B&B Monday Update 11/9/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/9/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Bill pulls away from a stunned Steffy and says “No.”

Justin walks onset to see Donna sitting in a chair going over notes. He tells her he is happy she stuck around. Dona says she is married and she is a professional. She says that she noticed numbers are down an is wondering how to get the numbers back up. Justin tells her two words “Pam Dennis.” He pulls up Pam’s Catwalk dance on the internet. As they watch the video Justin laughs.

Pam and Serge watch the same video on the internet as Serge claims that everyone in the clubs copied Pam’s dance. They both agree Pam is a hit.

Bridget and Nick go over contractual agreements with Sandy. It includes prenatal care and relinquishing rites to the child as soon as it is born. Sandy says Andrea went over everything with her. Bridget says the only thing they have to do is make it official. Sandy signs as does Bridget then Nick. Bridget and Nick hug as kiss as Sandy looks down.

Steffy freaks out saying she should not have done that. He is her boss and he is getting married to Katie. Bill says not to worry about it, it happened and it is over. His phone buzzes and Bill bolts from the room saying he has to take the call.

Donna and Justin are still viewing the Pam clip as Donna closes the laptop. She says it is her show but Pam is getting all the buzz. Justin points out they will not have a show without buzz and he thinks they should bring her aboard. Donna reluctantly calls Pam, who is with Serge doing the ‘cat dance.’ Serge answers Pam’s phone speaking in a phony accent. He tells Donna he is Pam’s agent and a shocked Donna asks him to tell Pam to come to Spencer Studios. Serge lets out his own voice in excitement and Donna figures out who he is. He informs Donna he will talk to his client and see if she can fit them into her schedule. He then hangs up.

Sandy and Bridget are both in hospital gowns as the doctor announces it is a great time for them to start injections. Bridget hugs Nick while Sandy sits in the corner watching the two.

Bill drives up to Katie who is in a neighborhood. He gets out of the car and she tells him she thought he should see the Valley at least once. Bill’s phone rings and Katie confiscates the phone. She answers and says Bill can not be bothered. She informs her him she is turning his phone off and they embrace as she says they have a wedding to plan.

Steffy is outside sitting at a table remembering he kiss. She tells herself she can not believe she did “this” and wonders what Bill must think of her. Steffy tells herself to focus as Brooke walks outside. She sees Steffy working on the campaign and tells her how proud her father is of her. Brooke grabs a water as Steffy asks where Katie is since she would like to show her the proofs. Brooke tells Steffy Katie is out planning her wedding and walks away.

Katie shows Bill the neighborhood and tells him the house he parked in front of was her house that she grew up in. Bill thanks her for sharing but asks what it has to do with planning their wedding. Katie says it has everything to do with it. She smiles as Bill looks confused.

Pam and Serge meet Donna and Justin at the studio. Justin informs them they would like Pam to co-host and Pam jumps in saying he can not only pay her $60 like he did the last time. Serge and Pam makes demands regarding dressing rooms and hair and makeup. They say Pam has to have a kitchen in her dressing room so she can bake to relax her during breaks. Donna tells her the show is about fashion and not about her lemon bars. Justin says they will not be able to meet all of her demands. Pam and Serge go to walk away as Donna tells Pam to “wait.”

Sandy walks into the office where only nick is waiting. She tells him it is so nice to see a man so committed. Nick says Bridget and Jack are all that is important to him. Nick confides that they had a little girl and it did not work out. Sandy says it will all work out because it is meant to be. Nick says he would like to believe that this is due to Bridget’s good karma coming back. He points out that Sandy knows everything about them and he knows nothing about her. He says he would like to know. Sandy says there is nothing to tell and Nick responds that he doubts that.

Donna tells Pam she can have her baking segment once a month and while she will not give her a rug nor a dressing room with kitchen she will give her the dressing room she has. Pam says she wants a microwave and a cooking segment twice a month. Donna agrees and Justin smiles as he asks if they have a deal. Pam says they have a deal and Sere tells them to hug. Donna shakes her hand. Pam and Serge proceed to the catwalk and do the ‘cat dance’ while making noises.

Nick asks Sandy about her family; he asks if they were close. He asks if she has a boyfriend. Sandy says she is on her own and there is not much to tell. Bridget comes into the room and Nick asks how everything went. Bridget says it was painful but worth it. She thanks Sandy for everything she is doing and they embrace. Bridget walks back over to Nick and hugs him as he watches Sandy’s expression. Nick is visibly trying to figure her out.

Steffy is still at the table outside when she calls Bill and leaves a voice mail that she needs to see him. She hangs up the phone and looks into the distance.

Katie shows Bill her street. Bill says it is quiet and “peaceful.” Katie tells him the story of how Storm helped her with her bicycle. She says that she would look through the window at the Park and wonder who she would be. She says she would escape to dreams while her sisters went on dates. Bill tells her they do not sound like good memories. She says that “this little park” would mean she had come full circle. Bill admits that no one would guess he would marry in a little park. He tells her it does not matter if they marry in a little park or on his yacht; although he prefers the yacht as long as he gets to look into her “beautiful blue eyes” he is “good.” He then calls her “Mrs. Bill Spencer” and says he is “one lucky guy” before kissing Katie passionately.

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