B&B Monday Update 10/19/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/19/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Brooke says she is taking her sister home where she belongs. Bill tells them Katie will stay with him. Donna says they have to hear that from Katie.

Eric says he hates that they have to sell Big Bear. Ridge says they can not afford to be sentimental. Ridge says they have to design the way they know how. Eric says they will work hard because no one, including Bill Spencer will get their hands on Forrester.

Thorne hugs Stephanie and asks if everything has been okay. He says that Felicia has left messages and they were worried. Stephanie says she is fine, then she says that she had a stroke. She tells him it happened a few weeks ago. Thorne asks why she has not told her family.

Katie says she knows they don’t want to accept it but one day they may see they were wrong. Donna can not believe she is “siding” with him. Katie says that she loves Bill and she is not siding with him. Bill tells them Katie is not siding with anyone; it is about growth. Brooke says this was supposed to be her children’s legacy. Bill tries to explain they get to create the designs and have shares in the company therefore leaving a legacy for her children. Katie interjects she thinks Bill is right. Bill tells Brooke she will have no debt and asks when the last time she could breathe without worrying about debt.

Bill tells them to think about what they could do. Brooke says he needs them as much as they need him. Bill says Brooke is beginning to see his point. Donna tells Bill they never think of him as someone who saved them. She grabs Brooke as they leave. Katie says they saw the DVD. Bill asks if Katie is doubting him. She goes to his arms and says she believes him. They passionately kiss and Bill pulls away to say “a savvy woman like Brooke” may start to believe in their plan.

Stephanie tells Thorne she did not want them to worry about her. She says she had her “second” family worrying about her. She tells him they worry and they are there. Thorne stands and says he does not like the business between them and he wants her to know he will be there. Thorne says he will tell the rest of the family. Stephanie instructs Thorne that she will be the one to tell Eric. Thorne says he will let her tell him in her own way. He says he will always be the optimist who thinks they will find their way back to one another.

Eric asks if there have been any calls about the Cabin. He says they need another cash buyer like they did with the beach house. Brooke turns to Ridge and asks if he has not told him. Eric is curious and Donna tells him Bill bought the beach house. Eric is angry and says he did it to spite them. Brooke says that Katie is living with him. Eric says he wants to hear no more. Donna tells Eric about the DVD and Brooke says they tried to convince Katie to leave. Eric tells Ridge this is about his mother. He says Spencer did not have the guts to come after him alive and now is sending his son to do the dirty work from the grave. Donna says Bill has taken Katie, is taken the company and their lives are falling apart. Eric hugs her.

Thorne says he is sorry Stephanie was forced out of the company. Thorne tells her that if Bill gets Forrester Katie Logan will be CEO.

A chess board sits between Katie and Bill as he waits for her to make a move. She tells him to be patient, she does not like to be pushed around. Bill retorts that her sisters are trying to push her around. She says she did not let them get to her. He says that he owns a magazine that could go hand in hand with Forrester designs. Katie tells him he is preaching to the choir. Bill says he saw something in Brooke earlier. Katie finishes if Brooke could come around then they could handle things more civilly. Katie then makes a move and says it is time for “Dollar Bill” to make his.

Ridge says that Katie thinks she will be CEO. Brooke says Katie believes in Bill. She says Bill thinks they will be stronger than ever with their artistic ability and his business savvy they would be unstoppable. Mouths hang open as Brooke says “he may have a point.”

Stephanie can not believe what she is hearing. Stephanie says she told Eric the Logan girls would take the company down and “that is what is happening.”

Katie says she never answered his questions before about whether he trusts her. Bill says she has proven that she does. Katie says maybe she is using him; she says she has landed the global bachelor and has managed to make her way in as a CEO. Bill says he has thought about it. “It excites the hell out of me.” Bill announces it is his turn, Katie puts her hand on Bill’s and says “sorry sugar, you don’t have a move…check mate.” Bill looks down, throws the chess board and pieces to the ground and grabs Katie to kiss her.

Donna says she can not believe Brooke will side with Spencer. Brooke says she is not siding with anyone but she thinks they should look at the options. Ridge says they are a family business. Brooke says it is impossible for them to remain afloat as a family business. Eric says he will not lose Forrester. Brooke wants to know how far it will go; how many pieces of their own lives will they sell off. When they sell off their children’s college funds will it be enough? Donna looks mouth open as Ridge defends it will not come to that. Brooke states that Bill says they are clinging to a dream. She asks if he could be right. Brooke’s cell phone rings and she answers. Bill is on the other line rubbing Katie’s legs. They are both in underwear and Katie has on a silk pajama top grinning as Bill explains he will be by Forrester tomorrow to make one final attempt. Brooke tells them the details of the conversation. Ridge and Eric say he is wasting their time. Brooke says the only way they can flourish is to go along with Bill’s plan. Ridge says she can not be serious. Brooke says they have worked so hard but in order to survive they have to accept Bill’s help with Katie as the CEO. She says she knows Ridge and Eric hate it but they have to, “what alternative do we have?”

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