B&B Thursday Update 10/22/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/22/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Katie comes out of the bedroom into the den to see Bill waiting for her. She says she would have gotten dressed more quickly but the rock on her hand slowed her hand from putting mascara on. Bill laughs and says she has to get used to it before work so that the new CEO will not be distracted by her ring all day. Katie laughs as Bill asks if she is ready for the day. Katie says she is indeed ready. Bill says there is a buzz about her becoming CEO in the fashion world. Katie asks if Eye on Fashion is covering the story. Bill opens his laptop and the screen has Katie on the cover of the next issue. Katie says she can not believe it is happening. Bill says she should believe it because she deserves it. He says he never expected to have her, and he did not expect to have his beautiful fiancé running his company.

Steffy confides in Taylor that she is worried about Owen and his marriage. Taylor says that Owen’s marriage is Owen’s business. Steffy says she can not tell him he can not tell her everything; he is her friend. Taylor says there are certain things that Steffy can not interfere in. Steffy tells her mother that Owen wants to have children, Jackie does not. Steffy says it is wrong because Owen would be a great dad and she thinks it will cause the demise of the marriage.

Bridget comes into Jackie’s office with Jack in her hands. Jack has on a suit jacket while Bridget is shocked to see Owen and Nick at her desk. Their faces light up when they enter the room and Bridget explains it is picture day and she wanted Jackie to see Jack in the outfit she had bought him. Owens says she should be there soon. Owen walks over and asks Jack if he wants a helicopter ride. Jack laughs as Owen takes him to the corner of the room to play airplane. Bridget begs Owen to not make him throw up since she wants the outfit clean for the picture. Jackie comes in the door and sees Owen smiling while playing with a happy child.

Brooke and Ridge are waiting for Katie as she enters her office with Bill behind her. Brooke asks if she is ready for her “big day” and Katie says she is. Bill tells her they need to see her behind the desk. Katie sits in the chair. Ridge will not turn and look as Bill asks how it feels. Katie says it feels good. Bill tells her he is proud of her. Ridge comes over to remind her they are counting on her. Bill says he is happy they are coming around. Brooke says she is happy Katie is CEO and she thinks it will work out for everyone.

Taylor tells Steffy she is worried about this. Steffy says she is worried about Owen. Taylor says she told her not to get involved with a married man. Steffy says she is not, but that does not mean she can not be concerned about him.

Owen jets Jack over to Jackie while making noises. Jackie says she can’t believe he fit into the outfit; she did not think he would get into until Spring. Jackie adds that it goes to prove how much she knows about babies. Jackie says Jack is perfect as Owen and Bridget dote on the child. Nick chides that Jackie thinks he can do no wrong but she disappears when there is a dirty diaper. Jackie says that is the great thing about being a grandparent; she gets to spoil the child with “none of the fuss.” Bridget says it is time for them to go. Nick says they should not put him on the rocking horse. Jackie says they should put him on the rocking horse and she wants a picture. Owen asks Nick if he can take the figures and work from home. Nick asks why he would want to work from home. Owen says he has a surprise for his wife. Jackie is shocked by the news and after Owen leaves Nick asks what is going on.

Everyone looks at Katie making sure she is okay. Brooke says she know she will do well. Bill walks over and sits on the desk and reminds them she will do well especially with Spencer’s resources at her disposal. Ridge says “lucky her.” Katie taps the desk and says she is excited and overwhelmed and not only with her career. She takes her hand to her cheek when Ridge asks if that is what he thinks it is. Bill announces he asked Katie to marry him and she said yes.

Jackie tells Nick she does not want to hold Owen back. She says Owen wants a baby and everything is perfect for her; she does not want a baby. Nick tells her she just has to tell him. Jackie says Owen thinks he can convince her to surrogate. Jackie says she has to make a decision because she can’t “continue like this.” Nick asks if she is saying she can not “continue” her marriage.

Brooke is still standing with her mouth open when she says she can not be serious. Katie gets up and walks over to show Brooke the ring. Brooke says they can not be serious. Katie wraps herself in Bill’s arms and says she is serious. Bill smiles and ask which one will welcome him into the family.

Taylor says she knows what it is like for Jackie because Brooke interfered and said she was the only person who “understood” Ridge. Steffy closes her eyes as Taylor says she will not have her “turn out like Brooke.” Steffy promises Taylor she will not get involved and will back away from Owen.

Nick tells his mother not to have a child if she does not want to; the child will feel the resentment. Jackie says she is stuck because Owen does want a child. Nick sits her down and says she should step away from this. He points out they have not been married that long and she can revisit it again. Jackie tells him Owen wants a child. Nick says Owen loves her and wants her more than a child. Jackie says she loves Owen and would do anything for him.

Brooke comes into Katie’s office and says she is happy Katie has a moment with her. Brooke says they have been in “meeting after meeting” since her announcement. Katie says she thought Brooke was avoiding her. Brooke says the timing was odd. Katie looks Brooke in the eyes and asks her not to ruin her moment. Brooke says she made a promise to her family she would stick with them. Katie says everything will be okay.

Jackie comes in as Owen is preparing wine. He tells Jackie he wants to make the other night up to her. He says he has ordered in instead of cooking. He takes her jacket and she sees the surrogate notebook on the table. Jackie says parenthood would be a challenge. Owen emphatically points out they have been stronger because of their battles. He says they will make wonderful parents. Jackie says she knows they would be perfect parents. Owen tells Jackie he has picked out some potentials. Jackie says Owen will be a great father. Jackie says she knows how much it means to him. Owen rants it will be wonderful and it is everything to him; and to Jackie. He tells her to say it. Jackie says it is insane. Jackie finally smiles and says “we’re going to have a baby.” Owen pucks her up and is very happy. He begins to kiss her neck as Jackie touches her lips with a grin as though she can not believe what she has said.

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