B&B Tuesday Update 10/6/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 10/6/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

Donna is looking over the contract as Ridge announces that it doesn’t matter about the terms of the loan; they have to come up with $100 million dollars before the end of the quarter they will not have a company. Eric says they have to sell the beach house. Everyone says “no” as Brooke proclaims she thought that was Stephanie’s. Eric says it was but when they got a divorce it was turned back over to him. Brooke says it is sweet of him and says she knows it is difficult for Ridge as well. Ridge says it is no time to get sentimental. Brooke points out she is not sure how Katie got involved with Bill. Donna responds that they can not get through to her now; she can’t believe how Katie can not see how wrong this is.

Katie wipes her eyes as she paces back and forth. Bill asks why she is letting them get to her, “It’s business.” Katie retorts that it is not just business to the Forrester’s. She admits she feels as though she has betrayed them. Bill says she has not undermined them, spied on them or lied to them. He asks does she feels she has betrayed their trust by falling from him.

Stephanie and Taylor are looking at pictures on Taylor’s phone when Steffy comes in wearing pajamas saying it is late and Stephanie should be getting sleep. Taylor laughs and says the bossiness does not come from her side of the family. Stephanie and Taylor argue about who will clean up the dishes from the tea and as Stephanie goes to pick the tray up it slides off the table, breaking the contents. Steffy looks worried as Taylor asks if Stephanie is okay. Stephanie says she is as Steffy firmly announces that Taylor has to know she is not okay.

Ridge asks Brooke and Donna if they should fire Katie. Brooke says that should be Eric’s decision. Ridge says he will be gone for a while since he is meeting with the Real Estate Broker about selling the beach house. Ridge says they should keep her around since she is talking to all of them. Donna announces it did not take her long to turn her backs on them. Brooke explains to Ridge that Katie feels like she never got enough attention because of them. Donna goes on a tyraid about how Brooke worked for her position and Katie is taking shortcuts. Brooke admits she took a shortcut and Donna “certainly did.” She says “maybe Bill is Katie’s shortcut.” Donna says Bill dangles carrots and Katie runs.

Katie says it will be difficult to go into Forrester in the morning. Bill says once they start making money it will be fine. She asks “what if they pull a rabbit out of their hat” and are able to pay off the loan. Bill says counters that it is “not likely.” Katie asks again and Bill asks if she thinks they are right and that she was a fool to get involved with him.

Stephanie says she will go to Pam’s where she will get respect when Steffy blurts out that Stephanie had a stroke and would not stay in the hospital more than one night. Taylor walks over to her and says she is not “foolish” and she knows better. Stephanie says she is fine. Taylor holds her hands out and tells Stephanie to squeeze them. Stephanie can’t and Taylor asks about physical therapy. Stephanie says she knows her body. Taylor says she can regain the right side if she works with her. Stephanie almost breaks when Taylor thanks Steffy for being there and dismisses her. Taylor says she is a “survivor” and she will not die.

Stephanie says people hear the word stroke and they think she is gone. Taylor says by “people” she means herself. She asks if they have talked about options of diet and medication. Taylor tells Stephanie if people around her know what to look for they can help and with early treatment they can turn it all around. Stephanie says she would “rather be hit by a train than pitied.”

Brooke tells Donna is it in not helpful to criticize Bill. Ridge asks if they should just give Bill the keys. Brooke amends that she was talking about his relationship with Katie. Donna asks if she thinks he really loves Katie. Brooke asks, “how would I know, how you know?” Ridge says Brooke sees the best in everyone but “not Bill Spencer, not after today.”

Katie asks if Bill does not get Forrester will he leave; because she has gone on a limb for him with her credibility, her respect. He says he has invested a lot in her as well; asking her to be the CEO of the Company. She says her sisters are upset with her. He points out that is what means the most to her. He says she is looking at him through their eyes, that he will leave if he does not get what he wants. He says those are their questions not hers. He says she is listening to their opinions and it is causing doubt and insecurity. Katie asks if he can blame them. Bill says he only cares about one Logan sister’s opinion; that he only trusts one Logan sister. Katie asks if she can trust him. Bill looks at her and says she should trust that he likes his life a whole lot better with her in it. He says he dos not want to disappoint her and he does not want her disappointing him. He then kisses her.

Taylor explains Stephanie taught them all to be fearless and they will be there for her. Stephanie says she is not fearless. Taylor asks what she can do to help her. Stephanie instructs her to be her friend not her doctor. Taylor says Stephanie has been there for every crisis she has had and she will be there for her.

Ridge asks why Katie can’t see she is not qualified for CEO. Brooke says the Katie she knows is content with her job. Donna says Bill is changing Katie right before their eyes.

Katie says they argue he chose her because she is inexperienced and so she will be his puppet. He says they don’t know her very well then. She points out the Katie they know is the one they have to protect and so they want to think she is going to be his puppet. He asks if she really thinks he is a “black knight” coming in to demolish her family. She says she does not want to think that. He says she shouldn’t then. Katie paces as she says he may not like the way she will run the company. She says she will try to get lower costs but she will not cut Benefits in order to meet his “bottom line.” She says she wants to be the CEO and she thinks she can make him and her sisters proud; but she will not compromise that she wants her workers to believe in their products. She says she will be loyal to him but she is going to be loyal to her sisters and herself. She asks if she still has a job when Bill pulls her in his arms on the couch. He says no one on the planet would talk to him like that. She says she is not intimidated by him, “Dollar Bill.” He tells her he is happy she is in his life and she will be in his future. He says she is the bright spot in their future and he calls her “Madame CEO” before kissing her passionately.

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