B&B Thursday Update 10/15/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/15/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Taylor sees Stephanie with her suitcase and says she thinks a vacation is a great idea. Taylor offers to reschedule her appointments so that she can be with her; but Stephanie tells her Taylor has done enough for her. Stephanie then tells Taylor she is moving out.

Nick complains to Bridget that the coffee is terrible and Pam should be fired for making it. Jackie comes in and says she is there early so that she could talk “sense” into Stephanie about leaving the Company. Nick informs her she is not there early and says it is a great idea. Jackie agrees and says it was a great plan, but Stephanie had already cleared out her office. Bridget concludes someone must have done it for her overnight. Nick asks if Jackie has tried to call her. Jackie tells them she has called and emailed to no avail with no resolution. She tells them she is determined to talk to Stephanie and get her to work find out what is going on.

Brooke and Ridge are looking over what they could sell their flat in Paris for when Donna walks in. They tell her that Bill was behind the corporation that bought the beach house. Donna can not believe that he would do something that heartless. She says they have to tell Katie. Brooke looks at Donna and announces that Katie has moved in with Bill at the beach house.

Bill comes in to see Katie in his shirt. He grins and says he wondered where it went to. Katie laughs and says she plans on sticking around the house and getting things settled. Bill says it sounds like an excellent idea. He asks if everything is okay after their misunderstanding the night before. Katie assures him they are fine. Bill says he will get dressed for work. Katie sees the cover of the DVD that has his father’s wishes on it and has a perplexed look on her face.

Taylor tries to convince Stephanie to stay. Stephanie explains she will not be the “live-in grandmother” and that she appreciates everything but she can not continue to live there. They hear the door and Stephanie asks Taylor to tell the driver she has more “baggage” to get before they can leave. Jackie is at the door and says that she and Stephanie have their own “baggage” to work out.

Katie tells Bill to come eat breakfast. Bill explains he does not eat breakfast on a normal basis. Katie tells him he does now. She has made eggs and reminds him she forgot to ask how he likes them. Bill says he never said he liked eggs in the first place. Katie chides that everyone likes eggs. She then worries that he does not like eggs. He says he takes them the way she made them. Katie asks if Bill feels the same as his father did about the Forresters. Bill jokes that he is not in love with Stephanie as his father was, but they are like eggs. He says he may not like them but they end up on his plate.

Donna thinks that Katie has gone off the “deep end.” Brooke says there is nothing they can do about it. Ridge says his focus is saving the company and making the payments to the bank so that Bill does not take his company. Donna and Brooke agree that the only way they will save the Company is to design cutting edge fashion. Ridge says there is “no pressure” there. Brooke agrees with Donna that Ridge and Eric are their hope for making the payments.

Stephanie tells Jackie she does not have time to talk. Jackie says she has tried to talk to her but Stephanie would not talk to her. Stephanie explains she has a driver waiting and she must go. Jackie says she paid the driver to leave and she needs to talk to her. Jackie can not believe Stephanie resigned behind her back. Stephanie tells Jackie it is her fault for never being there. Jackie goes through a list of reasons why Stephanie left. She first accuses that Nick said something to set her off. Stephanie can not believe she is saying it but she tells Jackie that she actually likes Nick. Jackie then says it was the money or the credit. Stephanie says it is not that. Jackie says she changed the name once and she can change it to J & S Designs. Stephanie can not believe Jackie would do that for her. Jackie pleads with Stephanie not to leave.

Stephanie tells Jackie she can not change the label. Jackie says she can and she will. She tells Stephanie to take a vacation but not to leave them. Stephanie says it is not that simple; Jackie argues that it is. Jackie asks if it is her, if that is the reason for Stephanie’s sudden resignation. Stephanie tries once more to tell Jackie it is just time to move on. Jackie says her biggest enemy became someone she relied on and she can not do it without Stephanie. Stephanie contends that Jackie is at the peak of her game and she is not. Jackie tells Stephanie if she wants a husband she will find her one. Stephanie laughs as Jackie reminds her that Owen has a twin.

Katie jokes that Bill will be late for his meeting since she is refusing to let him go. Bill laughs and answers her question about ruining the Forresters. He says he does not hate them. Katie asks why he can’t just invest. Bill tells her it is business and you never invest in a company that is crashing and burning. He then kisses her and leaves for his meeting.

Donna presents the scenario that Forrester is able to make their loan payments, what happens to Katie. Ridge retorts that Bill will throw her out like trash. Brooke is concerned and says they have to go save their sister.

Bill has left Katie alone and she is watching his father’s DVD. As he repeats the words she has heard before, the Logan sisters hear them for the first time. Donna cannot believe that Katie knows about this and continues to let herself be used. Katie defends that Bill is not using her. She tells them not to make her choose between her family and Bill.

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