B&B Wednesday Update 10/28/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/28/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Thorne walks into Katie’s office apologizing for his being late. Bill sits on the desk; Katie in her chair behind the desk while Ridge stands and Brooke and Donna are in chairs seated before Katie. Katie says her first act as CEO is to build a team. Katie asks Thorne to resume his role as Vice President. Thorne declines and says he likes his position helping the employees who have trouble with the change over. Katie asks Donna to be the VP; Donna says she is in a hard place seeing as how her husband is Eric. She says she will be the Vice President and will find a way to “finesse” it with Eric. Katie asks Ridge to be the President. Ridge says he can not be one of her executives and that he is having a hard time with the transition. Katie asks him to reconsider. He says his designs will speak for the quality. Katie says her next choice would be Eric but they are sure he will decline. Katie asks if Brooke will be President; Brooke turns to Ridge and he says he wants the company to stay afloat. Brooke accepts and a small smirk crosses Bill’s face. Katie stands and says she wants them to be successful and she wishes they could all be as enthusiastic as she is.

The host of Catwalk tells Justin that the show will now be an infomercial for Forrester and he will maintain his journalistic integrity by quitting. He tells Justin without him there will be no guests. Justin pleads for him to stay since they go live in three hours. Justin has an idea as soon as he is left alone.

Katie thanks Donna for standing behind her. Donna says that everyone is having a problem with the changes. Bill says Katie has handled the problems well. Bill answers his phone and tells Donna to go over to Spencer with a beautiful Forrester dress. She asks why and he tells her to just go. She says okay and after she leaves Katie asks what that was all about. Bill tells her she is lucky she can count on her sisters.

Ridge tells Brooke he could not accept President. Brooke asks if it bothers him that she accepted. He says it does not but it is too much right now. Brooke embraces him in a hug after she tells him that she can see the affect it has on him.

Katie smiles as she says Bill has something up his sleeve. She demands as his CEO that he tells her. Bill says it is a surprise that both she and Donna will like. He says it will help her embrace Spencer before leaving Katie puzzled.

Donna walks onto the set with a dress. She says the show looks so different. Justin tells her he is now the producer. Donna tells him she loves the show and that it is the best show in Fashion. Justin tells her the host walked out. Donna asks if they will cancel their show. Justin says they will not cancel and she will be the host. Donna’s eyes grow large as she learns the news.

Katie thanks Brooke for supporting her. Brooke says she supports the company but she must know how hard this is for Ridge.

Bill is in Ridge’s office and tells him he has missed media day, now the Presidency and he is acting like a child. Ridge says he can not accept; Bill says he threw it back in her face. Bill says he understood the loyalty issue but they made a deal. Ridge says he will honor the contract as a designer. Bill tells Ridge that he is a great designer and he is giving him his first assignment, to design Katie’s wedding gown.

Donna tells Justin she knows nothing about being a host. Justin says she is the first choice and Bill agreed. Donna says she has always wanted to do this. Justin says he remembers her in high school and everyone said she was wonderful on the Price is Right. Donna sits in the chair and then says she would live to. She then worries about her dress and make up. Justin tells a page to take Donna to her dressing room and he will be there after he makes a call. Donna jumps up and excitedly runs to get dressed.

Pam is having lunch when Justin calls and says he wants Stephanie to be a guest. Pam is excited since this is her favorite show. She barges in Stephanie’s office and says they have to get to Catwalk.

Ridge says he hopes it never gets to the point where they actually get married. Brooke and Katie walk in and Ridge announces that Bill wants Ridge to design the wedding dress. Bill says it was not a request, it was a demand. Brooke protests that Bill is throwing his weight around. Katie tells Bill they should give Brooke and Ridge some time alone. They walk out and Ridge says that Bill could tell him to do that since he owns them. He says they have no control in the company. Brooke consolably hugs Ridge.

Jackie tells Stephanie that it is no surprise they want to interview her. Pam tells her she has to. Jackie says no one can turn around a situation like Stephanie, so even if it is a set up since Bill bought the company she can handle it. Pam says they have to get to the set. Stephanie asks why she is going and Pam impersonates the host and says she has to go for moral support.

Donna excitedly realizes she is a talk show host and happily hugs Justin.

Ridge says Bill owns everything and that he should have fought until his last penny. He says he can not do this anymore. He says he can’t do it anymore. He says someway somehow he will get Forrester Creations back. He tells Brooke he has to get out of there and leaves her in his office. Brooke pensively looks around before going to his phone. She calls and announces herself saying she needs to “speak with him right away.” She says she is only doing this for Ridge. She tells the other person that she does not want them to ask questions; she only needs them to do exactly as she says.

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