B&B Monday Update 10/5/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 10/5/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

The Forresters are outraged that Katie is “accepting” the CEO position. They tell her how difficult it will be and she says she will work “24/7.” Brooke tells her it takes “more than hard work.” Eric explains that she does not have the experience. She tells them all that Bill would not give her the position if he did not believe in her and she will make it work.

Stephanie’s doctor is on the couch with Pam and Steffy near by. She says that Stephanie’s blood pressure is still high. Pam tried to get the Physician to tell Stephanie she should not be at work. Stephanie challenges the statement saying she is going back to work and “nothing will stop her.”

Brooke walks up and says Katie and Bill have been discussing this behind their backs. Bill tells them Katie tried to tell them; Katie adds that they laughed in her face. Ridge chimes in that no one thought she was serious. Eric is inches away from Katie and says that he gave her a great position there and he thought she was happy with them. Donna asks Bill if he is doing this to punish her husband. Brooke says Katie is under Bill’s spell. Eric starts again with Katie and how she undermined them all when Bill says they can talk about him or to him all they want but he will not standby while they attack Katie. Brooke tells Bill Katie wants to see that he has a heart but he does not have one. Brooke accuses him of thriving on control and says that is what he is doing now. Katie turns to her and says “you still see me as your little sister who needs your protection, but I don’t need your protection . I can handle this.” Bill interjects that he has confidence in her and that they should all be happy he has “chosen” her.

Stephanie thanks the Doctor for coming to the house. As they leave the Doctor tell her she needs to “stop hiding her condition and get help.” Stephanie says Doctors only talk about sick people and she is not sick.

Ridge announces that the discussion is “pointless” because he is going to run the business with his dad. Eric says Katie will stay on with PR; they gave her a job as a “favor” to her sisters and she has done very well. Katie looks at Brooke and asks “a favor is that true?” Donna says they put in a good word, Brooke adds that she does a great job with PR. Katie tells them she feels like they are back in high school and they would try to get her dates by saying she had “a great personality.” Bill tells Katie she is in “good company” since Eric “got rid” of Stephanie and she is thriving at another company. Ridge says Bill’s “crooked deal with the bank” has not gone through yet. Brooke says she needs a “word” with her sisters in Brooke’s office.

As the women leave Bill tells Eric and Ridge they are being too difficult about all of this. Eric says that Katie is smart and she will realize he is a “predator” soon enough.

Stephanie explains to Pam and Steffy she does not want anyone to know. Taylor walks in and they are all surprised to see her. She laughs and says she was not gone “that long.” Taylor asks why she saw the Doctor’s car pulling out of the driveway.

Pam tries to tell Taylor when Stephanie tells her thank you for bringing the files by. Pam tells Steffy to “carry on.” After Pam leaves Stephanie says she would like some…but she can’t find the words. Taylor offers tea and goes to get it. Steffy says “oh great, now you are playing charades.” Stephanie replies that she had a “senior moment.” Steffy tells her it has gone on long enough and she needs to tell Taylor.

Bill says it will be a “hostile or friendly takeover” they can choose. Bill says they should be happy Katie was his choice for CEO. Ridge says Katie is his puppet and will do whatever he says. The Bank Officer walks in and says the Bank Board held an “emergency meeting.” He asks to speak to Eric alone. Eric says he should just say what he wants since “Bill has your other ear anyway.” The Bank Officer has been authorized to offer a “compromise.” Ridge looks at the papers and says it is a “joke to pay $100 million dollar loan within a year.” Eric adds they have nine years on their term. Bill chimes in that the deal would be difficult for a “thriving” company. Let alone theirs which is not doing well at all.

Brooke says Katie needs to understand Bill is using her. Donna says “he can not be trusted.” Katie turns to Donna and tells her that is what she said when she tried to seduce Bill “and he didn’t take the bait.” Brooke says he is attempting a hostile takeover and Katie is his “weapon.” Donna tells Katie Bill is a “player” and he needs someone on the inside. Brooke says as soon as he gets what he wants he will dump her. Katie turns to Brooke and says she is being disrespectful not only to Bill but to her. She looks at them and says “don’t look so surprised, it doesn’t take a blonde to bring out the best in a man.” Donna says she is “fooled.” Katie says she forgot she was the “third wheel” with “hand me down clothes.” She says it may be her time to shine. She says that they still think of her as the ugly duckling. Brooke walks over and tries to console. Katie says they have both been loved by “great men” and it may be her time to be loved by one as well. She tells them they think a great man can’t fall in love with her, he must be using her. She looks at them both and says “you better take notice, because this ugly duckling is coming out of her shell.” She walks away. Donna stares at Brooke.

Whip sees Pam eating a lemon bar and says he thought she had left. Pam asks Whip if he wants one. He eats one as he sits down. Whip says he has noticed Pam has been on edge. He asks if something is bothering her. Pam asks what would be wrong. He says Stephanie is her sister. Whip says Stephanie has not been herself lately. Whip goes on to take note of her accomplishments but was thrown by her “I am Jackie M.” Pam says that was not one of her “better moments.” He tells Pam she had reports that were due that he still does not have. Pam says she will handle it. Whip says to keep a close eye on her.

Steffy says she must tell Taylor since she lives there. Stephanie says she will move out. Steffy tell her Taylor is a doctor and she could help. Stephanie explains once she tells her she will not look at her the same. Taylor comes in with tea. She offers Stephanie a saucer for the cup and Stephanie makes up an excuse for not using both hands; she says she does not want to get the dish dirty. Taylor says the conference went well and asks what happened while she was gone. Stephanie says she and Steffy learned they could talk about many things. They almost slip as Taylor asks “like what?” Stephanie and Steffy give different answers at the same time. Taylor asks “which one?” Stephanie changes the subject and says the tea is delicious.

Eric closes the door and tells Bill he may have the Bankers fooled but the only person is taking over is Ridge. Bill says the bank can foreclose, he has already bought the company. Ridge asks how he sleeps at night. Bill responds “on my back, sometimes my tummy…but always well; I don’t have all that debt over my head.” Eric says they will pay back the loans. Bill asks how….will they sell their “planes, your homes, your souls?” Bill adds that the way he sees it he is not their “best option” but their “only option.”

Brooke says Katie will find a good man, but that is not Bill. Katie says she will do the work really hard, “I’ve always been a good solider.” She tells them it is not their fault they are in debt. Donna says that they have always taken care of her. Brooke says “Bill is the type of man Mom warned us about. Just think what will happen if you fail.” They tell her she is in over her head. Katie sighs and says it is hard being their sister. They have always used their beauty to get what they want while Katie was in their shadows. She says maybe this has nothing to do with her abilities but that she is not in their shadows. “Maybe just once, just once you are jealous of me.” Donna says they are “always” on her side. Katie says she will be loyal to them they just have to give her their blessing. Brooke says they will always love her, but she is sorry “we can’t support you as CEO; not now, not ever.” Brooke stares Katie down, Katie holds her own and stares back.

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