing here?”

Pam freaks out and says Ann is coming to drag her back to Chicago. Stephanie says she has not discussed anything like that with Pam. Pam says she may be lonely. Stephanie says she thinks this may not be about her. She says Ann could have a “truck load” on the plane and may even be moving there. Pam says to not mention it. Stephanie says there has to be a reason, “our mother never does anything without a reason.” Pam says she thinks they are about to find out.

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