B&B Tuesday Update 10/13/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/13/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

Nick and Whip come off of the elevator discussing a meeting with a reporter when they discuss Stephanie’s recent actions. Whip says he wishes Stephanie would give them all respect. He says they are all about “teamwork” which they all seem to grasp but she does not.

Pam tells Stephanie Whip is looking for his proposal. Stephanie says she will get to them when she does. Pam points out that their handwriting is almost identical and she can write everything out for Stephanie. Stephanie refuses but then changes her mind once Pam tries to read her script. Stephanie asks who she is kidding, she has had a stroke.

Steffy and Thomas are eating at a restaurant on the patio when she explains how embarrassed she is about Owen having to give her CPR. Thomas says Nick will die if he finds out they took his boat out. Steffy explains she had an open invitation to the boat and that her mom gave it to them. He points out Taylor will “freak out” when she finds out that Steffy fell. Steffy smugly tells him she already knows and that Taylor knew Owen wouldn’t let anything happen to her. Thomas jokes that Steffy has a crush on Owen. He then understands that Steffy genuinely has a crush on Owen.

Owen is making dinner when Jackie comes through the door. He tells her she was not supposed to be home this early and he explains he wanted to surprise her. She tells him she is “still walking on air” after all of the “wonderful” things he has said to her that afternoon. He reminds her Steffy’s incident reminds him how he needs to cherish every moment.

Pam says she hates to admit it but Stephanie needs to tell everyone that she has had a stroke so they can support her. Stephanie is reminded of the horrible things that she said; that she was Jackie M. Pam tells her if they explain what was really happening then everyone will understand. Stephanie says she will go out how she wants and no one will think less of her. she then admits to Pam she does not know what she is saying. Pam begins to cry as she hugs Stephanie, who is distraught and says she is scared.

Steffy tells Owen to not be “stupid” she knows Owen is married and she respects his marriage. She says she does not think their marriage will last. She says Owen is her friend and she does not think he is happy. Thomas says “cougars are in.” Steffy laughs and says the age does not bother her but it is Owen’s happiness that she cares about.

Owen continues to cook as Jackie says that Steffy had a crush on him before and now she may “reach out” to him. Owen says he has told her how he feels and Jackie has nothing to worry about. Jackie tells him he is a hero and that he has earned her respect, that he did not demand it. She tells him the life they are building means so much to her. She tells him he is her hero too. They begin to kiss as the doorbell rings. Owen asks if Jackie is expecting anyone. She says she is not and then jokes that it is Steffy or maybe Steffy sent flowers. Owen opens the door to a woman in a business suit who claims she is from The Surrogate Agency and they had made an appointment weeks ago. Owen says he completely forgot and tells her to have a seat. He tries to explain to Jackie he had set the appointment and forgot to cancel it. Jackie says that they had discussed adoption when Owen tells her he thought it would not be a bad idea to explore options. Owen sits on the couch while Jackie looks on.

Thomas says he will stop bugging Steffy about Owen if she will be careful. Steffy says she knows her place but she feels that Owen is missing out on a lot by being with someone who is older than he is.

The Agent tells Owen and Jackie they get to browse through the notebook of women and then they can call her and let her know what they like. Owen says they will look through and call her tomorrow. Jackie insists there is no reason to hurry but Owen says he does not want someone great to go to another couple. Owen shows the lady the door as Jackie looks through the notebook left behind. Owen comes back and asks if Jackie sees anyone she likes. He says not to worry they will find someone who looks like her with beauty, brains and wit. Jackie tells him a baby has not been on her radar. The timer for dinner sounds and Jackie looks at him and asks, “I just ruined dinner didn’t I?”

Pam reminds Stephanie that she was in a wheelchair. Stephanie says she is not as young as she once was. Pam tells her she will not end up like their mother. Stephanie says she is on edge because she does not want to happen now what happened at Forrester where she walked the halls searching for validation. Pam says they will help her fight every thing but she has to confide in them. Nick walks in with Whip and says he needs to talk. Stephanie tells them she is glad they are there and she needs to tell them something.

Stephanie says before they say anything she needs to apologize for the other day. Nick says they all have their “arrogant days.” Whip asks what is wrong with her; they are concerned. Stephanie says she has been able to do what she came to do and she thinks it is time to move on. Whip asks if this is a joke. Nick says it was never supposed to be temporary. Stephanie says she has been thinking about the day he saw her on the beach and knew she needed a job and he allowed them to have a great run. She says she wants to focus on other things. He says she can focus on whatever she wants but she can not quit. He says they are apart of each other now and she can not quit. Stephanie says it has been an “exceptional” experience but it has been a chapter in her life that she will always cherish but she is over it.

Owen asks Jackie what is wrong with wanting to have a baby. Jackie says it is so sudden. Owen says he wants to give a child their love. Jackie says they have not talked about it in a while and she did not realize it was such a “done deal.” He says that he did not know for sure until he realized how much love they have and how he wanted to share it with a baby. Jackie talks about all of the tasks of being a mother. She says she hates to disappoint him but she “can not raise another child.”

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