B&B Wednesday Update 10/7/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 10/7/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Katie comes into Bill’s office looking amazing in a one shoulder dress and says it will be a big day. He tells her she is up to it. She says that is easy for him to say since people respect him. He counters that she will be running Forrester Creations and everyone will see that. She says she hopes she is not in over her head. He tells her he is always right when it comes to business decisions. They kiss and she stops to say that she believes she can do “just about anything” when she is in his arms.

Eric tells Ridge, Donna and Brooke that the beach house and the cabin are both are in the market. Ridge asks how much that will bring in; Eric responds that it will not be all of it but a huge “chunk” of what they need. Brooke admits she loved that cabin. Eric tells her they will buy a new one when “this is all over.” Ridge says that $25 million per quarter is a lot to come up with but they are motivated. Eric says this is their company and they will pass it to their children. “No one will keep that from happening.”

Jackie comes in and asks Whip if he has finished his report. He holds the folder out and asks what the hurry is. She says they are a week behind. He asks if they can talk first and proceeds to ask where Owen is. Jackie says he went for coffee this morning because she needed it. Whip tells her it looks like she needs “a lot more than coffee.”

Jackie closes the folder and says Whip has done it again and the report is “brilliant.” Whip remarks that the Line speaks for itself. Jackie reminisces about the “Indulge” campaign and at the end mentions that Owen would have done anything for her then. Whip asks about now and Jackie admits that Owen says he is “working on it” but it would be so much easier if “Steffy Forrester were not whispering in his ear.” Whip is shocked and asks what Steffy is whispering. Jackie says Steffy does not think Jackie is good enough for him.

Owen sits down at a table with Steffy at Insomnia. She is reading and he notices that she rode her skateboard there. She says he is jealous because he can’t ride one. She says she could teach him to ride one in 15 minutes flat. He tells her to name the time and place. Steffy thinks for a moment then says it would not be a good idea. He asks why and she says it would be a bad idea. Owen asks if she is avoiding him.

Bill is on the phone with Justin. He says that they will accept Katie as CEO and he trusts her. He proclaims he has her full trust in him as well.

Brooke offers to leverage all that she has and Eric says she should not do it. Katie comes into the office and asks if she has missed anything. Eric says they are coming up with ways to save the company; Ridge adds that is something she is not interested in. Katie says that is not true and talks about Bill offering stock options and capital to them. Katie says they all get to keep their jobs and run things the same way. Eric stands and says that what Bill did was “underhanded.” Katie says Bill saved the company from bankruptcy. Donna strides over and says Katie is in love with Bill and can not be objective. Katie asks if she should just not think that he may be in love with her or that she is wanted. Donna says she can not take anything Bill says at face value. Katie says she is not and that she is looking at things logically; she wants what is best for Forrester. Eric says what is best is for their company is for it to remain in their hands. Katie tries to argue the case again and Ridge says if Bill owns the company he will not work for it. He says he does not think Katie should be working there, “because frankly my dear, you’re sleeping with the enemy.”

Jackie goes over all of Steffy’s finer qualities when Whip points out that if Owen is dedicated to her there is nothing Steffy could say that could change that. Whip says that he knows she will hate what he has to say but maybe Steffy is best for Owen. He tells her Owen is a “ boy” and is not in her league. Jackie says she loves him and he loves her. Whip responds “it is not enough.”

Steffy denies she is avoiding Owen. He then asks what is the big deal about her showing her “tricks” on the skateboard. Steffy changes the subject and asks how things are at Jackie M. Owen says they are great and she has to see what they are working on. Steffy says she is a competitor and she is not stopping by. Owen says it is not the same when he invites her and demands to know who would have a problem with it. He then asks if this is because of her and Jackie. Steffy finally admits that Jackie wants her to stay away from their marriage.

Bill is in his office when he opens the safe. He pulls out a picture and says “hello father.”

Katie asks if they are firing her. Brooke says she shouldn’t expect more since she is siding with the enemy on a hostile takeover. Eric says if they ever do sell the company it will not be to Bill. Katie says at least she is not some stranger. Brooke says Bill can not care about her when he is pulling her away from her family. Katie says it does not have to be like that. Donna says they can not trust Bill. Katie says they can trust her. Eric says she is letting him tear her apart from her sisters. Donna asks if this is the man she wants to trust. Brooke pleads that Katie should go to Bill and tell him how they feel one more time.

Owen says Jackie fills a huge void in his life. Steffy says Jackie is lucky because she has him who is so devoted. Owen says he is the lucky one. Steffy says she said some “uncool” things. Owen says that she was looking out for him which is what friends do.

Bill removes a DVD from the case with his father’s picture on it. He goes to put it in his computer when Katie walks in. Bill quickly hides it under papers, stands up and asks what happened. She tells Bill Ridge wants to fire her, her sisters think he can’t care and is using her. Katie hugs him and sees the DVD case with his dad and asks “what’s that.”

Eric comes back into his office and announces sales were down more than they could have imagined. Donna says they could get rid of everything and still lose the company. Brooke asks what about selling the under performing boutiques off. Ridge says buying the leases requires money they do not have. Eric shouts that they could have paid the bank back in ten years but not in one. Brooke says they have to combine their assets. Donna says they will lose it all anyway. Brooke says she will not listen to it. She says they will not let Bill Spencer take over and destroy their sister. She says Eric had to risk everything and that is what they will do; they will fight until they win.

Katie picks up the DVD and says she thought he did not have a good relationship with his dad. Bill says they didn’t but they are his last words before he “croaked.” He turn her around and says he wants her to know one day her family will thank her. He asks “you do trust me don’t you?” She hugs him and says she does trust him. He looks down at the DVD cover as he hugs her.

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