B&B Friday Update 10/9/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/9/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Katie says the beach is different from hotels because they don’t have maid service. Bill asks “even in California.” Katie finally sees that is why he wanted her to move in as she jokes she will not wear a uniform they begin to kiss on the couch. Bill says she will and they continue to kiss. Brooke comes to the beach house and uses her key to get in. She jumps when she sees Bill and Katie. Bill says they have to get a locksmith there asap. Brooke says she is there because Rick left his garage door openers. She says it is none of their business when she sees boxes and turns in disbelief to the realization that Bill bought the house.

Steffy tells Owen she is not a “home wrecker” as she stops the boat. She says she is not coming on to him but she expresses her concern as a friend. Owen says he appreciates her but they are out in the middle of no where and he thinks they should go swimming. He goes to find swimsuits as Steffy laughs.

Brooke can not believe Bill bought the house after all that he has done. Bill says he is helping them pay off the loan and he can not win. Katie says Bill has a point. Brooke is livid and says Katie is naïve. Bill says they have a lot to work out and he will leave them to it. Bill leaves his keys with Katie and says he will take Brooke’s. Brooke hands him her keys and as he exits the house Katie says Brooke is out of line since the house has been sold at Eric’s request and she came “waltzing in” with her own keys. Brooke says she was right about Bill. She says she wants to take Katie home to talk about it. Katie says she “is home.” She informs Brooke that Bill asked her to move in and she said yes. Brooke’s mouth hangs open.

Brooke says she can not believe she is moving in. Katie says “well I can forget about anyone being happy for me.” Brooke says she would if she could. Katie asks how she would know that. Brooke uses her relationship with Nick as an example. Katie says Brooke has made a ton of mistakes. Brooke says she knows nothing about Bill’s past or his other relationships. Katie says they are not getting married and the best way to find this stuff out is to spend more time with him. Katie says Brooke does not believe someone like Bill could be in love with someone like her. Brooke strolls over to Katie and says she is “so wrong.” She tells her Bill does not “deserve” someone like her.

Bill is looking through a notebook when Jarred appears and apologizes for being late. Jarred asks why they are meeting at the television studio; he asks what Bill is up to.

Steffy and Owen come back on the boat in bathing suits. Owen asks why the water is so much warmer. Steffy explains that the area is protected by a cove. Owen hands her a towel and she announces she likes to “air dry.” She says you go in, you dry off then you go in again. He says he si not going in. Steffy tries to push him in the water. She then grabs his arm to pull him in the water with her. Her grip is slippery as she tumbles back off the side of the boat into the ocean. Owen shouts “Steffy!”

Katie says she has not betrayed anyone and Brooke is so wrong to compare this with Nick. She says she is not an idiot. Brooke asks if Katie is happy with the answers Bill has given her. Katie says she has told her time and again that “if” the company were to change hands she could protect them all. Brooke says everyone could see why he would fall for her. Brooke says she is smart and beautiful. She tells her Bill knows that and that is why he is using her to “plead his case.” Katie says she understands Brooke’s concern. Katie says she understands what Brooke is saying but she wants to know why they are so convinced their perception of Bill is right and hers is wrong. Brooke says that is because from day one Bill announced his intent. Katie says Bill has been open and honest about his intentions and why is that wrong. Brooke says she can not get her to change her mind but she hopes Katie will be happy because she “deserves it.” Brooke hugs Katie; Katie begs, “don’t hate me Brooke.”

Bill says he is having a meeting with Justin regarding the fashion television show. Jarred concluded he is putting Justin in charge. Bill says he is contemplating having Jarred work with Justin on the show. Jarred is elated by the news; Bill says he has an errand for him to do and hands him a card. Jarred reads that it is a jeweler and gets excited. Bill says someone named Andy has been authorized to give the contents of the safe to him. He tells Jarred to be very careful with it. Jarred happily leaves and Bill smiles.

Owen brings a lifeless Steffy on the deck and performs CPR.

Katie is at the beach house unpacking boxes when she sees the DVD and recalls the conversation she had with Bill regarding it. She walks over to her laptop and puts the DVD in the computer. Bill’s father appears and says he was not much of a father but he is making he and his sister “unthinkably rich.” He says he wants him to think of everything as an exchange. He tells him that love come to him once and she would not have him. It was about the woman who would not leave Eric Forrester. He says the doctor told him he was dying he felt nothing but when he found out that Eric had traded Stephanie in for someone else. He tells Bill to take everyone down around him and make sure they lose everything to avenge Stephanie. He stops speaking as Bill speaks in the doorway, “you knew this was personal and yet you chose to watch it anyway. You shouldn’t have done it Katie.”

Steffy begins coughing as Owen explains what happened. She coughs and says he saved her life.

Brooke call a private investigator in Manhattan. She says he should know the name Bill Spencer. She asks about his personal life. She says her sister would be upset with her and she can not do it. She hangs up and says “Katie, be careful.”

Bill puts the DVD in the case and says he trusted her. She stands and says she trusted him. She reminds him that Eric is married to her sister. That he has known this and she wants to know if she is apart of the plan to take down Eric. She says he is “Dollar Bill” and she wants to know is she is apart of this. She is asking questions as he rushes in and kisses her. He tells her to never question his intentions with her again. He says to hell with the businesses and everything else. She is all that matters. He says he would never use for her anything “except for making my life richer, which you have done.” He holds her face in his hands and tells her to never question him again. He asks her to tell him she believes him.

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