B&B Monday Update 11/2/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 11/2/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Katie is wrapped in a towel in the steam room talking on her phone while Bill places kisses on her neck. She gets off of her iPhone and Bill tells her he did not bring her into the steam room so she could do business. Katie and Bill continue to kiss until her phone rings. She answers the call and says she will be right there. She says Eric and Ridge are showing resistance but she will go talk to them. She tells Bill she will take care of his “problem” at home and the two kiss once more before she has to go.

Donna’s audience looks bored as they yawn through her guest talking about how wonderful Forrester is to work with. Instead of an interview the guest makes the show feel like an infomercial. Donna tells Justin and Marcus she was so bored as soon as the show is over. Marcus takes a call and says he must go. Justin comforts Donna and as he grabs her hands to comfort her Eric walks on set. He surprises them both and asks what Justin is there for. Donna says she thought she told him Justin was the Producer. Eric asks Justin why he hired Donna with no experience.

Taylor sits outside with Thomas and Steffy as they discuss the merger. Steffy says they should call it the Logan Company since Katie is CEO, Brooke is President and Donna is VP. Taylor asks if they feel like they are being marginalized. Thomas comments it is not their call to make. Taylor says she is trying to tell them it is their call; the company is their birth rite.

Katie walks into her office and asks Brooke what she is hearing about Eric and Ridge. Brooke says they will not be joining them today. Katie asks why not and then adds that it is hard to be an intermediary when they will not even show up to work.

Katie asks what it will take and says she needs Eric and Ridge to run the company. Brooke defends that it is difficult for the both of them. She says they will come around but it will take some time.

Thomas and Steffy say that Katie has not said anything to them. Taylor tells them they should “get in there” and make their mark. Steffy says she has an idea for a new line when the two remember they have a meeting. Both of them run hurriedly away as Taylor calls to them to both make contributions.

Eric tells Justin the only reason he hired Donna was because he was trying to get close to his wife. Bill walks up as he group is very tense. He asks if everything is okay and Eric announces he does not want her to be on the show. Eric takes Donna’s hand as Bill calls to her and asks if she gets a say in the matter. He then asks Donna if she really wants to quit the show.

Donna pleads with Eric to not make her choose between something she has always wanted to do and him. Eric says he has no problem with Donna doing the show but not with “these people.” Bill retorts that they are now his people as well. Eric says if Justin had never mentioned it to her she would have never wanted to do the show on her own. Bill asks Donna what she wants to do. Donna turns to Eric and says she has always wanted to do this. Justin tells Eric he should support Donna. Eric tells Justin Donna’s needs are his concerns. Eric says this is a private matter and he needs a moment alone.

Eric pulls Donna away and says he has overreacted about this and he would like to go away so he can remember what is good in life. Donna says she thinks Justin is right and he should support her. Donna tries to explain she is a VP and has a show now. Eric says they will discuss it later and leaves her to her thoughts. As Donna paces by herself Justin watches.

Rick has an idea that Thorne supports for striking at Jackie M.’s campaign. Katie says with all of the transition she thinks it is best to go with Forrester classic. Thorne agrees; Katie sits back down and says they can come up with something. Steffy and Thomas come in, apologizing for being late. Brooke says they are glad they are there. Thorne says they have a few ideas and then he asks if she has any. Steffy says she does and Katie asks her what they are. Steffy is shocked but goes on to say that Paris and Milan have their own Fashion Houses and Forrester has L.A. Brooke and Katie sit up in their chairs and tell her to go on. Steffy says they should do old Hollywood Glamour. Hepburn, etc with the idea that anyone can be a star when they wear Forrester. Katie asks if she wants an actor or an actress to wear their designs. Steffy says they do not need a celebrity when they have the Logan sisters. Steffy says all of the classic lines, tops, skirts; she knows her dad and grandfather could go with it. She asks a very interested group what they think.

Thorne and Rick say they think the Hollywood idea sounds wonderful. Katie asks Brooke what she thinks. Brooke asks about the models and Steffy says they sold the Royalty Campaign and it should be them. Brooke says she loves the idea. Katie announces she does too. Katie says she will talk to Bill, Thorne asks why. Katie dismisses the meeting and asks Steffy to stay. Brooke tells her she is so proud of her. Katie thanks her and says she thinks she should be the point person. Steffy turns her back on the women as Katie approaches her saying that she knows Ridge and Eric are having a hard time with the transition but she is carrying on the Forrester name and living the legacy. Brooke says she has managed to merge the two families; Logans and Forresters. Steffy agrees and hugs Katie while still looking reluctant about the idea.

Marcus sees Eric at the Studio and asks if everything is okay. Eric says everything is not okay. Eric tells Marcus that he knows Justin is his father but he does not appreciate him using the show to get to Donna.

Justin approaches Donna and asks how she is. Donna says she does not want to upset Eric when he just lost his company. Justin says Eric did not lose his company, he sold his company at a very good price. Justin says Donna should not let Eric influence her. He tells her new doors are opening up for her and takes her hand as he says “take my hand and walk through it.” Justin says Donna is so beautiful. Donna turns away and Justin tells her he knows she is a great and dedicated wife. He recalls they would have been together if she had told him about Justin. Justin says he knows that Eric gave her a great life but he knows it is not enough for her. He tells her she knows she feels the passion. Justin says he may not have all that Eric has but he can “quench her desire.” He says he still loves her and she needs to come back to him. He holds her close and says he wants her and asks if she will come back to him.

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