B&B Tuesday Update 11/3/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 11/3/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

Katie sits at her desk working when Bill comes in. Katie asks him which frosting he wants for the wedding cake. Bill sits on her desk and tells her he is very happy she said yes. Bill kisses her and then asks if this is how she spends all of her time. Katie says it is not but that she can multi task. She hands him the ideas from the meeting earlier and he asks if he will like them. Katie assures him he will.

Bridget and Nick meet up with Jackie at the office. She is concerned about Bridget and Bridget informs them both she wants to be where she can do something. She says the doctor told her she could not have children and she wants to concentrate on something she can do well.

Nick and Jackie follow Bridget into the office where Whip, Pam, Owen and Stephanie are waiting. Stephanie informs Jackie that Pam did the interview since Donna is the new host. She says that Pam did a great job. Whip proposes that they take things back to nature. His idea is to have Owen and Jackie posing as Adam and Eve. Everyone agrees it is a good idea while Nick has a pensive look as he stares at Whip.

Bill sits at the table as Katie explains the glamour concept. Bill asks if the idea was Katie’s. Katie says it was Steffy’s. Bill stands and says that he has seen a lot of campaigns in his day and this is not one of them.

Bridget says Adam and Eve sounds….but Stephanie interrupts and says Eve was young. Whip says that Jackie is sexy and can pull it off. Stephanie says they will be associated with lies and scandal. Jackie says it is sexy. Bridget adds people they want what they can not have. Stephanie points out Adam and Eve were naked. Jackie counters that they were sexy. Nick adds they can do a shoot in an apple orchard. Owen jokes that he will trade in his dog collar for a fig leaf. Everyone laughs and Whip says Owen is being a team player.

Bill tells Katie the idea does not move him. Katie says she thinks he is wrong, that every little girl wants to be a star. Katie says Steffy is on board. Bill says that he thinks she should green light the project because Steffy would be on board. Katie says he should green light it because it is a good idea. Steffy interrupts and says Katie is wanted in Accounting ten minutes ago. Katie tells Steffy she is there with perfect timing. Katie tells her to pitch the campaign to Bill and then come find her. Bill sits in Katie’s chair as Steffy sluggishly walks in. She says it feels wrong; him sitting in her grandfather’s chair after stealing the company. Bill informs her they all work together now and he saved the family. Bill looks at Steffy and instructs her to “impress him.”

Stephanie tells Whip it is a great idea. Pam points out the garden had snakes. Owen says he draws the line at a fig leaf, to which Jackie says no one gets to put her husband in sexy outfits but her. Stephanie says Pam is right about Adam and Eve being sinful but afterwards they clothed themselves. Stephanie comes up with the ad that Jackie should clothe them..Jackie and Owen say it would be “sinful.” Bridget says she loves it. Stephanie says Forrester does not have it in them to be so creative.

Steffy tells someone over the phone to “send them up as soon as possible.” Bill asks if she would like water. Steffy refuses. She tells him that the Logan sisters would be there models and he asks why cheapen the Royalty Campaign by using them for this line? Bill says Hollywood is fake. Steffy tells him that it is about hopes and dreams. Bill says Hollywood is full of illusions. Steffy says movie studios are in their backyard. Bill says it is hard to sell fantasy in this economy. Steffy tells him this is when people need fantasy more than ever. Bill asks if she plans on joining the Logan women in the campaign. Steffy says the camera does not like her and she does not want to be in the campaign. Bill says he finds it hard to believe that the camera does not like her. Steffy tells him she is not a Logan. Bill asks if he detects something there and Steffy threatens to have him carried out in a body bag. Bill smirks, enjoying their banter when there is a knock on the door. Steffy says it is perfect timing as two models walk in dressed in glamour gowns. Steffy says she had short notice but she wants every woman to feel like a star. She says the typical women has kids screaming and a husband who does not pay attention to her until they put on a gown and feel glamorous as long as they “dare to dream.” Steffy escorts the women out and closes the door. She places her hands on her hips and asks if Bill not saying anything means he likes what he sees. Bill says he will give her that she is persistent.

Steffy asks if Bill thinks she is stubborn. Bill says hey have that in common and it is a good thing. Steffy tells him she knows he keeps her because of her name but she plans to contribute until they are back on top. Bill says he will take it under advisement. Steffy says she is not leaving until he gives the line the go ahead. Steffy goes on about selling glamour and how you can not put a price on it. Katie walks in as Bill asks if she is finished. Katie asks if she has sold the idea to him yet. Katie says “she’s pretty impressive, isn’t she?” Steffy starts to say she doesn’t think Bill likes ..but he interrupts and says “impressive as hell.” Katie grins as Steffy looks at Bill, shocked.

Nick closes the office door and asks Bridget if Whip just sold them an ad campaign or if he skated around them. Bridget is reading and is not paying attention. She says that Owen and Jackie were looking into a surrogate but maybe it is something that they can look in to. Nick comes over to her and says it is a wonderful idea. He kneels and pulls her to him while she sits in her white chair and tells her it would not be a risk for her, so he thinks it is something they should look into. Bridget begins to doubt the process and herself by mentioning she would not carry the child. Nick says it does not matter how the baby gets to them; she is an amazing mom and was meant to be a mother. Bridget asks if he is really serious about this because she wants a child of their own. Nick says he is as he smiles at a beaming Bridget who hugs him tightly and says she loves him.

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