B&B Monday Update 10/26/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/26/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Owen looks at Steffy as he walks over to Jackie and says she can not be serious when she says he would have everything he has ever dreamed of without her.

The Brooke, Ridge and Bill are gathered in Katie’s office as Ridge announces that Eric has gone home since he has had enough. Bill knows that they had planned to use Katie as a front for them making the decisions and he informs them that it will not happen that way. Brooke defends that he could have let Ridge have the CEO position since Eric was ready to hand it over to Ridge. Bill chides that if Eric had done so sooner they may not be in the financial trouble they are in; he adds that he and Ridge do not see eye to eye on anything and he trusts Katie. Bill says they work for Spencer and Katie is their CEO “case closed.” Brooke says this is not over, Katie lied to them and told the press something else, “you stole my husband’s job and I am not sure I can forgive you for that.”

Steffy points out she and Owen are friends and have never been on a date and they are no where near having a child together. Owen points out that Steffy and he are just friends. Jackie says she can not give him children, she is trying to be realistic.

Owen tells Jackie he will not let her do this to them. Jackie says she has seen him with her grandson and she can not deny him a child. Jackie says she can not hold him back from having a child, she tells him she loves him and it is her responsibility to make sure he goes in the right direction. Owen says they have worked too hard on their relationship. Jackie says they have worked and they have made it the “greatest love story” of her life. Owen says that she is proving everyone right. Jackie says that she loves him enough to give him up and to let him have a life with someone. Jackie then looks at Steffy and says that he can have it with someone else.

Bill counters Brooke’s accusation by telling them all Ridge would not have been CEO for long since they would have dipped into their assets for the loan. Brooke says they had a personanl commitment to every Customer and they had class. Brooke adds that if she and Ridge were gone so would that element. Katie boldly says Brooke is wrong; everyone is still working there and every garment will have the Forrester name on it. Bill says she is right and Ridge argues that it is a “different” company. Brooke says it is a different company because every day Ridge will walk by the office he should have had; the one Katie took from him. Bill defends Katie; stating that Brooke should blame herself for not thanking Katie. He says he could have brought in any suit he wanted but he appointed Katie CEO – and she is someone they should trust. Bill says no one fits the role as well as Katie so they should support her. Ridge says this is a slap in the face and no one will look to Katie for guidance and he should just fire them all. Katie says no one will be fired; they will make this work. Bill says they can make it work and they are about to be family. He says he does not want to see Katie at odds with her sisters. Bill says he will humbly ask for them to give this a chance. Brooke says she needs to talk to Katie alone. Bill kisses her forehead and leaves with Ridge. Katie shrugs in frustration and tells Brooke she has to believe she wants what is best for the company.

Ridge and Bill are in the hall and as Bill plays with his blackberry Ridge tells Bill Katie and Brooke will never look at one another the same.

Katie says she does not know what else she could have done; she knew Bill would acquire Forrester. Brooke says that if Bill loved Katie as much as she thinks he does he could have not done it. Katie asks if Brooke snaps her fingers and Ridge does whatever she requests. Katie says she does not want there to be a “wedge” between them. Brooke quickly says she does not either but she and Donna will not get past it. She tells him Bill acquired the company because his father wanted it; it was for vengeance. Katie looks at Brooke and boldly says she is not just the “means to an end.” Brooke says that Katie may not be a means to an end but she had told she and Donna she was in their shadow and Katie is using the opportunity to let them be in her shadow.

Jackie says that it is awkward but he will resent her one day. Owen says he could never resent her. Jackie tells him one day he will see a father and child and he will regret it. Jackie says she has made her decision; the selfish part wants to cling to him but the unselfish part wants to give him this. Owen looks and asks Steffy to give him time alone with his wife. Steffy grabs her purse and leaves.

Owen and Jackie sit on the couch as Owen tells Jackie he will be a great father with love and affection. He says all of his love comes from her and without her he would have nothing to offer the child. He says he will not be with Steffy nor another woman; he loves her, and needs to hear that she loves him. Jackie pleads that she loves him more than life. Owen says they can get dogs or puppies but she is to never suggest they are at the end. Jackie says she will never do it again if that is his wish. He tells her he is hers forever.

Katie tells Brooke that the situation has nothing to do with “showing” them up. Katie says she is proud of them but she has not betrayed anyone. Brooke says she told the press something completely different than what she said she would do. Katie asks what Brooke would have her do while Bill was standing there. Brooke points out that Katie will always be between the two. Katie says Brooke can think what she wants but she is the perfect liaison between Bill and the Forresters. She says Bill does listen to her. Brooke says that she knows Katie wants to believe that and she knows Katie cares for Bill but he can be ruthless and he will turn on her. Katie says she can handle Bill. Brooke says it looks like Bill is handling her. Katie tells Brooke she has already told Bill that the company will not be desensitized and he listened. Katie tells her she should let her try. Brooke sheds a tear as Katie promises her that they are sisters and it is a bond no one can break.

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