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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 11/5/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Bill walks into Katie’s office which has been transformed with silver satin draperies and lighting for the shoot. He finds Steffy who is wearing jeans and a bohemian sheered layered white top who tells the Photographer everything looks great. She asks if he is there to check up on her and he says he is not; he has confidence in her but wanted to wish her luck. Steffy tells him she thinks he is there to see his leading lady in her gorgeous dress. Bill says she is right as Steffy points out he has perfect timing. Katie, Donna and Brooke walk in wearing evening gowns. Katie has on a black and white low cut dress with her hair styled a la Ava Gardner and deep red lipstick on. Bill stares and says he thinks the campaign will be a hit.

Nick sits beside Bridget on the couch and says the brochures say nothing about the women’s hip sized. Bridget tells him she will do all of the talking as she stands by her desk. Bridget is wearing a sleeveless black dress with her hair in a low ponytail. Nick wraps his arms around her as he says she can do the talking. Bridget smiles and says if everything works out they will have a baby this time next year. Nick excitedly asks “a what?” Bridget responds “a baby!” Nick asks who’s baby and Bridget is lifted off the ground as she squeals “our baby!”

Brooke, Katie and Donna are having their picture taken with 40’s Jazz playing in the background. The pictures are black and white and Steffy notes she loves the look. She says it looks great and she is ready for them to bring in the vanity. Bill, Marcus, Ridge and Justin look on as more pictures are being taken. Steffy says she would like them to take individual pictures for press. Brooke is up first and the photographer takes more black and white photos.

Bridget looks though the notebook and says it is “spooky” how alike they are. Nick says they really are alike. Bridget laughs and explains that she is talking about she and Sandra. She goes on to say that they both are health freaks and she even likes yoga. Nick says if this woman has half of her heart she will be a great candidate. Bridget’s cell phone rings and she quickly gets a pen and writes something down. She ends the call and tells Nick they have Sandra’s number. Nick asks if they are supposed to call her. Bridget says that they are; Andrea would have done it but her father had an accident.

Katie is by herself lounging across a chaise while black and white photos are taken. Steffy directs that it is time for another set up and she wants the chairs and couches out. Bill walks over to Ridge and says Steffy is great; he should be proud. Ridge says he is proud and thanks him for treating Steffy with respect. Bill says Steffy has proven her loyalty and if the rest of the Forresters would fall in line they would see that she earned it.

Steffy asks if they want other shots and they say they are fine. Katie tells Bill to come over and take a picture with her. They both take a picture while she looks at him. Katie tells the photographer it is a wrap and the photographer alerts them proofs will be to them right away. Katie asks if Bill is going back to his office. He tells her he is and she says for him not to forget the Gators. Everyone leaves the room and Steffy asks Bill why gave her this opportunity. Bill tells her she came up with the idea and compliments her professional demeanor and tenacity. Steffy tells him he can go on and he laughs as he declines; he says if he does not stop her head will get as big as his. He walks to the door and tells her not to rest on her laurels. He instructs that as soon as the proofs are ready he wants to go over them. He adds that once he sees perfection he expects nothing less.

The receptionist hands Donna her phone. She says she found it in Katie’s office. The secretary walks away and Donna turns to find Justin standing. Justin asks if she has thought about what he asked. Donna says she is committed to her husband. Justin asks why her husband was not there supporting her. Donna says Eric is having a hard time with things and he wants her to quit the show. Justin tells her he knows that is not what she wants and she always sacrifices her wants for everyone else; he says she should not have to this time.

Bridget rehearses what she will say to Sandra. She and Nick go over it and she finally calls. A woman with yoga pants and a shoulder cropped sweatshirt with long brown hair comes on the screen. She answers the phone by saying “yeah,” and as soon as she hears Bridget’s enthusiastic voice she says “not interested.” Bridget calls her by her name and says Andrea gave them her number. The woman corrects that her name is Sandy as she sits on the couch. Bridget says they are calling because they would like a surrogate and Sandy chides “well isn’t that great news.”

Ridge comes into Katie’s office and says he thinks the shoot went well. Katie is back in her regular clothes and as she unpins her hair she beams that she thinks so too. Ridge sits down and says Steffy does such a great job. Brooke says Steffy is such an amazing young woman. Ridge says he has to give Bill credit for seeing it.

Steffy walks up to an empty desk and knocks on the door calling for Bill. She opens his office door and sees that he is not there. Steffy walks through and picks up an award and spins the globe on top. Bill walks in and tells her not to steal anything. Steffy says he can check his pocket when she leaves. Bill sits lazily in his chair as Steffy says she was nervous walking into his office yesterday, but not today. She says he wanted to see the proofs as she pulls something from her bag. Bill asks if Steffy’s campaign would be a success. Steffy points out he will not sugar coat it. He tells her she is right.

Katie sits beside Brooke and jokes that Ridge should be careful he is saying something nice about Bill. Ridge retorts he is saying something nice about his daughter. Katie tells him Bill wants the company to be a success and this is proof. She says he took her under his wing and made her see her full potential; she thinks he will do the same with Steffy.

Bill watches a slideshow of the images on the screen. The photos are not black and white but not colored. Steffy asks what he thinks and he says he thought he would like them but she has exceeded her expectations. He then sits back in his chair and tells her to “run with it.” Bill tells her this is her life and she will eat, sleep and breathe the campaign. He tells if her if she does not perform he will fire her. Steffy turns and points out that he means that. Bill says she will make him money and she will make this a success. Steffy confides that if someone would have asked her about him a week ago she would have said he was selfish but now she sees a different side of him. She tells him he is cool. Bill repeats that he is cool. Steffy says she is “very cool.” She is a “cool chick” and that if he tries maybe one day he will be as cool as she is. Bill grins as he stares at her.

Bridget asks Sandy if it is a good time for her she says it is as Sandy sits on the couch and grabs her laptop. She listens as Bridget apologizes for calling her directly and while Sandy eats chocolate Bridget tells her she thinks she may be the healthier version of herself. Sandy’s search is done and pictures of Nick and Bridget come on the screen. Sandy then reads who they are and jumps. She says she has a really good feeling about this and she is feeling a strong connection. She asks if Bridget wants to meet and Bridget suggests the afternoon. Sandy gets their address and then goes to the cabinet and retrieves a hair highlighting kit. Sandy hangs up the phone and stares at the box.

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