B&B Monday Update 11/16/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/16/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

As night falls on Los Angeles the Forrester home is decorated in candles and white flowers. The cake is on the table as Serge checks to make sure everything is perfect. Eric walks outside, drink in hand when Donna appears. She tells him it was a beautiful wedding and she wishes he would have gone. Eric is silent and Donna says she hopes they can greet everyone. Eric says he will not greet Bill. Donna gasps in disbelief and frustration.

Someone knocks on the door and Donna is happy to see Brooke and Ridge. They ask how Eric is and she says he is not doing well. She asks them to go to see Eric and as they walk away Katie swiftly strolls through the door and asks where the party is. Brooke turns, glaring and Katie asks what the matter is.

Katie asks what is going on. Brooke says they wondered what took so long and Bill says Katie gave Bill an extended tour of the neighborhood. Katie goes to get something to drink as Ric greets Brooke. He says congratulations to Katie and apologizes for the flight from Paris keeping him away from the ceremony. Jarred comes in and says he is proud of Bill for the vows. “You spoke from the heart; I always knew you had one.” Bill instructs Jarred to get a drink and Ric asks how the ceremony was. Bill tells Ric he never thought a small park could be so romantic. Katie kisses Bill happily.

Bill asks Jarred if he has “ever seen a more beautiful bride.” Katie jokes she paid him to say that. Bill sees Eric outside and walks out to offer him a cigar. Eric refuses and Bill thanks him for having the reception. Eric tells Bill to thank Donna. Donna runs out and says it is time for the toast and asks Eric to come with her. He says nothing and Bill looks at the both of them before walking back to Katie.

Brooke confides in Ridge she has no idea how Eric will get through the reception.

Donna comes back in alone and says it is time for the toast. She quickly welcomes everyone into their home and then hands the floor to the best man. Justin stands close to Donna as he says that “Dollar Bill” has always been a loner until Katie. He tells them Bill reminded him before the ceremony he did not have a heart but he can honestly say they can put that rumor to rest. Justin wishes them a lifetime together as everyone cheers to them.

Brooke says she would like to say a few words. Brooke says Katie looked up to them but they looked up to her. They admired her energy and soul. Brooke says Katie used to look out the window and she is not the same girl she was. She says she has lifetime to spend with a man she loves and who loved her. She wishes them happiness always as they toast the couple. Katie and Bill take a slew of wedding pictures detailing the events. Jarred has the garter and the couple cut the cake.

Justin walks over to Donna and says it is a great party, He speculates Eric does not like that the reception is there. Donna says Eric just lost his company. Justin says Eric had years in the limelight and he should now support her. Justin puts down his cake and walks away.

Justin walks to Eric and says he has a lovely home and he now knows why he doesn’t want to leave it to come into the office. Eric says he can think of reasons not to go to work that end in Spencer. Eric adds he has not been inspired and he hopes it is not a case of “Designer’s Block.” Justin tells him to look at his wife’s new show which will soon be a hit. He says he should find inspiration there and then walks away.

Stephen goes to Beth and asks how she holding up. Beth says she is fine and notes it was a “fabulous” day. Katie walks over and Beth tells her she made such a beautiful bride. Beth says she can’t believe Katie found the car. Katie says that car meant so much to them and tells the story of their lives. Katie hugs Beth as Bill walks up and says the jet is waiting.

Katie becomes emotional as she tells everyone they have to leave. She thanks her parents and her sisters. She says she misses Storm but she knows he is there with them. Tears are shed as she tells everyone she loves and cherishes them. Everyone claps and Katie asks Bill if he wants to say anything. Bill says the day was special. He says the Logans are an “exceptional” bunch and he is honored to join it. He says for the first time in his life he is a part of a family and it feels great. As they turn to leave Brooke says she has to throw the bouquet. Katie walks over while crying and hands the bouquet to her mother. She says she is not taking and chances and she wants her mom and dad to marry soon. Katie hugs her sisters, kisses Bill one last time before they walk out the door.

Katie and Bill are in the car as she asks where they are going for their honeymoon. Bill tells her it is a surprise. Katie tells him to pull over to the left. Bill jokes that she is already bossing him around. Bill asks where they are going and Katie tells him it is a surprise. They stop as they lookout over the city Bill comments how beautiful it is. Katie says it is Pleasure Point and Brooke and Donna spent a lot of time there. Bill jokes he is sure they did. They begin to kiss and as Katie unbuttons his shirt she notices the sword necklace is gone. Bill says the clasp must have broken but he is not worried about it. The two continue kissing as Katie recalls Justin said she looked into Bill and saw gold, he looked into her eyes and saw someone new. She tells him she likes who she is when they are together and she thinks they are two loners that are now one; they are meant to be. Katie promises unconditional and unwavering love. She promises to give him a home and family as the two continue to passionately kiss in the car.

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