B&B Friday Update 10/2/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 10/2/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Ridge says he can not believe the Bank would do this to them when they were only 30 minutes late with the payment. He tell Brooke they will fight with everything they have to keep Forrester.

Steffy can not believe Jackie is speculating that she has a crush on Owen. She says, “you make it sound like I am 13 years old and Owen is a Jonas Brother.” Jackie says she knows how women look at him and Steffy should know he always comes home to her. Steffy reminds her that he doesn’t always come home to her; he did move to the Beach house after he found out about all of her transgressions. Jackie tells Steffy that she “should not be trying to stir thing up.”

Bill tells Katie he is sorry she had to go through everything. She says they thought she betrayed them and she is starting to think she may be right.

Donna says she knows Katie is her sister but she should have warned them. Brooke and Ridge enter the room and say Donna is right. Ridge tells Eric to call his attorney. He says he already has. Gloria (the attorney) comes in and firmly states that everything they have heard is the truth . She says her Team has already called to make a motion for an injunction. Ridge says if Bill Spencer thinks he will pull this off he is “delusional.” He says they will fight him with everything they have.

Jackie says Steffy should go for someone who is available. Steffy asks if she is that secure with her relationship after he found out she was a “whore.” Jackie says she is “a direct young woman.” Steffy says Owen is her friend. Jackie says the question is if she wants him to be more. Owen walks in and Jackie says she should ask him herself.

Katie says she wants to trust Bill but it is so hard to. He reassures her and they continue to kiss.

Michael (Bank Loan Officer) comes into the den of Forrester’s. Eric says he can not believe he has done this. Michael says he does not own the bank and there are people he has to answer to. Michael goes on to say he could not help it with the Economy. He tells Eric that the Bank owns more of Forrester than the Forrester’s do. Eric says they took out the Loan and they will sign off more or everything if they can. Ridge tells Michael to go back to the Boss and tell him they should work with them and it will be good for them. He says otherwise the whole thing will be tied up in Court. He dramatically tells him “no one will take Forrester away; not now, not ever.”

Jackie tells Owen that they have had an interesting conversation. Jackie says she was worried about their happiness. Owen tells Steffy that he is happy. Jackie says she will go home and wait for him. She begins suggestively kissing him for Steffy’s benefit and desperately tells him she will “show him” how much she “appreciates” him. Jackie leaves and Owen tells Steffy he is sorry, that Jackie puts it all out there. Steffy smiles and says “that’s kind of the story of her life.” Steffy says she is lucky to have a great husband. Owen says this is not what he thought his marriage would be. Steffy says she has to question it all. She says that if his feelings are changing she has to wonder if “this marriage will give you everything you want.” Jackie listens at the door.

The Forresters complain about the bank not calling them back when Bill and Katie walk in. Brooke tells him if he is there to gloat he should wait. They tell him their attorney is working on this as they speak. He says he is sorry they can not see it for the “opportunity” it is. Katie asks them to listen to them. Brooke says she can not believe Katie is taking his side. Donna adds that he has “ brainwashed” her. Bill says they are both wrong and what they do not seem to grasp is that Katie can think for herself and she loves the Company. Eric cuts him off and tells Bill to save his breath, they are not interested in what he has to say. Bill asks if they are really not interested in him helping with the financial burden. He says the Forrester Empire is free to be how it is and they can be an International Powerhouse without that loan lingering over them. He says they all can stay but he will have to have someone in charge he can trust. Brooke chides that he is bringing someone in from the outside. He says he is not. They know this person and respect this person. They all act like they have no clue who it is when Ridge tells him to just give him a name. He walks behind Katie and announces she is the new CEO of Forrester Creations. Eric drops his papers to the desk.

Owen tells Steffy she “has this way of cutting right through.” She says her mom is a psychiatrist and it rubbed off. They look at each other for a while and he says she should just say what she is thinking. Steffy says Jackie is a “force of nature” and her life becomes his life. She says that now he has to accept things he did not even know about. She places her hand on his arms and they almost kiss. Steffy blinks and says “it’s just something to think about.” Steffy leaves the room.

Steffy walks to the elevator and Jackie walks off. She says that Steffy says she is not a home wrecker and if that is so she should not come back to Jackie M.’s business nor should she see her husband again.

Brooke is baffled and says there is no way he can suggest Katie be CEO. Katie looks and says she never agreed to be CEO. Eric point out she supported the takeover and she wanted to be head of the Company. Katie says she did not want it to happen Bill has points. They ask how she can say it is a good idea. She points out they need Capital and Bill has it. She says they can concentrate on fashion and not money. Ridge says she is not qualified to be CEO. Bill asks if they do not think she has “the chops” to be CEO. Brooke says that is not what they said. Bill point out she did wonders with PR. Donna says that is not CEO. Bill says the Royalty Campaign was her idea and that is when he knew she could do it He looks at her as he says he has confidence in her. She thanks him and then looks at Brooke. Brooke says she can not “do this” to your family. Katie says she is not doing anything to them. She forcefully says that Ridge is right, she does not have the experience. She says their financial problems put them here. Ridge claims it was Bill. Katie looks at him and defends that Bill has nothing to do with their financial problems. She says the takeover will happen whether they want it or not; “and if Bill thinks I am the right person to lead this Company through this transition period…” Bill interrupts and says he does know she is the one. He mediates that he trusts her and she has their interest at heart. Donna looks at her and says “honey this is not going to work. He is manipulating you.” Brooke says she “should just say no.” Katie looks at them as she tells them that as their CEO she will make sure nothing changes and that they will flourish under the “Spencer Empire.” Brooke has a tear running down her cheek and with resentment says “Our CEO, our CEO. No.. No Katie. You can’t do this. What is that man doing to you?”

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