B&B Wednesday Update 10/14/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/14/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Owen looks at Jackie as she says he is disappointed. Owen thought they were on the same page. Jackie says she just can not raise another child.

Nick tells Stephanie they can talk this out. She explains it is not negotiable and she is leaving the company. Nick asks if this because he called her arrogant. Stephanie says that it has nothing to do with that although she felt bad about it. Whip says they forgive her and she does not have to fire herself for it. Stephanie says it is time. Nick and Whip try to understand but they bring up the fact that she was working so hard before that they could not keep up with her. Stephanie says it is time for her to go. She asks Pam to walk her to the car and pleads that they should keep Pam since she is a great worker. Whip goes to shake Stephanie’s hand and she can not move her right arm. Pam interjects that Stephanie is a hugger. Whip hugs her and Stephanie exits and turns to say she adores them. Nick is sitting in her chair and he will not look at her as she tells him he threw her a lifeline and she will never forget it. Stephanie and Pam walk out as Pam hugs her.

Thomas says he talked to Steffy but she would not listen to him. Taylor says she could have been seriously hurt. Thomas points out that while Steffy has a crush on Owen she knows he is married and she is no “home wrecker.” Taylor says she would like to think she raised her better than that but she has a feeling Steffy thinks Owen’s marriage will fall apart.

Steffy sits at the coffee shop alone and pulls out a tabloid with Owen and Jackie on the cover that reads “Jackie is so Cougarlicious.”

Owen tells Jackie she may not believe him but it will be fun for her. She says she is not ready and she hates to disappoint him but she needs to be honest. She says their life is wonderful but the thought of “caring for a child is..’ She breaks off mid sentence and says she is sorry. Owen says he can not accept it.

Owen says he knows it is sudden but it will be amazing. She says they will have feedings and work. Owen says he will do all the “heavy lifting” and it will not be as difficult because he will be there. Jackie says if they ever had a child she would want to help. Jackie says when she looks in the future she does not see a baby. She hugs him and says “please darling, don’t get your hopes up.”

Whip and Nick agree with one another that what happened was “bizarre.” Nick says he will get to the bottom of it.

Taylor points out Steffy told Thomas the same thing she had told her. Thomas says as far as he knows Steffy wants Owen’s marriage to work. Taylor says she has put herself in the middle of them. Taylor says after Rick shde just does not want her to be in the middle. Thomas has to go but tells Taylor not to worry about Steffy.

As Thomas opens the door to leave Stephanie and Pam walk in and see Taylor. Taylor asks what is going on and Stephanie retorts that is no way for her to greet them. Taylor says she can see something is wrong and asks again what is wrong. Pam says Taylor is right. Stephanie says it is nothing “physical” and announces she is not going back to Jackie M.

Steffy stands to leave as she sees Owen approaches. She asks if he wants coffee. Owen says he may need something stronger. Steffy says she hopes he did not get into too much trouble. He says he did not but he realized he may never have something he wanted.

Jackie answers the door and sees Nick. He says they have a problem and it is Stephanie.

Steffy can not believe Jackie does not want a child. Owen says Jackie does not want a child. Steffy says he had discussed this with her a few times. Owen says he would be a great dad but at this point in her life Jackie does not want to have a child. Steffy says that Owen is a great guy. He says he knew there were certain things he would sacrifice for Jackie.

Jackie can not believe Stephanie is leaving the company. She asks if Stephanie had given any reason. Nick says she said it was time to go. Jackie says a few weeks ago Stephanie sang a different tune. Nick tells her she apologized for that. Jackie wonders if they should be worried about her.

Taylor asks why she would leave a job she loves. Pam tells Taylor she would rather leave than have everyone know. Taylor whispers to Pam that she will talk to Stephanie and to give her a few minutes. Taylor sits with Stephanie and says she has worked with stroke patients and she knows how she feels. Stephanie tells her it is more than the stroke, that it is time to move on. Taylor asks one question, “what is it you have to move on to?”

Nick says it will be hard to replace Stephanie. Jackie says it is not about replacing her; what she has done in two months they will benefit from for years. Nick discusses that they were enemies and now they relied on her. Jackie says Stephanie became her friend and she has a bad feeling about it. Jackie says they have to talk to her as a friend and convince her to stay.

Taylor says Stephanie is isolating herself. Taylor says she will recover faster if she has the support of the people who love her and there are so many people that love her. Taylor goes on to say that Pam is right; Stephanie is running from the stroke and it is not in her personality to ask for help but she is doing the opposite. Stephanie says she was doing so well with Jackie M. and she thought that was enough to “sustain” the fact that her personal life was falling apart. Taylor says Stephanie found another purpose for her life with Jackie M. Stephanie says she is old and she wants to bow out on her own terms. Taylor says for her to stop. She says it is not like her to give up and it is not the time to do it. Taylor tells her those were the same words she said when she lost her daughter and Ridge. Taylor says Stephanie would not give up on her and she will not give up on her. Stephanie says she is tired and she can’t. Taylor runs to Stephanie and says she can. She says she will be there for her; she will be her strength. Both women cry as Taylor pleads that Stephanie has been so strong for Taylor and she loves her and does not want her to push her away. Stephanie says she won’t and they hug.

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