B&B Friday Update 11/6/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 11/6/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Bill looks at Steffy and asks “so someday I’ll be as cool as you, huh?” Steffy says it is like he told her, he has to be persistent and has to work out at it. Steffy says she can not believe she is having this conversation with him. Bill asks if that is because he is her boss. Steffy answers that he is supposed to be the king of bad with a horn growing out of his head. Bill says he tries to be the lesser of evils and Steffy says she will remember that. Bill admits he is afraid she will.

A shot of Jackie M with a Porsche is seen before Bridget talks about how Sandy could be their surrogate. Nick says they have so much in common that they are practically twins. Bridget’s hair is down and there is a knock at the door. Bridget opens the door to a much Sandy whose hair is a only a shade or two darker than Bridget’s. Nick asks her to have a seat and she sits on the couch beside Bridget. He says they have a few questions to see if this is a match.

Katie comes in and sees Brooke and Ridge kissing in her office. She says she forgot they had a meeting. Katie admits she is swamped as she puts a stack of books on her desk. Brooke asks what she is swamped with and Katie says the wedding is so consuming. She is freaking out as she tells them she can’t find a dress she likes. Brooke stands and puts her hands on Katie’s shoulders and tells her they will find something. Katie suggests she could get married in sweats and a tee shirt. Ridge chimes in “maybe,  just maybe I could help.”

Bill walks up to Steffy and asks what. Steffy says she is waiting for the shoe to drop. Steffy admits her dad would kill her if he knew she thought he was a nice guy. Bill tells her not to ruin his reputation. She asks why he bought their company and he tells her it is to make a fortune. He says he did not always have money; he was used to people underestimating since he was the outsider. Steffy tells him she went to all the right schools and the clubs; she met people with great pedigrees but they were actually boring, “but you…you are” Bill looks though a folder as he answers that he is “cool.” Steffy says he is getting there and not to change. She asks if he has ever sought approval from anyone. Bill finally looks up, acknowledging her speaking to him.

Sandy discusses different styles of yoga with Bridget. She says she used to be a vegetarian but has gone back to protein since becoming a surrogate. She admits that she only eats fish, but not large fish with levels of mercury. Bridget says she is sure and Nick says he wants to know why she chose to be a surrogate. Sandy says he recession has hit her hard and the money would come in handy. She says that she decided to be a surrogate before the money issues; that bringing a life into this world for a couple would give her life a higher purpose. Bridget puts her hand on her own chest as she loves the answer.

Katie asks Ridge if he wants to help her find a dress. Ridge asks why he would want to help her. Katie says things are tense between them. Brooke says that Ridge is an expert and if he is offering her help she should take it. Katie says maybe he could look at her choices and give her his opinions. Ridge tells them to wait there. He leaves the room.

Bill says he never sought approval. Steffy says she knows he must have grown up well. Bill says the difference is she had role models. Steffy points out that it sounds like he respects her parents and grandparents. Bill sits back down in his chair and says he does and that is why he made her in charge of the campaign. He says he respects the way she was raised. He says that she has that in common with Katie, which is one of the reasons he made her CEO . Steffy leans on his desk and asks if that was before or after he made her CEO. Bill says it was before and that Katie and Steffy both have the desire to be successful and are willing to do what it takes. Steffy asks if Katie really knows him. Bill tells her she should ask Katie. Steffy replies that Katie will say no one really knows Bill Spencer. Bill tells her that he is not an open book. Bill drinks some of his water and says Katie had the talent; all she needed was someone to recognize it and he did it. He says that when he believes in someone he gives them his full backing. He tells her she has that; she has someone that believes in her, “me.”

Katie walks over to Brooke with her magazines and dresses she likes. Ridge walks in with a garment bag. He tells her to put the catalog away because he had already designed the dress for her. Katie says she knows Bill asked him to. Ridge says he did not do it for Bill; he did it for Brooke. He tells her to try it on. He tells her to go try it on. Katie walks out of the room as Brooke says Ridge amazes her. She smiles and begins to kiss him.

Steffy says Bill is always on guard. She asks about the sword he wears on his necklace and asks if she can see it. Bill stands close enough to Steffy that she can look at the sword and she continues to play with it as Bill explains it is a physical representation that he never gives up. He says he seeks a goal and then he reaches it. He says if he has to fight he fights. “That’s what this sword represents.” Bill looks down as Steffy stares into his eyes.

Bridget walks over to Nick and says it went well with Sandy. Bridget says she was loving and caring. Nick tells her she seems great. Bridget goes on to say her background check ad interview went so well. Nick asks if they should look at other people. Bridget tells him she doesn’t see the point. Nick says they are looking for more than a friend. Bridget finally agrees that they should interview more people. Nick asks if he should go get her. He calls her back into the room and they tell her they were very impressed with her. Sandy says she is impressed with them and would be “honored” to carry their baby. Nick and Bridget glance at one another.

Sandy says that when she decided to be a surrogate she never expected her first couple to be so amazing. Nick says they have to interview other people and consider other candidates but they think there is a good chance that she will be their choice. Bridget begins to explain further but Sandy stops her. She says that she knows she came off as shy and nervous during the interview but she did not get much sleep. She tells them that they may not know it but it is difficult to think of meeting bad parents who wanted her to be their surrogate. She says she would hate to have a child for a couple who would abandon or abuse their child. She smiles and tells them she knows that would not happen with them and she thinks they are great. Sandy walks away after telling them they have so much to consider but she repeats that they will be wonderful parents. As Sandy walks away Bridget tells her to wait. Bridget looks at Nick and asks if they really have to interview other people. Bridget tells Sandy she is their surrogate. Sandy glides over to Bridget and hugs her excitedly. When the two release the embrace Bridget hugs Nick and thanks him as Sandy looks on.

Katie walks back into her office with the garment bag in her arms and tears in her eyes. Ridge asks if she likes it and she says it is wonderful. Katie very emotionally tells him she can not believe he did this for her. Brooke says they are rising above adversity and working together. Katie cries as she says she knows it was not easy for him but the love for his sister shows. She exclaims that she will “never forget this” as she hugs Ridge while a very happy Brooke looks on.

Steffy lets go of Bill’s necklace and repeats what he said about never giving up. Steffy says he took her to another level. Bill says he gave her an opportunity and he knows she will do great. He says he can see it, even when running the photo shoot she takes risks and is in command. Steffy points out that risks are what it is about. Bill says that she is proving herself already and points to the still frame on the television of the picture of the Logan sisters. Steffy says that is the beginning of it all and she wants to be his biggest success story. She says she wants to make him proud and promises him she will make him proud as she grabs his shoulders and hugs him. Bill smiles as Steffy quickly looks at his face smiling and impulsively and quickly kisses him. She pulls back at once staring in shock. Bill counters her look with shock on his face as well.

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