B&B Thursday Update 11/12/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/12/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Katie stands before a floor length mirror in her white silk robe with her hair and makeup applied. She beams as her sisters approach in their bridesmaids gowns and say how excited they are for her wedding. The phone rings and Katie tells Bill he has one last chance to back out. He says there is not a chance but she can still change her mind about the location of the wedding. Katie laughs and says she will not change her mind on that. Bill grins as he hangs up the phone while wearing a white tux.

Serge comes down the Forrester stairs yelling at the staff. Stephanie walks in the front door as Eric thanks her for coming. He calls Serge “Peter Pan” and says he is driving him crazy. Serge appears with one of the staff and asks Stephanie’s opinion before walking outside.

Stephen has Beth blindfolded until he reveals that they are on their street. He explains that Katie wants to get married there as Beth stands in amazement.

Children play on the swings as Ridge approaches Karen and tells her he had wondered if she would come there. She says she is half sister of the groom and never imagined him getting married at this location. Ridge tells her it is what Katie wanted and they must be in love.

Katie continues to get ready and reminisce with her sisters. She speculates “this is what true happiness is right, right?”

Katie says she hopes her mom would remember everything. Brooke tells Katie even if she does not remember they grew up there. They talk about protecting each other as children. Donna tells Katie she thinks Storm is watching over them and that he is proud.

Beth stands not saying anything and Stephen suggests they walk away. Beth suddenly remembers things and Stephen is delighted to see her so happy. They walk towards the house and she says they should ring the doorbell. While on their way a familiar couple approaches and Stephen and Beth are delighted to see their former neighbors. The female says she used to hear from Beth all the time until last year and she wondered what had happened. Stephen explains they got back together and Katie is getting married in the park. The couple continues to say they admire the fact Katie did not forget where she came from. Stephen sees Bill and calls for him to come over. He meets the couple who say that Katie was the “most sought after babysitter in the neighborhood.” They tell Bill he is lucky and as he walks away a Postman says a friendly hello which catches Bill off guard.

Bill walks over to Karen who says she can’t believe he is getting married, in this location. Bill thanks Ridge for designing Katie’s dress. Ridge is adamant that the only reason he did it was for Katie. Bill says he owes him and Ridge again points out it is important that Katie is happy.

Brooke looks out the window and says the driver is there. Katie says she knows Bill may not understand but her family is so important to her. Brooke sits with Katie and tells her to remember this day. Brooke tells Katie how beautiful and intelligent she is and reminds her to “always feel as beautiful and special as you do today.”

Stephen and Beth greet Justin, who is happy to see the both of them. Stephen says he is so happy he knows about Marcus as Donna and Marcus stand behind Justin. Beth tells him it is never too late to make up for lost time.

Eric and Stephanie sit down as Eric asks how she is. Stephanie asks how much he knows and Eric tells her Thorne told him everything. Stephanie says she can “shake a mean martini” and that is what counts. Eric says she never wants anyone to see her vulnerable. Stephanie says he has seen her when she was at her lowest. He tells her the times were few and far between and then asks how her mother is doing. Stephanie says she is doing okay. Stephanie returns the question and asks how he is. Eric stands and says he thought when Bill took the Company he and Donna could go away. Now she is involved with the show and this Justin character. Eric looks as Stephanie is confused and he elaborates that Justin is Marcus’ father. Stephanie looks at him and says “that girl loves you.” She raises her glass as does he; afterwards Stephanie can’t help but note the Logan women go from man to man. Eric reminds her that is his wife as a waitress comes out with a platter of hors d'oeuvres. She sets it on the table and Eric says Bill better be paying. Stephanie chides that the Logan’s don’t pay for anything. Eric says they should just eat the whole platter.

Justin looks at the porch and tells Marcus he and his mom used to sit there when they were dating and thought they would be together forever.

Jarred runs to Bill apologizing for being late. Bill says he should be on a yacht with Katie’s hair blowing in the wind but instead is in Mayberry. He follows the statement with “it’s what Katie wants.”

Jarred walks away as Stephen approaches Bill. He thanks him for having the wedding there. Stephen says once he is a family member he is a member for life. Stephen says he thinks Bill can handle it. Bill tells Stephen he is honored and he will take care of Katie for the rest of his life. Bill goes to shake Stephen’s hand but Stephen hugs him instead, saying “welcome to the family.”

Eric and Stephanie eat on the couch as Eric says that his house is supposed to be his. Bill invaded his company but his house seems to be crossing the line. Eric’s phone rings as Donna says she hopes he is on his way. Eric says he is not and he has decided to not come. Donna pleads that it is her sister’s wedding but Eric replies that she knows how he feels about Bill. Eric abruptly hangs up.

Donna sees Justin after she hangs up the phone and asks what he is doing. He says he is looking for something. Donna grins and points to a tree that has their initials carved. They talk about cutting Study Hall. The two share a laugh until Justin says Donna was his whole world. Donna says she is faithful when she is with someone and she is Eric’s. Justin tells her he can’t change who he is and he is persistent. Justin says it looks like the wedding will start soon and walks away.

The minister announces the bride’s arrival. The children get off of the swing set as Justin sees Bill demand his vows from Jarred. Bill tells Jarred if he did not write something brilliant he would not have a job. Justin scolds Bill for letting someone else write his vows. Bill tells him the whole neighborhood loves this woman and he must sound poetic. Justin tells him to speak from his heart and Bill says he does not have one.

Two guitarist plays as Donna comes down the aisle. Brooke walks next as Ridge watches her. Katie walks to the end of the aisle of flowers strewn on the ground as her father meets her. She smiles at Bill who stares back.

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