B&B Monday Update 10/12/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/12/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Bill tells Katie to forget about the DVD and his father; he wants Katie to say she believes him. Katie looks into his eyes and asks if he loves her.

Nick comes into Jackie’s office while she is fitting models to ask if she knows where Owen is. He says he sent him on an errand and he has taken the day off. Jackie rushes the models out of the office and then turns to tell Nick she knows he is supposed to be there. Nick asks what is going on and Jackie tell him Owen has said he has forgiven her but he is still “struggling” with everything. Nick says Owen has zero life experience and she should remember him at that age. He says life does not care about plans and it makes people do things they would not normally do. Jackie says she would not have a problem if she were the only person “in his ear,” but Stephanie’s namesake is interfering and the two Forresters share that “trait.”

A panicked Steffy is in shock as Owen tells her how he jumped in after her. She looks at him and says “Owen you really saved my life.”

Steffy sits on the boat with an ice pack on her head. Owen asks if she is dizzy. She says she is embarrassed and she offered him a relaxing day. Owen says he did have his mind taken off of everything. He offers to drive her home but she says she has called her mother and he has done enough. She hugs him in appreciation for all that he has done.

Nick says that Jackie should not be worried about “little Steffy Forrester” and that she is not a threat. Jackie says he and Whip see things the same way. Nick points out she has been discussing things with Whip and it could compare to Owen discussing them with Steffy.

Katie pulls away and says that Bill’s father’s dying wish was to “crush” Forrester. She says that he told her this is who he is and he can not blame her for wondering. She says if he has told her about everything he should have told her about this. Bill asks her to “not do this.”

Owen runs in Jackie’s office calling her name but Nick says she left because she was tired of waiting on him. Nick asks about the sketches and Owen says he forgot them. Owen tells him he took the boat out. Nick asks if Owen knows anything about boats. Owen explains Bridget told Steffy she could take the boat out when she wanted. Nick turns and says he wants to clarify the facts; Owen took his boat out without permission and was joyriding with Steffy. He asks “what is going on with Steffy Forrester?”

Taylor finds Steffy with her ice pack and asks what is going on. Steffy explains that she does not have her car because she was there with Owen. Taylor can’t believe he just “left” her there. Steffy says Owen is her “hero.”

Owen closes the door and tells Nick there is nothing going on with Steffy. Nick says he thinks Jackie will have a hard time believing that. Nick says Jackie thinks Steffy has a thing for Owen, but maybe he has a thing for her.

Bill tells Katie she doesn’t know him very well if she thinks he used her. She says her father’s dying wish was for him to take Forrester down. Bill says Forrester would be a “crown jewel for Spencer” but he does not want it as much as he wants her. He says he has not lied to her. He tells her he loves her and he does not use that word often. He says he would not use that word to get what he wanted. He then says that he would have a few months ago but not now and not with her. He grabs her face again and says he can not tell her how he feels as much as he can show her; “words just don’t cut it.” Bill begins to passionately kiss Katie.

Jackie comes into her office as Nick leaves. Owen says he was sorry for not being there. Jackie says he was gone for a long time. Owen tells her something happened and he wants her to know about it. He tells her he was with Steffy and something happened. Jackie walks and asks “you were with Steffy and you want me to know something?” Owen tells her how he had to get Steffy out of the water and he had to do CPR to save her life. He says it was incredible. He says he had “this beautiful woman in his arms” and he had to breathe for her and he begged her to live and then she did. Jackie says that she knows how much it had to mean to him since he cares for Steffy. Owen says when something like that happens “it gets you thinking.” Jackie agrees that it brings everything into “focus.” He says he was on the water and it was Paradise with a “beautiful young girl” in his arms and it was like she felt she owes him something for saving her life. Jackie says she understands. Owen says things are becoming so much “clearer” and he is seeing things. Jackie cries and asks what he is seeing. He says he almost lost Steffy. He then says “but what if I really lost you, the one woman I really love.” He says he is so stupid to be hung up on something that happened in her past when he should be concentrating on “what is.” He says “what is” is that he loves her. He says he does not want to doubt her. He asks if she can forgive him and love him again. Jackie takes his hand and brings it to her cheek as she repeats “yes” before kissing him.

Shoes and clothes are scattered on the floor as Bill asks Katie if she needs more reassurance. He asks is she is staying. She retorts “didn’t I just make that clear?” He says she has not apologized. She begins to explain and he says “never again.” She starts again before just saying “never again.” He says honesty is important to their relationship. Bill leans over and grabs the box and opens it to reveal diamond earrings. She says they are gorgeous. She says he keeps surprising her. He tells her to hang on because she is riding the “Dollar Bill Express.” She laughs as he begins to kiss her again.

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