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Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Donna tell Katie Bill can not own Forrester, the payment was made to the bank on time. Katie tells them that although Bill’s name is not on the door the “process is in motion.” Brooke looks at Donna and then glares at Katie.

The Loan Officer says that he met with the Board and they really did not want to be in the Fashion Business. He explains to Bill that since he has offered more than the loan was worth the Board did not see a problem with it. He then tells Bill he does not feel good about it. Bill says he should go into the dog walking business and get out of banking. The Loan Officer then says he thinks it is not in his “best interest” to act rashly. Bill says he has keyed into his favorite thing, “people telling me what is in my best interest, like I don’t already know.”

Jackie looks at her nails and says she has to go get a manicure. Owen asks what she wants to do about fabric downstairs. She tells him she will not be gone long and that she is not paying as much as they want for the fabric quoted. Steffy is across the hall and overhears Owen question where Jackie is going. He saw her appointment book and wants to know what the meeting is all about. She explains it is her manicurist.

Eric says he is so proud of Ridge for sticking by Forrester. He says everyone else in the family abandoned Forrester. He says that the “transition” has already begun. Ridge asks what transition he speaks of and Eric tells him that he is talking about the one that allows him to take Eric’s place.

Donna says “thanks for letting us know” and then mockingly laughs. Katie asks if she is missing something; they think this is funny? Brooke laughs as she says that Katie does not understand “Sole Proprietorship.” Brooke says Eric owns the company and there is no stock so he can’t steal the company. Katie rambles and takes away their bemusement with the issue when she explains that Eric borrowed money from a bank; then a little more money until the Company had negative equity and they could not pay the Bank back. She says Bill signed a letter of intent, “but what do I know.” Brooke does not look as smug when she hears this. Donna points out they made the payment. Katie says that the Loan was foreclosed. She says she thought they might want to hear it from her; “but if you want to talk to a grown up, you can call Bill, or the bank.” Katie turns as Brooke looks disgusted.

Steffy comes into the office with Owen. He talks about Stephanie beating her chest. Steffy says he should beat his chest more often to get the recognition he deserves. He asks what she is talking about. She says his trust is shaken with Jackie. He tells her that they are working through it. She tries to tell him that his trust has been broken and the woman he married is not who he thought she was.

The Loan Officer says that Bill can wait for a few months until Forrester defaults on the loan; he can save himself a fortune and no one will look like the bad guy. Bill laughs and explains that he knows it must be hard for him to do this to Eric. The Banker says he has been dealing with Eric for years. Bill says no one likes to be the bearer of bad news; “Nobody likes to be the bad guy. That’s why God made me.”

Donna asks why the bank would not tell them that. Brooke says Mike would not take Ridge’s call that he was too busy. Katie defends that no one wants to tell them the bad news. Brooke says “he is what they said.” Donna realizes they knew about this. Katie tells her everyone knew about this. Brooke asks if Katie tried to “reason” with Bill. She says she did “but Bill is not going to stop being who Bill is.” She tells them they needed capital and now they have it with Spencer. She tries to explain that Bill wants them to remain on board. She says he will not change who he is “just because he fell in love with me.” Donna asks if those words are Katie’s or Bill’s. Katie says they were his. Donna says “he thought of everything.” Katie chides, “excuse me?” Brooke says it is so obvious that Bill is using her.

Katie tells them they are wrong and he is not using them. Brooke says it is not her fault. Katie said of course it is not her fault, she has not done anything. Brooke says she is doing it now by telling them to look on the bright side. Katie says she can think for herself and she thinks they have to work for someone and they should consider how they will make payroll. Brooke says her biggest concern is telling her husband while Donna adds that she has to tell Eric he has no “legacy” to leave behind.

Ridge makes sure Eric is not going anywhere Eric says he will stay and help them get through the horrible time they are going through. He says that the family knew for years. He says it will be good to loosen the reigns. He then adds that if he has any accomplishment, his greatest accomplishment is Ridge. He says he takes a “great deal of credit” for the man Ridge is.

Owen asks defensively if Steffy is saying he thinks of Jackie differently or if she does. Steffy defends that when they first got together everyone thought Owen was using Jackie for her money. Steffy says the Indulge Campaign was proof that she went with what people thought. Jackie, the cougar in control while Owen was the “expensive boy toy.” Owen says she was the one who told him to try to put it behind him. Jackie walks up and listens to the door. Steffy says she is sure it is hard for him to put it behind him. Jackie walks in and says her manicurist was not there. She asks if the fabric was still downstairs. Owen says he will go check on it. He leaves and Jackie says it is so sweet that she stopped by to interfere in her marriage. “You’re more like your namesake than I realized.”

Steffy says Owen is his friend and she tells him what she thinks. Jackie says Steffy never wanted for anything and she grew up in a mansion with daddy paying her bills. Jackie says that she doesn’t know need or hunger and will never have to make the decisions she had to. Steffy says plenty of women have been poor but have never done what she did. She says it is “a pretty big secret to keep from your husband, don’t ya think?” Jackie looks down and comes closer. She says that Steffy says that she says she looks out for Owen but she thinks Steffy has a crush on him. Steffy says she is not a home wrecker, they got married so soon and she is Owen’s friend. She says she wonders if Jackie is what is best for Owen.

Katie comes in and closes Bill’s door. He laughs and says it must have been rough. She says she could not tell Eric or Ridge. She asks what if they won’t stay. She asks if he had really planned on them staying. He says he had planned on paying them all salaries. She explains Donna and Brooke’s theory about him using her. She asks if she is being used. He says they must be worried about her being caught in his “evil clutches.” He tells her they do not have enough respect for her to listen; but they will “learn” to respect her because he will make sure of it. He says if he ever plans on using her he will tell her upfront. He says he is not ashamed of his schemes. She smiles and they kiss.

Donna bursts into Eric’s office and she says she has been looking for him everywhere. He is looking for a map of the Italian Alps. He asks if she has been there. He tells her he has dreamed of buying a house and living there six months out of the year when he retired. She says “so you’ve talked to the bank?” Eric looks and asks why he would have talked to the bank.

Brooke comes into Ridge’s office. He says, “something’s happened.” She says she knows. He asks if Eric told her and she says that Katie did. He says it has been funny that he had not thought about it for 15 years but when Dad told him he was ready to take over the Company he knew he was right. Brooke sighs and Ridge asks what she had to tell him because clearly that is not what she knew. Brooke says Bill Spencer will not give up and wants Forrester. Ridge says he can’t have it. Brooke says he thinks he already has it.

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