B&B Tuesday Update 11/10/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/10/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

Katie lounges in Bill’s lap as he tells her it is not too late to take the guests to a private island. Katie tells him there is nothing more romantic than getting married in the park across from where she grew up. She tells him the next time he sees her she will be walking down the aisle. He asks if she has second thoughts about marrying him. Katie says she has never been so sure of someone in her life. Bill looks her in the eyes before she kisses him.

Steffy sits at the table and remembers kissing Bill when Thomas walks up. He asks about her and Bill Spencer. Steffy turns and asks what about him. He says he heard she went to his office, “or were you summoned?” Steffy turns away but Thomas says if he had been her he “would have given him one in the kisser.” Steffy exclaims “what?!” Thomas imitates punching someone as Steffy looks away and says nothing.

Bill pours water and asks Justin what he is talking about, how he hired Pam to co-host the Catwalk. Justin defends the catwalk dance as Bill interrupts him. He says he has to ask him something unlike anything he has ever asked before.

Bridget explains the medical process of his sperm fertilizing her eggs. She says she has no doubt with Sandy’s help that they will have their own “bundle” of joy.

Sandy reads a book on pregnancy with a bag of chips beside her. She asks herself if it will really be nine months. She then goes to eat a nutrition bar as she reads that she will need a healthy diet and exercise. She quickly spits the bar out and opts for a hot dog rationalizing that she is not pregnant yet.

Katie is unpacking her overnight bag as Brooke and Donna can not believe she has brought them over for a slumber party. Katie brings CDs and DVDs out of her bag so they can listen to music like they used to. Brooke says before they start eating pizza she should tell them where the ceremony is. Katie tells them she would have told them earlier but they were worried about paparazzi. Donna says she does not care she needs to know and Katie tells them that she is getting married in the park on the street they grew up on. Donna looks as though she may cry and Brooke is elated as Katie laughs.

Nick holds Bridget’s hand as she is examined before the procedure. She asks if Nick can stay and the doctor says of course he can. He makes jokes as he holds Bridget’s hand.

Steffy asks if this is Thomas’ idea of a joke. He says he knows she went over there to get an invitation to his wedding tomorrow. Steffy says she did not know the wedding was tomorrow. Thomas says he thought they were so tight since he made her head of PR. Steffy defends that he made her the head of PR because she came up with the campaign. Thomas gets up and says she will not let him forget it. After he walks away Steffy says she has to find Bill.

Bill asks Justin to be his best man since he is the “best man.” Justin says he will but he never thought he would see the day Bill Spencer would get married. Bill says it is an example of what love can do.

Katie sits on the bed with Donna and Brooke and talks about how they did not have much growing up but they had each other. Brooke says that is all that mattered. Katie agrees and says it matters more now than ever. She talks about the loss of Storm and their mother’s deterioration and says she wants to have the wedding there as a tribute to her. She says she never thought it was possible to feel so confident. Katie says she watched her sisters growing up and everyone was drawn to them and she wanted to be that person who loved and someone loved her back. She says the fact that they are there with her means so much. They have a group hug as they are teary eyed and giggling.

Bill looks over a business folder when his phone rings. He says if it is about “upping the budget for the Glamour campaign it won’t happen.” Steffy says she knows he is busy but she is calling from her family’s cabin and needs to see him. Bill asks if she is at Big Bear and she says she was so stressed. She asks him to come there and that she won’t ask another thing. Bill says he will be there.

Katie lays on the bed as Brooke says there will food will be there soon. Katie asks about the bridesmaids gowns and begins to cry. Brooke says they are perfect and Donna adds that Ridge took care of them. She says that maybe Katie is so emotional because after everything she may get her happy ever after. Donna tears up and says they are making her cry as well.

Nick asks the doctor if everything went okay. She says it did and after she leaves the room Bridget looks like she is in pain. Nick asks if she is okay and she says she has a cramp in her foot. Nick leans down and begins to massage her foot as Bridget says they should call Sandy. Nick pulls out his PDA and says Sandy is on speed dial. Bridget calls Sandy, who is eating a candy bar and explains they just harvested her eggs and wanted to make sure she was taking care of herself. Sandy says she is and after she hangs up the phone she tells Nick she feels like everything is too good to be true. Nick stops massaging her foot and says “this is meant to be, you know it, I know it.” He kisses Bridget as music plays in the background.

Steffy answers the door to Bill while wearing a sleeveless tight black and grey dress. Bill asks what is so important that he called her to the cabin before his wedding. She explains she is stressed and she is worried that someone may find out she kissed him. Bill tells Steffy that at her age it may seem like a big deal but no one will ever find out she kissed him.

Katie, Brooke and Donna sit on the bed eating Chinese food. They reminisce that Storm used to bring food home after their mom was too tired from catering. Katie says her sisters never gained an ounce and Donna chimes in that Katie has the same cute figure she always did. Katie adds that her acne is gone now and Donna laughs. Brooke asks if they remember playing wedding when they were kids. They talked about their mom waiting at the end of the pretend aisle crying. Donna says that their mom will be so happy seeing her youngest daughter getting married. Katie says that Bill lacked the closeness they had and have. She tells them that maybe her mom seeing her youngest daughter get married on their street will bring back all of the good memories. Katie thanks them for making her feel so safe and says she loves them.

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