B&B Friday Update 10/16/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/16/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Brooke tells Katie they are not trying to make her choose between her family and Bill. Donna interrupts there should not even be a consideration of not siding with her family. Donna says the DVD is a “call to war” and that Katie is allowing herself to be used. Brooke tries to be civil and says if they are all on the same side they will survive. Katie says they do not understand that Bill was not declaring war, his father was. Brooke points out that not only is he taking the company for his father but he is succeeding at dividing them as well.

Bridget tells Nick, Owen, Pam and Whip that Stephanie could have been having a bad day and maybe after she considers everything she will change her mind. Nick says he has no idea how to explain that to the distributors. Jackie comes in and announces she knows why Stephanie resigned. She tells them Stephanie had a stroke. Pam can not believe Stephanie told her. Jackie tells her she didn’t but Taylor did. Nick, Whip and Bridget say it all makes perfect sense as they recall her actions in the last few weeks. Jackie says Stephanie is too proud to work with them when she is sick. Nick tells everyone to clear their schedules; they are going to see Stephanie. Jackie asks what they will say. Nick says they can let him do the talking.

Taylor pleads with Stephanie that she can not go by herself. Taylor says she does not care if Stephanie does not talk to her or if she doesn’t even remember her name. Taylor says she loves Stephanie and she must go with her.

Ridge angst-ly tells the Bank they will get their full $25 million payment. As he hangs up Bill walks in. Ridge asks why he is there and Bill responds he is checking in on his “investment.” Ridge counters that the company will never be his. Bill points out it is hard to be creative when he has debt on his back. Ridge tells him he is creative, which is what Bill will never be. Bill says he was not the one who took Forrester into the ground.

Katie defends to her sisters that Bill is trying to contribute to Forrester and that he is not using her. They say they have always looked out for her and they know Bill is using her to get to Forrester. Katie once again tells them they are wrong. Brooke tries to explain that when they read to her as a child she was scared of the wolf. Brooke says she is now living with the wolf and begs her not to let him tear them apart.

Ridge accuses that if Bill were so confident in getting the company he would not have to use Katie. Bill states that Katie “got to him” like Brooke got to Ridge. Bill points out they may one day be family. Ridge tells Bill Katie will eventually see what he is doing and she will turn against him.

Brooke and Donna tell Katie she is hearing what she wants to hear and not looking at the situation logically. Katie says that Bill wants to help them, if he wanted to destroy them he would overtake it all and replace the people that currently worked there with his own selection. Katie says if they care for her they will give him a chance.

Stephanie hears a car door as she argues with Taylor about whether or not she will go alone. The Jackie M employees are dressed in Cheerleading and Football uniforms. They keep shouting out her name saying they are on ‘Team Stephanie.’ They all have tee shirts with her picture on them and they continue to do a cheer to get her to agree to come back to work with them.

Ridge tells Bill he should take them down without using Katie. Bill tries to explain to Ridge that he loves Katie the same way Ridge loves Brooke. Ridge defies that Bill and says that he will only be happy when he has ruined the Forresters. Bill has tried and says he can do no more, but when Ridge needs a loan payment let him know and he will buy the mansion as a second home for he and Katie.

Donna and Brooke continue to badger Katie, trying to convince her that Bill is only using her. They say that he does not love her and she is his weapon to get to them. Katie stands up for her relationship with Bill and contends that he loves her.

Taylor tells Stephanie they will not let her “throw in the towel” and Stephanie is in shock as they explain they know about the stroke. Pam quickly says it was not her that told. The group tell Stephanie they will do whatever it takes to make it work with her and they do not want to lose her. Stephanie concedes finally and they all do a cheer of “S-t-e-p-h-a-n-i-e!”

Donna and Brooke continue to argue with Katie as Bill comes in. He says he guesses they are not the “welcome wagon.” The Logan sisters tell him they heard the DVD and they are taking their sister home where she belongs.

Stephanie and the group celebrate her return as they all cheer that she is coming back to work with their support.

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