B&B Wednesday Update 11/11/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/11/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Brooke and Donna are looking at magazines as Brooke says she never would have believed Katie was going to be Mrs. Bill Spencer. Katie comes in with champagne and glasses. The women jump on the bed in their pajamas while holding champagne glasses half way filled.

Bill scrolls through his email as he lounges over the side of the couch at Big Bear. A fire is going as Steffy apologizes for kissing him and bets he never thought he would be there the night before his wedding. Bill agrees that he never pictured himself there and tells her to stop stressing; he was not married when she kissed him.

Bridget hold a Petri dish as she swings it back and forth saying “tick, tock…tick, tock.” Nick asks her to give her a minute. Bridget comes up behind him and kisses him and says she thinks he needs help. Nick rolls his chair to the door to ensure it is locked.

Sandy sits on her couch hugging a plush dog. She looks at her laptop with the wedding slideshow of Nick and Bridget up. She says they are the perfect couple with money and fame but she has the one thing they want. She looks at the surrogacy brochure before grinning.

The Logan sisters giggle and then sit on the bed. Katie says she wants she wants her wedding to be like it is now. Katie says she wants simple. Brooke supposes that is why she wants to get married in the park. Katie says they had simple wishes and they threw coins into the “mossy fountain.” She toasts to them.

Steffy says Bill has not said “I do” yet but he will. Bill says of course he will. Steffy plays with her top as she looks for an explanation. Bill tells her she called and said she needed to talk. He came to tell her the kiss did not affect her job and it did not change anything. He says he came to talk, they talked…and now he needs to go home. Bill gets off of the couch quickly with Steffy turning to watch his actions.

Bridget buttons Nick’s shirt as the Doctor walks in and says they are getting everything ready. She says the embryologist will be in shortly. Her pager goes off and she says she has to go for another patient. Nick wants to make sure she will be overseeing everything so that no one will screw anything up. She says she will and leaves the couple in the room. A skinny man wearing thick glasses comes in and says he heard Bridget was there. Bridget is shocked to see the man whom she calls Carl and explains they are there for fertilization. He hugs Bridget and tells her he will triple check the labeling.

Donna gives Katie a foot massage. Brooke comments that Donna was always good at massages. Katie says she loves them pampering her and her wedding is not luxurious but it has meaning. They ask about the honeymoon and Katie explains it is a surprise and she does not know. They joke that it better not be their summer camp. Katie laughs and agrees as Brooke brings over gifts. They tell her wherever she will go she will need lingerie. Katie opens two boxes that contain lingerie as Donna plays with the stockings. Katie says she appreciates it and she knows Bill will too. They continue to giggle.

Steffy tells Bill to wait. Bill says the first thing she needs to learn as the head of PR is to learn when she has said too much. Steffy says she thought bringing him up there would make her feel better and it does not. She tells him to stop being nice. She says she does not know why “this keeps happening.” Bill looks at her and asks what she is talking about. He asks her “what do you think is happening here?”

Katie talks about her dream of her dad walking down the aisle. She says she could never picture the Groom. Donna says she has met the man she will marry. Brooke says he loved her the day he met her and has not looked at anyone else since.

Steffy tells Bill not to look at her “like that.” Bill says he does not know why she is making such a huge deal of this. Steffy asks in an accusatory manner “this really doesn’t bother you at all?” Bill replies that it was one small kiss and he is a big boy. “Why would it?” Steffy looks stunned.

Nick, Bridget, the doctor and the embryologist are all in hospital smocks as they are looking at the fertilization through a microscope. Nick asks the doctor to go over everything and she talks about the process and how years ago it was a miracle. She explains the process and says the Petri’s will be dormant for 18 hours and then the cells will divide and should be ready for implantation. Bridget calls Sandy and says they have started the fertilization process and should be ready for her in two days. Sandy puts down a potato chip she is about to eat as she repeats “two days?” Bridget says she needs to go since they are starting the process. Music plays in the background as the embryologist fertilizes the Petri dish while Nick and Bridget hold one another and look on. The music intensifies as the process is almost complete and Bridget and Nick turn their full attention towards the process.

Nick holds Bridget as she tearfully says this could be their miracle, their baby. Nick kisses Bridget.

Steffy says she is supposed to believe there is a calculator where his heart is. Bill responds that it is more like a balance sheet. Steffy says she wants to swear no one will know. Bill says no one will find out and to not turn this into a crisis. Steffy says she has a history of choosing the wrong guy and if Brooke or Donna found out… Bill says she has nothing to worry about, there is nothing there. Steffy says she kissed her boss and she does not know why. Bill says “no harm, no foul” as Steffy says Katie is a lucky woman.

Katie continues to tell Brooke and Donna how perfect Bill is. Brooke says they will all surround her and be there for her. Katie says she thought when Bill put her in charge they would abandon her and she can’t have that happen. She says they are the best part of her and even though she is becoming Mrs. Bill Spencer but they are the Logan girls. They all hug as Katie smiles.

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