B&B Friday Update 11/13/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/13/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

The guitarist plays as Kate takes her father’s arm. Katie meets Bill at the end of the aisle and he says Katie takes his breath away.

Eric and Stephanie continue to eat all of the food. Thorne walks in and says it looks like Eric is hosting a wedding reception. Eric says they are not hosting it Donna is throwing Katie a reception. Stephanie says they are enjoying each other’s company but then worries about why Donna is not supporting Eric.

The Minister says they are all there to support Bill and Katie and makes the guests say aloud they will support their marriage. The Minister talks about how Katie used to look down at the park from the window and dream.

Eric and Stephanie are enjoying the food as Thorne says he misses seeing them like this. Stephanie tells him not to go there. They comment on how Bill is paying for the food and Eric explains they had to have the reception at his house since the park was public and small. Stephanie is shocked to find that they are getting married in a park and thinks that maybe Katie is paying tribute to where she came from.

Karen reads a quote as she says she never thought Bill would get married and Katie had managed to turn his frown into a smile.

Katie’s father Stephen goes up to speak and takes Beth with him. He talks about how Katie never had toys of her own. He says there was a wagon that was passed down from child to child until it reached Katie. The wagon had Brooke’s name on it but Katie treated it like it was a treasure. Stephen says Bill will treat Katie like the treasure that she is. The minister asks for the rings and Bill and Katie exchange rings.

Eric says the wedding is on the park near their house they grew up in. Stephanie tells them she thinks it is sweet that she is remembering where she came from. Stephanie says she has not been kind to the Logan sisters but she has always thought highly of Katie.

The minister tells Katie she can recite her vows. She says Bill has changed her. She explains that he has always known who she is and he keeps his promises. She tells him she never could have dreamed this when she was a child. She vows that if Bill will let her she will “cherish” and love him for the rest of her life.

Bill pulls the vows out that he Jarred has written for him before putting them back in his pocket. He tells a tearful Katie that seeing her now has allowed him to see the “complete” Katie. Bill says he will care for her and love her until the day that he dies. Katie smiles as she looks at a very sincere Bill.

Stephanie says it may be the martini but she thinks Thorne should have done things differently and he could be with Katie. Thorne laughs and says that must be the martini. Stephanie says he could have done worse. Stephanie laughs and says Katie is a good girl. Eric retorts she is a good girl when she is not “stealing” someone else’s job. Stephanie says they should give her the benefit of the doubt and blame Katie for leading her astray. Stephanie hopes the day is wonderful for Katie. They all toast to the sentiment.

The Minister tells Bill he can kiss his bride. Bill kisses Katie and as the emotional couple break away Katie looks to the window with film reel of her growing up in her bedroom appear. She now hugs her family while Jordin Sparks sings until the couple drives away in a red convertible.

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