B&B Friday Update 10/30/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/30/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Pam sits stunned while Donna asks what it was like to grow up with Stephanie as her older sister. Pam just gazes into the camera.

Jackie is on the phone speaking in French. She gets off of the call and asks Owen how he could comit her to an interview in French. Owen says he heard the call and she sounded wonderful. Jackie tells Owen she does better with French after a few glasses of wine. Owen and Jackie begin to kiss as Nick walks in. He asks how they are doing and Jackie says they are wonderful. Nick asks if they are adopting or doing the surrogacy. Owen says they are doing the “forever” thing. Nick says he is pleasantly surprised by the compromise. Jackie says they should go out to dinner to celebrate. Nick says Bridget has an appointment. Jackie picks up the phone to call her when Nick says it is with her OB/GYN.

Bridget lays on her side in a hospital gown when her physician walks in. She says that Bridget is the healthiest patient she has seen all year. She tells her she will see her again next year unless there is something else. Bridget smiles and says there is.

Donna tries to get Pam to talk but Pam sits there. The audience is not sure what is going on. Jared walks over to Justin and says Bill will go through the roof when he sees this. Donna says she has something she knows Pam will be interested in. She walks away and comes back carrying an envelope. Donna reads a letter from the Doberman Society thanking her for her support. They included a calendar and Pam sees the picture and exclaims “My Tiny!” repeatedly to the crowd.

Bridget explains to the doctor that she and Nick are happy and Jack is doing well. She tells her she and Nick have moved past everything and wants to know if she goes off the pill does she have the doctor’s blessing.

Jackie asks Owen to go and make reservations while she talks to Nick. He asks if he should make the reservations for four people and Nick says they will be later if they can. After Owen leaves Jackie presses to find out if Bridget is pregnant.

Pam says she can’t believe she had her Tiny put on the calendar. She tells Donna she would almost call her a good person but she knows she is not. The audience begins to snicker. Pam then says it is absurd for Donna to think that she would tell her gossip on her sister after Donna stole Eric. Donna says she did not and Pam places her fingers in her ears and begins to sing. The audience laughs. Donna pulls her arm, instructing Pam to “stop that” when the audience laughs harder. Donna brings up Price is Right and Donna says Donna stole her spot on the show and all she got were baking pans. Pam says she did not need baking pans since all she does is cook because she does not have her dog anymore. Pam talks about how she makes thin cookies laced with fiber for the models. The crowd loves the banter between Donna and Pam. Pam says Donna does not know anything about being “real.” Donna says that she hopes Pam does more work at Jackie M as opposed to her work at Forrester. Pam says Donna has nothing to worry about except not falling in her heels. The audience laughs louder as Pam says Donna orders cases of honey. She asks if they want to know what Donna does with all of the honey but before she can answer Donna jumps to a commercial break. The crows laughs and applauds loudly.

Nick says he is the guy who wanted the kid and the kid but then they lost their child. He says he is scared to death for Bridget’s health. Nick says he does not know what he would say if she were eight or nine months along and she had to choose between his wife or his child. Jackie asks if he has said anything to Bridget. Nick says he knows Bridget is thinking about it because she mentioned her prescription for birth control the past weekend. Nick walks to the door but before leaving he tells Jackie he was being honest. Jackie asks who. Nick tells her men get courageous and brave, they face fears and want to see behind door number two. Nick says men will stop and ask why they risk what they have for what they don’t and Owen won’t risk it and neither will he.

Pam says Donna was Stephanie’s downfall. She ells everyone Stephanie is all about class and Donna is all about leopard underpants. She then tries to look up Donna’s dress and says she is sure she has them on now. The crowd laughs and as Donna says she will see them tomorrow Pam tries to lift Donna’s dress again. The music begins to play and Pam walks to the catwalk and begins to make ears with her hands saying “meow” over and over again; dancing, impersonating a cat. The crowd laughs and applauds loudly.

Bridget is putting her clothes back on when there is a knock on the door. She says she is decent and for them to come in. Nick says he thought he was on time but he was supposed to wait outside. Bridget says she is one of those patients who doesn’t believe bad news the first time. Nick asks what she is talking about and Bridget says they will not have the life they wanted.

Donna is talking to Justin and Jared about how badly the show went when Pam walks up. Jared asks her to do the cat impersonation again and she does. She tells the men she wants to be paid. Justin says Pam was not the invited guest. Pam then talks about how she saved Donna’s “bikini waxed bottom” when Stephanie left them high and dry. Justin says the most they can do is give her transportation cost which is $60. Pam cheers that is a lot of brownies. Donna asks if they can please pay her so she can go back to her baking kit. Justin laughs as Pam does the cat noise again. Jared tells Donna they make a great team as Donna tells him not to even think about it.

Bridget tells Nick she can never carry another child full term. Nick says they knew that. Bridget asks if they did. She tells him never seems like such a strong statement. Nick asks what the doctor said specifically and Bridget says that if they did conceive the chances of her carrying full term would be “vanishingly low.” Bridget says they should get another opinion and Nick says they have had fourth and fifth opinions. Nick reminds her they are teaching Jack “no means no” and she should take it to heart. Bridget defends her cause and says he is telling her to just give up. She walks with her back to him as Nick emotionally asks if Jack is not enough. He asks if she thinks that God owes her another child, a child to replace the one she lost. Bridget turns and says it sounds so wrong when he puts it like that. Nick says their little girl gave them every piece of life she had and he will not do that to another child. He says he will not do it to Bridget. Nick walks up to Bridget with tears in his eyes; he says she almost died. Nick says he will not risk her. Nick says if Bridget said she was going off the pill he would have had his own vasectomy and never would have told anyone. He tells Bridget all he wants is what he has. He says he will count his blessings every day because he is good with the life he has. “I hope you are too.” Bridget leans on him with her cheek to his shoulder.

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