B&B Tuesday Update 10/20/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/20/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

Bill is pouring coffee when Katie comes in wearing a business suit. Bill sees her and says “good morning Madame CEO.” She asks I he can pour her a cup of coffee. They begin to kiss as Bill says they will take the deal. Katie says if that is his presentation she will do the talking. There is a knock at the door and Justin arrives with papers. Bill announces they are about to enter the “Katie Logan Era” of Forrester.

Eric is unnerved by a dress that he has designed. He sends the model out as Donna says they have tried to call Katie but have not heard back from her. Eric says they will be there any minute. Brooke says it will give them time to talk about the future of the company. Eric says it is their company and no one else’s.

Jackie admires Bridget’s designs and shows Stephanie. Stephanie says she had a lot on her mind. Nick asks if Stephanie is okay. Stephanie says she has some disturbing news. Bridget asks if it is medical and Stephanie tells her it is not. Whip comes in and says there is a big meeting at Forrester that involves Bill Spencer. Stephanie tells him the rumours are true and that Bill is trying to buy Forrester. Bridget says her father will not let that happen. Stephanie says they have been liquidating like crazy and she does not think they will have a choice. Nick announces if Bill Spencer “gets a hold of that company” they will be number two.

Bill coms into Eric’s office wearing jeans with Katie and Justin behind him. Eric tells him not to close the door because it will not be long. Bill says that is okay and tells Justin to present the papers. Katie says maybe they should go about it a different way, that it is a lot to take in. Bill asks if they are going to take the company to new heights or if they will flame out.

Nick says “jumping into bed” with Bill makes them stronger and they are their competition. Bridget says her father will not let it happen. Stephanie says he has no choice. Bridget says her mom and Donna are good at thinking outside the box. Stephanie says it was their thinking that got them into the mess they are in. Bridget is frustrated and says she loves her but she should not blame her mother. Nick tells Bridget to calm down and they have to think about this. Jackie asks if they can get an injunction. Nick says they will have to hang on and hope Forrester can hold on as well.

Bill says Forrester deserves all the “bells and whistles” so he has put a video together. Donna asks if his father made a tape of a victory speech. Bill retorts that the biggest victory could be theirs if they would choose correctly. Justin begins a presentation of William Spencer talking about the Media. Eric says to turn it off. The video shows how Spencer took control of the Media World. Ridge pauses the video and says if there was a point they did not see it. Katie says Bill was trying to show the similarities between the two empires. Bill tries to state his point but Eric interrupts. Bill finally says if they want him to be hostile, he will be honest. “Forrester is going down the toilet.” Katie tries to stop him. Bill says they will play a game. “Tell them what we have behind door number one Dollar Bill” Bill takes a tone and says they will fire employees and hemorrhage their earnings and savings. He says door number two they have signing bonuses and their staff stays on for years to come. Brooke walks over and asks if he will keep everyone on. Bill says he will if in the ‘bonus round’ the employees sign the “no compete clause.” Katie interjects that they will be stronger. Eric says her boyfriend would own. Justin chimes in that Bill will promote and distribute. Bill says he will do what he does best, they will do what they do best. He says Katie understands it and he thinks Brooke is beginning to understand it as well.

Whip walks into Jackie’s office to get the design and is looking at her desk when Jackie comes in and says he is snooping. He asks if she is thinking about surrogates. Jackie says she is not thinking about it, Owen is. Jackie explains that she has been there and done that – she is now a grandmother. Whip says no one would ever know it. Jackie says she has had all of that and Owen has not. Whip says that some people have the burning desire to have children; he does not. He reiterates that he has burning desires, just not where the children are concerned.

Brooke says some of what Bill says makes sense. Ridge says “Logan” and Brooke says they have many memories. Bill says if they do not act on this deal all they will have will be memories. Justin says they all will get one million shares which traded at $12 that morning which is twelve million dollars for each of them. Katie names all of the Forrester children and says they were not forgotten. Bill says they can come to work each morning feeling ownership. Donna says they will be employees. Bill says she should trust that Katie will not treat her sisters well. Eric says there is only one CEO and it will be Ridge. Katie asks if Ridge is CEO will he take the deal. Before Eric can answer Bill says he appreciates the loyalty to Ridge but Katie is the only person he trusts; she will have their best interest at heart. He says they are lucky since he could have “saddled” them with any one of his “suits.” Brooke asks Justin and Bill to leave the room so that they may speak with Katie. They leave and Brooke turns to Eric then back to Katie and says “Katie’s right, I think we can make this work.” She looks at Katie and says she has to do exactly as Brooke says.

Nick is at Jackie’s desk when Stephanie comes in looking for her. She turns to leave and Nick tells her he feels bad about Forrester. Stephanie says she feels bad because she warned Eric and he put his loyalty in the wrong place. Nick asks if she thinks Eric will take the deal. Stephanie says she just can’t imagine Bill Spencer owning Forrester with Kate Logan as the CEO. Nick says siding with Bill has it’s “perks.”

Brooke tells Katie that she understands that Katie is looking out for the company but Ridge has been groomed for this. Katie says Bill wants her to be CEO. Brooke says they can talk every decision out and they will be in it together. Katie says she will always be on their side; she lives them and wants to see them flourish. Katie says that if Bill did not have her best interest at heart he would have left Donna, Marcus and Rick out; but they mean something to her and so he took care of them. Brooke says that Katie would be the face of Forrester as the CEO but Ridge would handle the day to day operations and if they have issues they will talk in their office, not Spencer Headquarters. Brooke asks Katie if she will be loyal to her family over anyone else. Katie answers “absolutely.” Brooke turns to them and asks what they think. Bill comes in and says he has “other dragons to slay” and wants to know if they are taking the deal. Ridge says they have a deal if Katie is the CEO but they do not want to see any of his Spencer drones at Forrester. Eric asks if he will put it in writing. Bill says it is “done” and welcomes them to the new Forrester Creations which is a part of Spencer Publications.

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