B&B Friday Update 10/23/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/23/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Owen is elated as he tells Jackie she will adore their child. He hugs her as he continues to laugh.

Eric detests the fact that Spencer put together a press kit for the reporters. Ridge walks in and says he needs to talk to Eric. He tells him Bill proposed to Katie. Eric says they will handle everything with “class and dignity.”

Bill tells Katie she is ready for “this.” Katie says she knows as she looks nervous. Rocco walks up and says “so it’s you, Katie you’re the one?” Katie admits she is. Rocco reminds her that Forrester did it better than everyone else.

Katie and Bill walk into Eric’s office. Eric congratulates Bill on the engagement. Bill thanks him as Katie walks over to Brooke. Brooke tells her she will do fine today. Katie says she knows she will. Brooke plays with her hair and reminds her that they are still in control with her taking the ‘lead.’ Brooke adds that they trust her and then gives her a hug.

Bridget sits on Nick’s lap and begins to kiss him. She asks if anything is wrong with Jackie. Nick asks what she is talking about. Bridget notes that normally Jackie takes Jack out of her hands but today was stand offish. Nick tells her that Jackie has issues with all children right now.

Owen asks again if they need to talk about having a child. Jackie says it is what Owen wants; Owen asks if she wants it too. Jackie tells Owen she wants him to be “this happy” for the rest of his life and she could not deny him anything that he wanted so much.

Brooke is in front of flashing cameras and says that before the ‘Press Day’ tomorrow they wanted to invite a few people there to announce their merger with Spencer Publications. Bill takes to the podium as he thanks Brooke for the introduction. Bill says Forrester is now a division of Spencer Publications but that the staff will remain with Ridge and Eric in charge of the creative rites. He announces that Katie is the CEO and while the press applauds Katie asks if there are any questions. Jared asks if she was named CEO because of the Royalty Campaign. Katie answers that she is sure it had something to do with the appointment but the Royalty Campaign was a success due to Eric and Ridge’s designs. A female reporter asks about the ring on Katie’s hand. Bill steps in and says that while they are engaged it had nothing to do with her appointment. Katie adds that while she is CEO the lead of the company comes from Eric, Ridge and her sisters. A female reporter in the back of the room suddenly inquires why Ridge or Eric was not named CEO since they have the experience and she does not. Flashbulbs go crazy as a smile crosses Katie’s face.

Bridget states that Jackie is great with Jack and she does not know why Jackie does not want one. Nick says Jackie is a grandmother and she has raised her child. Bridget chides that Jackie is still raising Nick. Nick laughs and Bridget says Jackie will sacrifice because that is what you do when you love someone.

Owen is looking through candidates as Jackie comes to sit on the couch. Owen says if it is a boy or girl he will teach them how to surf or golf. Jackie notes Owen is so sweet. Owen says this is a dream come true and as he hugs her the ‘oh no’ look is back on Jackie’s face.

Nick says he feels like slapping sense into Owen. Bridget asks what he thinks Jackie will do. Bridget says she thinks Jackie will make the sacrifice. Nick comes over and begins to kiss Bridget.

Owen kisses Jackie’s hand as he says it is affecting Jackie. He says it is a lot to ask but he “needs” this. He tells her he loves her and as he hugs her the smile fades again.

Bill begins to answer the question for Katie when she places her hand on his arm. She says that she will take the day to day operations off of Eric and Ridge’s plates. She says they will have their hands full with the designing aspect. Someone asks who has the ultimate say if they all disagree. Katie says she has not disagreed with them in the past and she does not see that becoming an issue now. Bill adds that as with any company the final decision comes from the CEO. A reporter asks who her loyalty would lie with since it is her family and then her fiancé. Katie adds that her husband would be her family as well. She shocks everyone when she says that her final decision would come from the CEO of their parent company which would be Bill Spencer. Katie abruptly ends the conference as Brooke is stunned and walks over to her. She ask “you made a promise, how could you do this to us?” Flashbulbs begin to rapidly have their focus on Katie surrounded by Brooke and Donna.

Owen says he feels selfish all of a sudden because what he is asking her is for him. Jackie says she loves him and you do things for people you love. Owen points out that she is doing this for him and not for them. Jackie says Owen will be a parent but she would not be the mother of his child. She says she just does not have it in her. She tells him she got caught up in his excitement. She tries to explain it is not fair to him nor the baby. The doorbell rings and Steffy stands at the door. Owen asks why Steffy is there. Steffy tells Owen Jackie asked her to come over. They are both confused as Jackie says Owen needs Steffy. Jackie says they are friends but maybe could be more and could share more. Jackie tells them she would like for them to consider it.

The Forrester family is angry with Katie for saying that Bill has the final say so. Ridge tells Katie she made it sound like they were his puppets. Bill comes through the door as Ridge says he answers to no one. Bill smugly reminds him he signed a contract and they are all Spencer employees. He presents the idea that they do walk away; they are still under contract and Bill would file an injunction that would not allow them to work for anyone else. Bill tells them they should go back to their offices and come up with the line. Brooke comes over to Katie, looking her inn the face as she says Katie promised her family she would side with them. Brooke says now Katie acts like she will stab them in the back. Brooke says she will give Katie one more try. She asks at the end of the day who will Katie be loyal to, “him or your family?” Donna looks on as Katie searches Brooke’s eyes.

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