B&B Wednesday Update 11/4/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 11/4/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Brooke and Ridge are in the steam room kissing heavily when Brooke asks if Ridge feels any better. Ridge says his wife tried to buy his company back for him. He says he is the luckiest man in the world. Brooke says that he does not like his job. Ridge says that he loves what he does as they point out all of the reasons he has to work. Brooke kisses him and he says there may be an upside to Katie and Bill running the company. Brooke laughs as they begin to kiss.

Katie is running her hands through Bill’s hair as she kisses him in his office. She asks if he calls all of his meetings like this. He says it boosts attendance. She laughs and says they will have so much fun on their honeymoon. She breaks away and says she has a brochure for it. Bill pleads that he does not want to see anymore brochures or taste any more cake. He says he loves her and she can handle it. She walks over to him and says she can handle more than just the wedding. “Hollywood Glamour here we come.” Bill says he did not give the green light yet but Katie interjects he did say he was impressed. Bill asks if Katie came all the way over to his office to rub it in. Katie states she did not, but he left in such a hurry she could not thank him properly. Bill tells her to “start thankin” him as they kiss again.

Bill tells Katie Steffy’s campaign is a good idea. Katie says Steffy wants to be on top. Bill says they should offer her Katie’s old job. Katie agrees that it is a wonderful idea. Katie says Steffy has the right attitude and approach. Bill says if they reward her other people may come on board as well. Katie smiles at the thought.

Nick and Bridget call Owen into Bridget’s office. He walks in and Bridget holds the brochure for the Surrogacy program and asks if this is the agency he used. Owen says it is and says he has the representative’s card. Owen tells them with their attitudes he is sure she could even line up interviews for the afternoon. Bridget kisses and hugs Nick as she says she can’t wait another moment to have a baby. Owen looks down with a sullen look on his face.

Katie comes into her office and says it is great that Steffy got her texts. Steffy asks if Bill liked the campaign. Katie says she can do better than that; she can offer her to run the whole thing. Steffy says running is it for the Head of PR. Katie smiles and Steffy hugs her as she thanks her for the opportunity. Katie says she should thank Bill since he was so impressed with her. Steffy asks if Katie could thank him; Katie says she should do it now because when the campaign starts she will not have time.

Bridget puts down the phone and tells Nick she is on her way over. Owen says they have a lot to think about. He points out that the surrogate would be with them for nine months so you have to look at her lifestyle and medical history. Bridget squeals with excitement as she says this woman will carry their baby. She grabs Nick’s face while planting a kiss on him. Smiling with excitement afterwards.

Brooke asks Ridge if he is ready to leave yet. She asks doesn’t he want to see if Bill signed off on Steffy’s idea. Ridge is shocked as he thought it was Katie’s idea. Brooke points out Steffy and Thomas are still there and it is their legacy. Ridge hugs Brooke and says he hopes Bill knows a good thing when he sees it.

Bill hears someone come into his office and he tells Justin that he thought he could handle Catwalk which is why he hired him. Steffy stands with her hands on her hips and says she will keep that in mind.

Brooke and Ridge come smiling into Katie’s office. Katie asks where they have been and she says she does not want to know. Brooke asks about the Hollywood Campaign as Ridge adds he loves it. Katie says she loved it too and that she told Steffy to pitch it to Bill. He loved it and gave it the go ahead, then Katie gave Steffy her old job. Ridge asks if Steffy is the head of PR. Katie says she is as she contends that Steffy is ready for this. Ridge asks if Bill went for it; Katie smiles as she says that it was his idea. Ridge can not believe Bill gave his daughter a promotion.

Steffy tells Bill he has a really cool office. She says she wants to thank him for giving her the job. Bill tells her he does not give away jobs they are earned. She says she should be patting herself on the back then. Steffy says she is a Forrester so that is possible; she says she will go to her new office now. Bill tells her to wait as he hands her a card from his desk. She asks what it is and he tells her it is his interior designer’s number. Steffy says they should see how the campaign goes. Bill asks if she is having doubts already. Steffy tells him it is sink or swim. She notices Bill smiling and asks why. He says he notices the resemblance to her namesake. Bill confides that he is giving her an opportunity to show everyone what can be accomplished when they act as a team. He stands and walks to her as he says she may have just as much of a pivotal role as Stephanie did for Forrester. Steffy says she is not as stubborn as her grandmother and Bill tells her stubborn is good. He says she will not get anywhere if she takes no for an answer and she will not get anywhere with him.

Bridget sits on Nick’s lap and asks if Jack will be okay with this. Nick says that they are giving Jack someone to blame all of the bad things he does on. The secretary pages them and the representative walks in. Bridget tells her about herself and Nick chimes in that they have been through many changes and he is grateful for all of the changes he has gone through with Bridget.

Katie tells Brooke and Ridge that Steffy went to thank Bill. Ridge says he is happy Steffy got the promotion. Katie tells him how Steffy is on board and Ridge asks if they are using his daughter as an example. Katie tells him they are in a way because every contribution will be rewarded accordingly. Katie says participation is key; Brooke chimes in that Ridge is contributing by designing the line. Ridge says he knows he has not been focused the past few days but now that Steffy is involved he will make sure the line is worthy.

Steffy tells Bill if he wants stubborn and headstrong he has it. Bill tells her she has to be both bulldog and pussycat. Bill grabs an apple and gives Steffy one. He remembers she said she had a problem with cameras. Steffy clarifies that is only when she has to model. She says if she has something to say…Bill interrupts and says she will run it by Katie or himself first. Steffy says she understands. Bill tells her he does not think it will always be that way. Steffy says his weight carries a lot of weight in the industry and as she watches him eat an apple she thanks him for the opportunity. Bill tells her he never thought he would hear a Forrester thank him. He tells her to get to work and as she leaves she says “thank you Mr. Spencer.” Steffy gets to the door when Bill instructs her to call him Bill. She thanks him again adding Bill to the sentiment. As Bill picks up the phone to bark an order, Steffy lingers at the door watching and smiling.

The representative shows Nick and Bridget the same notebook shown to Jackie and Owen. They peruse the book as Bridget and Nick say Sandra Sommers looks great. They say she is beautiful and the rep says she will set up an interview. Bridget and Nick are shocked at how fast it is all happening but are excited just the same.

The representative Andrea walks outside to place a call. An answering machine picks up in a dingy area that is filled with teddy bears and stuffed animals. Andrea tells Sandra that her plan worked and they loved the look and bought it. She says she went on a limb for her and tells her not to screw it up. She then calls her Agnes before hanging up,

Nick has told Bridget to remind him he wants this. She smiles and kisses him announcing how happy she is. The representative walks back through the door to overhear Nick talking about picking out names. Bridget says she does not care what it is it will be perfect.

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