B&B Wednesday Update 9/30/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Wednesday 9/30/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Katie asks Bill not to sign the papers to buy Forrester. He explains that he can save them the embarrassment of Bankruptcy and together they can make the Fashion House a powerhouse again,

Ridge locks the door and goes back to Brooke who is standing in his office waiting for him while seductive music plays in the background. He tells her he wants her as she tells him he is supposed o be working. She goes to blindfold him with “silk from Thailand.” He tells her he remembers when she used to work in the lab and they created magic. He says they can do it again and blindfolds her. She says they can if he can keep “Bill Spencer away.”

Justin is tossing paper at a wastebasket when Jarrett walks up to the Secretary and demands to see Bill. She explains he is in a meeting and Jarrett figures that it is indeed Bill trying to take Forrester. Justin walks over and asks what is wrong. Jarrett says Bill has gone after Forrester again; he adds, “can’t we all just get along?”

Eric, Donna, Marcus, Rick and Thorne are in the office congratulating Marcus when Ridge and Brooke walk in. Brooke sees the elation in Eric’s eyes and asks if it is “official.” Eric responds that it is as Rick says they need all the help they can get. Eric says they will rebuild the Forrester name.

Katie says she does not want Bill to be the one to take over Forrester. He says that some other company will come in and put the Forrester logo on everything from lampshades to curtains. He points out that he wants to build the Company back up. Katie says they were not interested. He tells her the same people who laughed at her are the same people who are going down. He says she can be the hero who helps pull it out of the gutter. Katie says she is not sure that her sisters will see it that way. He tells her that some other CEO will not be as sympathetic to her family. She comes close to him and tells him that if he takes over Forrester she will break up with him.

As the Forresters are meeting, Rick says international sales are up. They plan a trip to go to Europe when Eric asks what is next. The item Rick comes to on the agenda is one Katie should be presenting. Donna asks if she should buzz Katie’s office. Rick chides that she hopefully is somewhere talking “sense” into her boyfriend. Brooke elaborates that Bill once again has interest in taking over Forrester. Ridge says they should not get distracted by him. The Messenger comes in and hands them an envelope. Ridge cheers that their loan payment made it to the bank.

Justin tells Jarrett if he wants to keep his job he should get on board. Jarrett says he is risking Katie. The Secretary chimes in Bill has been so kind since he started dating her.

Bill says if this is her “deal breaker” she needs to tell him. She says he can not put this all on her. That he is power hungry. He tells her she has changed him and if she could look past her concern for her sisters she could see that he wants to build the Company back up. He says with her “passion” and his “power” they could make “Forrester hot again.” He looks at her while holding her and asks if she is with him.

Brooke tells Ridge and Rick how happy she is that they are working together. They kiss and Rick says as happy as he is they should let him know when the “meeting is back on.” Thorne walks in with the receipt and asks what time the check was supposed to be at the bank. Ridge says it should have been there at noon. Thorne shows him that the receipt shows that the payment was not delivered until 12:39pm Thorne advises that it may not be such a bad idea to call Mike and make sure he received it. Ridge calls and the Secretary at the bank tells him that he is too busy and can’t take his call.

Katie says she feels that she is stabbing her sisters in the back. Bill tells her if she is CEO it will still be a family company. Katie says if he buys the Company “everything will change.” He says that is what she is afraid of. That she will have to realize how awe inspiring she is. “You are smarter than Brooke and sexier than Donna.” He adds that she has him so it makes her more powerful. Bill says he treats her how she should be treated and he sees her for who she is. He explains that she believed in him and gave him a chance, made him believe in himself. He holds the papers in his hand and says he gets up in the morning for his work. He says the last thing he wants to do. “I love you, I care about you…” She backs him up to what he was saying. He says if she can not accept him for who he is…she interrupts and says she does. They begin to kiss and she glances at the papers on the desk. She looks at him and mischievously smirks. He signs the papers as she stands behind him. He turns to her and says “Forrester Creations is ours.” They begin to kiss again.

Ridge stares at the Delivery Notice when Eric comes into his office. Eric says it was a great day as Ridge adds that he “is looking forward to more of these.” Eric says that Ridge’s loyalty means so much to him. He says that does not change because he adopted Marcus. Ridge tells him he does not have to say that. Eric tells him he wants to; that the Company is in great hands with him. They hug.

Justin walks in and proclaims that Bill and Katie were in there “for a while.” Justin says he hopes that she did not derail him from getting Forrester. He holds the signed document and says Katie had trepidation but in the end was okay with it. Justin congratulates him and tells him he “did it.” Justin asks if the Forresters know yet; Bill says “no, but they are about to find out.”

Donna asks Brooke if she has heard from Katie. Brooke says she has not and that Katie’s cell phone is off. They agree that is not like her. Brooke says Katie is being pulled in all kinds of directions because of Bill. Donna says that it could cause problems between Justin and Marcus. She hopes that it does not because Marcus is “so happy.” Katie comes in. Donna says that Eric needs her “best efforts” right now. Katie says the meeting was not as important as the one she had with Bill. Brooke says their success is in their hands not Bill’s. Katie says she is right, everyone in the building is “essential” to helping Forrester attain “it’s original glory.” She tells them that will not change. She goes on to say they have to spend to make money and they do not have that kind of capital. Katie says she has to tell them something. She tells them Forrester missed the deadline. Brooke says they did not. Katie says Bill knew that had missed it – not by much but they had missed it. “A short while ago Bill signed papers to aquire the Company.” They both look at her with disbelief. “It’s official. Bill Spencer is the new owner of Forrester Creations.” They both look at Katie with mouths open.

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