B&B Wednesday Update 10/21/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/21/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Katie stands listening to the waves and remembers Brooke asking if she can be loyal to them. She walks into the house and candles are everywhere. Bill says it is not everyday she becomes CEO. They kiss and he says he loves her smile. She says she can’t believe he went through all of the trouble. He grins as he tells her it is the tip of the iceberg for what he has planned for her.

Brooke comes in and tells Ridge the kids are tucked in. She rubs his shoulders as he says he never thought he would see the work they put in over the years as a Spencer subsidiary with her little sister as the CEO. He says if it is this hard for him he can only imagine what it is like for his dad.

Eric packs his things. Donna says she is sorry and Eric says someone else will sit behind the desk tomorrow. Donna points out that he is still there. Eric responds that he is only there as a designer and Katie is the CEO. He looks at her and says he is sure Katie and Bill are celebrating.

Katie and Bill toast and she congratulates him on getting his dream. He says that while it was a satisfying day it would not have been as special without her there.

Donna reassures Eric that Katie knows how difficult this will be for him and she will be considerate. Eric says Donna has a lot of faith in Katie. Donna tells him that as of today he does not have the burden of debt, it is not the end and that he still has everyone on his side. She comes over to him and tells him she is there for him. She says money and power are fleeting but what they have is for “all time.” Donna begins to kiss Eric.

Katie is impressed by Bill’s cooking. Bill says it is a “special” evening and he wanted to start out with something memorable. Katie tells him he already gave her a memorable day. Bill says it is her time to shine, Katie adds she may fall on her face. Bill says she will not, he has faith and trust in her. They begin to dance while piano jazz plays.

Brooke climbs into bed and tries to emphasize the positive points about the transfer. Brooke says Katie has given them her word and that is “everything.” Ridge says Katie lives with Bill and he is calling the shots. Ridge says Katie is in an impossible situation since Bill is using her.

Ridge tells Brooke he wishes things were different but he has to deal with them. He says with her by his side he can get through anything. Ridge then kisses Brooke.

Eric says everything will be on the news tomorrow. Eric says the company is no longer his and Spencer can handle the press. He adds that he is just the designer. Donna comes over to him and says that he will never be just the designer. She says she has faith that Katie will make everything okay.

Katie and Bill continue to kiss while dancing. Katie says Bill can be “charming” when he wants to be. Bill points out he wants world domination, Katie says he has a soft cuddly side as well. Katie says he did things today that make her know that everyone was okay. Bill says he wanted Katie to have her moment. Katie says he may just feel sorry for her. “Poor little Katie, always the bridesmaid; never the bride.” Bill says it is funny she says that. He goes on to say he was going to do “this” later in front of the fireplace but now feels right. He pulls out a hear box and tells her to open it; the way she has opened his. Katie opens the silver heart to reveal a gigantic engagement ring.

Eric packs the last box as Donna walks back in and announces she put the other boxes in Ridge’s office. She asks if that is everything and they walk to the door. Eric stops and looks at the barren desk and wall. He says it was a lifetime of memories and now he has to close the door. He looks back as Donna closes the door. They walk away and his name is still on the door.

Brooke and Ridge lay in bed as she recounts the day and what they have to be thankful for. She says they have faith in Katie and she will not let them down.

Bill looks at an awe struck Katie and says she is speechless which means one of two things. She walks to the side and he pulls her to him as tears are in her eyes. Bill tells her about how he had feelings he had never had. He wipes her tear away and says their hearts are in tact and they are starting a life together. Bill says he is not a religious man but she makes him believe in a higher power. Bill says he will love and cherish the only woman who has ever touched his life. Katie says she keeps wondering whose life she is living. She tells him a year ago she could not have even dreamed of him. He asks if that is a yes and she tells him time and again she will marry him. Bill kisses Katie as she continues to smile.

Brooke says Katie will put their family first “before anything or anyone.”

Bill puts the ring on Katie’s finger and toasts in front of the fireplace. Bill says he will always love her and will always be loyal to her. Katie says she feels the same about him and will be loyal to him “always.” She leans down and kisses him and the two continue to kiss in front of the fire.

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