B&B Thursday Update 10/29/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/29/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Brooke is in Ridge’s office when a deliver carrier asks her to sign for a package. He says they only had time to get her one copy and she tells him that is all she needs. He leaves and she removes the brown envelope to reveal a blue binder. She hurriedly gotes to look at it’s contents when a knock is at the door. Brooke announces that Ridge is not there when Ridge responds that he is. He confides that he never knows who will be in his office anymore and rants that the room used to hold inspiration for him and now he feels nothing in it. Brooke tells him it will get better and Ridge says only if he outlives Bill Spencer. Brooke tells him things change and this will to.

Donna runs up to Justin in an evening gown and asks how she looks. She then tells Justin not to answer her; she goes on to ask who her guest is. She changes her mind again and instructs him not to tell her; she wants it to be a surprise. Justin says it is not a good idea but Donna tells him she needs to be surprised.

Stephanie does not understand why they asked her to be on the Catwalk with such short notice. Pam says she can’t care about that; the host is so dreamy. Stephanie agrees as Pam asks if she should change clothes.

Bill and Katie go through their handhelds looking for a wedding date. Katie says no to December because of the retail; Bill and Katie are both busy all weekends in November. Bill asks when Katie became so busy that she could not marry him. Katie tells him it is all his fault and leans over to kiss him. There is a knock at the door and Brooke enters the room. She asks “got a minute?” Bill says Katie is busy but may have a minute for her. Brooke informs them she needs a minute with Bill. She is holding the blue notebook and says she has made a mistake and needs his help.

Brooke tells Bill Ridge can not work like this. Brooke says Ridge can’t sleep or eat. Bill says Ridge can retire. Brooke says that she thought Bill said he could not do that. Bill says he will file an injunction to stop Ridge from working elsewhere. Katie says they should stop having that conversation because Ridge will come around. Brooke says Ridge and Eric wanted to find a way to keep the company and she convinced them not to. She tells Bill everything she owns is in the notebook. She has vintage cars, rental properties and everything can be liquidated by the end of the week. She tells Bill he has more than enough already and he can live happily ever after with Katie but she wants him to go to the bank with her and reinstate the loan. She says she wants to give Ridge his dream back.

The crew of Catwalk busily prepares for the show. Stephanie tells Pam they should have someone that greets them. Justin shakes Stephanie’s hand and Pam eagerly tells him she was the one he spoke with on the phone. Stephanie makes sure that her being there does not misconstrue her opinion on Bill taking over Forrester. Justin tells her Bill does not select the guests. Pam wants to meet the show’s host. Justin tells her that he quit earlier. Pam and Stephanie wonder who will host the show when Donna appears and as they gasp and hope Donna is not a guest Donna asks if her guest will be a man or a woman. The women look at one another as they figure out Donna will interview Stephanie. Justin tells Donna he tried to tell her.

Stephanie tells Justin she is not playing games but before she leaves Justin explains the situation. Stephanie says no thanks but Donna pleads with her and says they can be civil. Stephanie can not believe Donna is making “entertainment” out of Eric’s downfall. She tells Donna she was the worst thing that happened to the Forrester family. Donna says Stephanie was as a director interrupts and tells them they are about to bring in the audience. Donna says she has no problem keeping her commitments and walks away. Pam reminds Stephanie that is what she has always said.

Brooke says she is sure they can find a lawyer to go over and find something they missed. Ridge stands outside an ajar door and hears Brooke plead with Bill that she helped Ridge and Eric accept his offer and now she needs him to do this for her. Brooke is sincere and tears run down her face as she asks them to help her. Katie says Brooke can not liquidate everything; her children grew up in her home. Brooke says none of it matters if her husband is heartbroken. Bill tells Brooke to go spend time with her family. Brooke pleads with Katie to talk to Bill and make him do this. Bill says that there is no way to back out after investing so much money each company would come out lacking. He says unless Ridge wants to find another dream he is sorry, there is nothing he can do. M

Justin sees Stephanie getting ready for makeup and goes over to tell Donna she will do great. Donna goes out to a shocked crowd and announces she is the new host. The crowd is not impressed. She tells them Stephanie is there and says she is the Queen of Fashion. Stephanie leaves and Donna stands amongst the whispers from the crowd. Pam mouths that Stephanie has left. Donna forces Pam to come out and introduces her as Stephanie’s little sister. Donna begins the interview and Pam is too shocked and awe stricken to say anything.

Brooke walks into Ridge’s office. He says he finished the projections and was taking them to Katie when he hear Brooke. He tells her he has never been more proud to be her husband and he will prove himself to her. Brooke tells him he does not have to as he embraces her. As he strokes her hair he thanks her.

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