B&B Tuesday Update 10/27/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/27/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

The Forrester offices are filled with reporters and cameras. Bill is giving an interview when the reporter asks if they can talk to Katie. The elevator opens and Katie steps out with Bill rushing to her side. Flashbulbs begin and one correspondent asks when the wedding will be; Bill responds “the sooner the better.”

Taylor walks into Ridge’s office and notes the “feeding frenzy” in the hall. Ridge says for once he is happy his mother works for Jackie M. Ridge notes this would break Stephanie’s heart. Taylor asks how Ridge is dealing with everything. Ridge points out that maybe he should have kept trying to dig them out of the hole but now Spencer owns them, which makes him sick. Thomas comes in with Steffy and say they are their for moral support.

Brooke and Donna are getting ready as Brooke points out their little sister is the CEO of Forrester. The two begin to uncontrollably laugh.

Bill calms the press by telling the reporters they need one question at a time. They ask Katie where Ridge and Eric are. Katie says they are hard at work on their new lines. They ask if her sisters will be staying on board. Katie sees the Logan women approaching and directs the question directly to them. Brooke says that Katie has promised to listen to their opinions, Donna adds it is a time of transisition and there is a lot to work out. Brooke says they will support Katie since they are a family. Bill directs the attention back to himself saying the Logan women have another Royalty shoot that afternoon and the press is invited. He says that with Spence capital the sky is the limit for Forrester and that he is excited to have Ridge and Eric aboard. Brooke looks like she has been taken aback by the comment.

Ridge tells his family Bill and Katie are “calling the shots” when Rocco comes in and says they are setting up a shoot and does he want to be there. Ridge says he does not. After Rocco closes the door Taylor asks how Brooke and Donna can go along with this. Thomas asks how Katie goes from the head of PR to the head of Forrester. Ridge says he does not know but Katie may be the best thing to ever happen to them; he is not sure of anything any more.

Bill finds Stephen and Beth thanking them for making it for Katie’s big day. Stephen says the engagement was a little soon. Bill points out he had no choice; Katie had won his heart. Stephen says under the circumstances a wedding sooner than later may be best. Brooke, Donna and Katie comes out in new designer dresses. The photographer says the ladies are looking “fierce.” Bill pauses before they take the photo and moves Brooke to the side; putting Katie in the center. He grabs a pearl tiara and places it on Katie’s head as the crowd cheers. The cameras begin to roll with Katie at the forefront of the photos. The photographer re positions them so that Katie is sitting in a chair; lounging with her sisters behind her. Marcus walks up and says Bill knows how to put on a show. Marcus agrees and calls him son. He quickly apologizes but Marcus says it is fine. He looks at his mom and says she looks like a queen. Justin has a flashback of Donna winning homecoming years ago. Marcus reminds Justin it is a family company. Justin says he knows and then asks of they are on for lunch tomorrow. Marcus says they are and walks off. Justin walks over to Bill and says Katie did well; Bill says more than that “a star was born.” The Logan sisters continue to shoot with the photographer until they stop. Katie looks at Bill who is staring directly back. Both mirror the same smirk.

Bill walks over to the women with the press still applauding. He says they looked stunning and he appreciates the professionalism. Donna says they support their sister. Katie asks Bill if they should wrap up. Bill turns to the press and thanks them all for being there. He says the Royalty campaign was all Katie’s idea and that is one of the many reasons he chose her for CEO. Brooke adds they should thank Ridge and Eric for making them look so great. Bill as well as the crowd claps before Bill says he would like to thank everyone for supporting their merger. Katie notices her patents and runs over to give them a hug. Brooke follows. They continue to congratulate Katie as Stephen goes over to Donna. She asks how her mom is and Stephen tells her it is a good day. Beth tells Katie and Brooke she wishes she could freeze the moment of them working so well together.

Thomas says Ridge can’t just let Katie take his job. Ridge says that this company is Thomas’ birthright and they will not let Bill Spencer or Katie Logan take it from them.

Justin comes into the dressing room and asks if Donna is decent. Donna asks how Justin liked the shoot. Justin says it reminded him of Homecoming. Donna says she was shocked when they called her name. Justin says he was not shocked; he says he felt like he lost something that night and now he feels like he found it. He asks Donna to spend time alone with him. Donna tells him too much time has passed and they are leading different lives. Justin tells her she was the most beautiful today; and she always is the most beautiful woman in the room.

Katie and Bill are involved in a kiss when Katie tells him that everything is working out as he said it would. She points out even Brooke supported her today. Bill’s phone rings and he then grabs Katie’s hand to lead her out of the room.

Ridge takes a drawing and crumples it into a ball when Brooke walks in. He asks how the shoot was. Brooke says she had to do it. Ridge tells Brooke he has been explaining this to his children and he does not think he can work for Bill and Katie. Brooke strolls to him and hugs him at once.

Ridge says that he knows Katie is her sister but she is not qualified and it feels like she has stabbed them in the back. Ridge says his father is so hurt he can not come around anymore. Brooke pleads not to let this come between them. Brooke says they can make it work while they are still there together. Brooke begs him to hang in there. She tells him she will block Bill from him. Ridge says he can not design; he feels dead inside.

Katie asks Bill why they are outside. Bill says they needed fresh air. She notes her sisters supported her today. Bill instructs men to let a drapery go above them that reveals “CF A Spencer Publication Division.” Katie says “so that’s why you brought me out here.” They then begin to passionately kiss.

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