B&B Monday Update 9/28/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Monday 9/28/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Stephanie tells Pam that she thinks she may have had a stroke but she knows she is “a force to be reckoned with.”

Katie sits in Bill’s lap as she figures out he just wanted to know if Justin is Donna’s “baby daddy.” Katie is a terrible liar and Bill finds out the truth.

Donna confesses to Marcus that Justin is his father. She tells him she was confused by him saying he did not want to know his dad. Donna apologizes again as Justin tells her she put them before herself and she should not be sorry. He says they should be happy that they are all there together. He looks at Marcus and asks “right Son?”

Stephanie is called by Nick on intercom that they have a meeting. Pam says she can’t go. Stephanie says she will, she has to prove that nothing has changed.

Jackie, Owen, Whip, Nick and Bridget are in Jackie’s office talking about sales going up when Pam and Stephanie walk in. Stephanie says they should all thank her for getting them there. She says she is the reason. Owen points out they all appreciate it as Nick calls her the “one woman dynamo.”

While Bill is on the phone Katie finds a corkboard with every Forrester’s pictures. She says she thought he was over that. He says Forrester sales are going down and all he has to do is wait to take it over. She says “nothing has changed.” He tells her she has changed and that he does not want to take over for “sport” but to “save” the Company. He says he can not do it alone and he puts her picture at the top.

Marcus asks if Justin knew that he was a father. Justin tells him he had no idea and tells him the story of his scholarship. He says he wants to know about Marcus. He asks about Texas and his adoptive parents. Marcus says they were good people but “finding mom was the greatest thing that could have happened.” Marcus asks if he has any other kids. Justin says he tried and breaks down as he says Marcus is there before him.

Everyone looks at numbers as Nick says they need to hire a third shift. Bridget says the Economy still has not recovered. They leave the decision to Stephanie and tell her to look at page 20. She says she does not need to look at a page she knows what is best for the company and will go with her instincts. She says “if there is a problem with that, there’s the door.” Nick throws Jackie a look of confusion.

Justin tells Marcus he is sorry if it seems he is pressuring him. He knows Eric wants to adopt him and “being a Forrester is quite an honor.” Marcus tells him Eric has been good to him but they are complete strangers. Justin says there is one way to “remedy that.” Marcus looks at Donna and then asks Justin if he will stick around if he asks. Justin asks if he is asking and Marcus smiles and answers “yeah, I think I am.” Justin cries as he hugs Marcus. Donna looks on with tears in her eyes as well.

Bill says “Katie Logan, CEO” sounds good. Katie says they are like family. Bill says he does not want to toss anyone out. Katie asks “even the Forresters?” Bill says he respects their talent and wants to keep him but he wants to have the control. He tells her she has what it “takes” to run the company. He tells her she needs to be more “aggressive.” He says he can bring that out in her. He begins kissing her and says “I promise, it won’t hurt a bit.”

Bill asks Katie if he has convinced her. She says she appreciates his faith but if he made her CEO people would laugh. He tells her no one will laugh at her. She is beautiful and intelligent. He adds that she is with him and if anyone “cracks a smile” he will open a “can of whoop ass.” She calls him a hero as they kiss. He says she kisses like a CEO; she takes charge. She asks if he has kissed many CEOs. He tells her she is the first. She states that she has not agreed to anything. He adds that she will.

Stephanie tells everyone that it was her money and her work that got them there. Bridget says they threw her the party because she was appreciated. Jackie says they should get back to the meeting. Stephanie rambles that she is the one that turned it around. She says “I am Jackie M Designs.” Whip throws his pen down and says “so much for teamwork.” Jackie looks at her and says “and here I thought I was Jackie M.” Bridget says she thought she was trying to build a team. After everyone leaves Stephanie asks why she did that; “I am so stupid.”

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