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The Bold & The Beautiful Update Thursday 10/8/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Brooke and Rick look at a glass jar filled with stones at the beach house. Rick says they can not leave it as it charts his whole life. Eric apologizes for having to sell the house and Rick says he understands. Brooke says they got their asking price. Eric says they were lucky that it sold so soon after listing. Rick tells them he is not surprised because it is the best house on the beach. Eric offers that he can live with he and Donna. Rick says that is okay but he will have to store his surfboards there. He adds that they will have another house one day and it will not be under the company’s ownership of Bill Spencer. Brooke says he has his “claws in Katie.” Brooke says she will rescue Katie because Bill will not “destroy” her sister.

Jarred is in Bill’s office as Bill fires off question about him messaging papers. Bill tells him to finish loading boxes in the SUV and to “adjust” his attitude since it is “business.” Jarred walks out and sees Katie who cheerfully says hello. He leaves as Katie asks what is wrong with him. Bill jokes he could not find a matching tie for his pocket scarf. Katie laughs as she concludes he is not happy about the “takeover.” She says he has a “soft spot” for the Forresters. Bill gets up from his desk and says he has a surprise for a “Logan.” He informs her it is the biggest surprise yet.

Steffy asks Owen what he has planned for his day when he says he has to go to the Marina to pick sketches up for Bridget. Steffy says it must a tough life since it is supposed to be a gorgeous day. Owen tells her to come along. She turns him down but he presses that he will go there and come back to the coffee house. She asks if he thinks he will get lost. He says he might end up in Mexico. Steffy laughs and says she can’t have that and they leave.

Eric says he does not see any boxes and that must mean they are done. Brooke says Katie is “confused” and she feels bad about her involvement. Rick suggests that maybe Bill will see they are not going down without a fight and he will back off. They announce it is the end of the era and they all leave the beach house.

Katie tries to guess what the surprise is. She guesses that Bill has bought another company. He says he just bought one and made her the CEO, does she want a conglomerate. She says maybe she does. She sits by him on the window seal and says she may have been hanging around him too much. She asks if he bought her a leash and if he did to make sure it was a long one. Bill says if he could tie her down he would. Katie says if he tied her down he wouldn’t want her. Bill responds that he could not imagine not wanting her. Katie confides she is more confident now and she wonders if she would have discovered that side of herself if not for him; she wonders if they are not a match made in Heaven. Bill adds “or somewhere” before kissing her.

Owen walks into the boat and says it is “cool.” Steffy says Nick treats it like his “baby.” Owen asks if she has been there before and she says Bridget told her she could use it whenever she wanted. Owen asks if Nick heard Bridget say that. Steffy playfully says that all husbands are supposed to do what their wives want. Owen laughs and says he will find the sketches and they can take off. Owen finds the sketches and he turns around to see Steffy is outside. She comes back in and says she is taking him for a ride. He asks if she is kidding and she announces she is “kidnapping” him.

Owen asks if Steffy knows what she is doing. She says it is like skateboarding “try to steer and not hit anything.” She tells him she has been around boats her whole life and to calm down. He asks where she is taking him. She suggests Japan, Hawaii and then asks him where he wants to go. He informs her she was the one who kidnapped him. She says he needs a mental health day and tells him to take over steering. He says Nick will kill him. She puts a hat on him and forces him to steer. She takes a picture of them with her phone.

Eric signs the last of the paperwork as the Agent announces he has officially sold his beach house. Rick wants to see who bought it and sees that a Corporation is listed as the Buyer. He says he wanted a family to have it. The Broker announces that it could be a family did buy it; just under a corporation’s name. She tells Eric the great thing is the buyer bought it at his asking price and paid in cash. Eric says he hopes they “love it as much as we did.”

Bill has Katie blindfolded as he leads her to the beach house. She announces she smells salt water and asks if he bought her an ocean. Bill smiles and takes off her blindfold after opening the door. She asks why they are at the Forrester beach house and says they should get out of there before Eric comes there since he comes there often. She asks how Bill got the keys. Bill lays on the arm of the couch and says when you make a purchase they give you the keys; he says he bought the place fully furnished. Jarrod comes in with boxes and one of them topples over. It has the DVD that was on Bill’s desk and Katie watches Jarred put it back in the box. Jarred says he will get the rest of the stuff; Bill tells him to put it on the deck and he will sort through it later. Katie says she does not know what to say and Jared interjects neither does he. Before Jared can continue Bill pushes him out the door with instructions to go build a sand castle. Katie laughs and then Bill says the place needs some decorating but he think it will do. Katie asks how it happened. Bill says he saw the listing and the view is amazing He continues to say the hotel room was getting old. He tells her he paid full asking price; Katie guesses they do not know who the buyer is. He says the place is ideal. She looks at him and asks if it is an ideal way to stick it to the Forresters.

Owen sees that the shore is not in sight and asks if Steffy knows where they are going. She jokes that she really didn’t drive boats as a kid and then shows him they are going to Paradise Cove which is where she and Phoebe used to snorkel as kids. He sees it and admits it is amazing. Owen says he may have to bring Jackie there. Owen is stunned when Steffy says she is not there, they are and that maybe he would be better off with someone like himself. She tells him that she cares for him and as long as he is happy that is great; but when he is not he should know she is there for him.

Brooke looks at the jar of stones and asks where each one of those pieces of glass had been before they washed on shore. Eric tells her to hold onto the jar; it could be like the Forrester story. Brooke says it is a reminder they will not let Bill Spencer “get one more thing from us.”

Bill says he did not buy the house to stick it to them. He says he did them a favor; he helped them make their first payment. He says he did not bring her there to talk about business. She says her sisters will hate this. Bill says how much longer will she gravel for her sister’s approval. He tells her she can stand on her own two feet. She says she can stand by herself. Bill asks what she is talking about; she has him. She asks if she truly does. He tells her no one has ever gotten to him like she has and that is why he wants to wake up with her every day. He asks her to move in with him at the house. He says he does not want to live without her. She says she does not want to live without him either and she hopes that the people she felt the closest to to see him the way she does. She adds that until they do it will be okay, “yes, I would love to move in with you.” They two begin to passionately kiss in their new living room.

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