B&B Tuesday Update 9/29/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Tuesday 9/29/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures By Juanita

Ridge is in his office working on a design when Brooke comes in and asks if it is time for a lunch break. They kiss as she implies food is not on her mind. The phone rings and Ridge cryptically talks to a Loan Officer about a payment that is due today. Katie comes in the office and says she has been with Bill. Ridge notes he is taking an interest in her. She says he is also interested in Forrester Creations.

Bill explains to Justin that plans are falling into place. Bill says it is a big day for Justin; finding out he has a son. Justin tells Bill he would like to stay in LA and do all of the things he did not get a chance to do with him.

Marcus tells Donna he never thought he would know his biological father. He tell her how happy he is as Eric walks in and announces the paperwork for the adoption has been finalized. Donna tells him there is something she should tell him. Marcus tries to explain that his biological father came into his life. Eric looks at them both, stunned.

Ridge can’t believe that Bill told Katie he wanted Forrester. They say how sorry they are since she thought he had changed. Katie shocks them both when she says Bill has a good reason for wanting it; it is business. They should listen to his proposal.

Ridge can not believe that Katie could even think they would hear any proposal. Katie tells them Forrester is having financial difficulty and Bill Spencer has a Media Empire that would guarantee world wide Press whenever they needed it. Brooke is ashamed she would even think it; Ridge announces Forrester is not for Sale.

Bill asks if Justin is making him godfather. He laughs as Bill says Marcus is a good kid. Justin says “he’s a great kid.” Justin tells Bill that Eric Forrester adopted Marcus today.

Eric asks how he met his father. Donna says that Justin is in L.A. and he was not aware he had a son. She tells him Marcus figured out Justin was his father. She tells him she did not want this to happen and she is so sorry; she hopes he understands. Eric asks if his father seems like a good guy. Marcus says he does. Eric asks if Marcus is “okay with this.” Marcus says he is. Eric agrees that he will be okay with it too. He asks Marcus how he feels. Marcus tells him that he “works for Bill Spencer.” Eric laughs and says he will not hold it against him. After they all agree Marcus will get to know him Eric asks if they will need the adoption papers.

Bill says Marcus not only works for Forrester but is about to become a Forrester. He tells him his world just became more “complicated.” A secretary interrupts as the Loan Officer from the Bank that had been speaking with Ridge walks in. Bill says if he has not received the Forrester payment. If he has not they are in default, and he will have to foreclose.

Brooke tells Katie that maybe dating Bill was a bad idea. Katie says that Bill would keep them on board. Ridge says it will never happen. Katie explains that they are “barely staying afloat” and at this rate they can not keep going. Brooke says she and Ridge run the company with Eric. She laughs as she asks who Bill would put in charge, “you, his girlfriend?”

Eric comments that it has to have been an “emotional” day for Marcus seeing as how he met his father. He says he understands if “this changes things.” Marcus tries to convey his appreciation for how Eric has treated him. He says that Eric and Donna are together; that “no man” has been there for him as Eric has. He says he would love for Marcus to be an “official member of the family.” They both sign the adoption papers and Eric pronounces him “Marcus Forrester.”

The Bank Officer says his Bank does not treat his Long Term Customers like that. Bill says them not paying is a lot of money and it could look poorly on him. Bill already has the documents ready legally allowing him to purchase the loan and Forrester. He says all he has to do is sign the document. The man looks over the papers as Marcus and Bill glare at one another. The Bank Representative asks for a pen. There is a buzz and the Secretary informs him Katie is there. Bill tells the men that they have concluded their business. The men leave as Katie walks in and kisses him. She tells him she brought things up to Brooke and Ridge. She tells him how they laughed at her and insinuated she could not run the Company. She says it is no big deal. He tells her it is a big deal. He pulls out the paperwork and says she should join him. She asks “wouldn’t that be stabbing my sister in the back?” He tells her it is time to stand up for herself. She begs him to not sign the papers. She pleads for him not to do it; “for me.”

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