B&B Friday Update 9/25/09

The Bold & The Beautiful Update Friday 9/25/09


Written By Kaylee
Pictures by Juanita

Stephanie is pressing buttons on her laptop and tries to adjust the screen as everything appears blurry. She remembers falling and the way everything looks blurry. Looking at the symptoms on the screen she says she did not have a headache so it could not have been a stroke. She holds her hand as Pam walks in and says she is trying to save leftover Champagne. Stephanie asks again what she wants. Pam says she just told her what she was doing. Stephanie tells her she needs to explain again since she was not focused. Pam says she has to ask and Stephanie interrupts that she better not ask about her health.

Justin says that he and Donna have a child together. Donna says she could not ruin his life; that he had a basketball scholarship. Justin says it was not his only thing in life he loved. She tries to explain that they were in high school and she did not want to mess up his life.

Steffy is sitting at the coffee shop remembering Stephanie on the floor. Owen walks up and sits down with her. He asks, “what’s up?” She tries to tell him nothing is going on but he says he saw how she looked in the distance. She says it is hard to know how to do the right thing.

Stephanie tells Pam not to worry about her. She tells her sister will be there to take care of her “for a long, long time.”

Justin asks when Donna found out. She says she found out the day he got his basketball scholarship. She thought for a second how they could have a happy family but she remembered his years of hard work and dedication and she did not want to ruin it. She cries and goes to the other side of the room and asks for him not to hate her.

Owen tells Steffy he knows “all” about the “right thing to do.” She asks how he is doing and he says he is trying to get past Jackie’s “past.” Steffy points out she does not know what he was facing; and he adds what he and Jackie have is incredible. He says she helped and so now he wants to help her. He tells her he knows there is “something going on behind those beautiful eyes.” She admits she is worried about her grandma.

Pam asks what Stephanie was looking at on the laptop. Stephanie says not to worry about what she is doing. Pam sees the contract and tells Stephanie she has to sign it. She says she will sign it when she feels like it. Pam asks where Stephanie was; she stopped by Taylor’s and Steph had left her wallet and keys. Stephanie goes to snatch the document out of Pam’s hand and can not grasp it. The contract falls onto the floor. As Stephanie goes to pick up the paper, Pam sneaks by and looks at the screen to see what Stephanie was looking at. She looks at her, gasps and asks “A Stroke?”

Owen asks why Steffy is worried about her grandmother. Steffy says she is “going through something.” Owen says he has seen her and she is non-stop. Steffy asks if it is avoidance of something she should look at or if it is energy. Steffy says she has lost so much. Owen points out that Stephanie says they are like her “second family” and they wil be there. He takes her hand as he says she is so lucky to have someone like Steffy in her life. That Steffy puts everyone before her; and he has witnessed it “first hand.” She says she hopes she can help.

Pam talks about all of the signs leading up to the stroke. Stephanie denies anything is wrong. Pam says she saw this with their mother. She asks Stephanie when Ridge’s birthday is. Stephanie tells her to go look it up herself. She tells Pam not to pick a fight because she “always would lose.”

Justin tells Donna he could not hate her. She says she gave away their child. She gave him up to “stable parents.” Justin says they owe the people who raised him. Donna says he came back to her. Justin adds that he came back to “us,” and that he wants to know him. Donna puts distance between the two and says they have a problem. Justin asks what kind of problem as Donna explains that Marcus told her he did not want to know his biological father.

Donna tells Justin Eric wants to adopt Marcus. Justin says “your husband wants to adopt my son?” Donna says Marcus finally has stability. She asks how he feels. Justin says it is “ironic” that he has a kid by the woman he loves and now some other man wants to adopt him. She says she is sorry she told him. He tells her not to feel sorry. God wanted him to know, that he blessed them with a child. He says “thank you for giving me a son.” Justin kisses Donna lightly on the lips. He says that they have a son and he wants to get to know him, “but if that is not what he wants.” Donna says she does not know what he wants. She says she will make an “introduction” but she can not promise anything. As they hug Marcus walks in. He looks at the two and says he did not mean to interrupt. He looks at the two side by side and he asks, “is this my father?”

Pam says she wants to help Stephanie. Stephanie says there is nothing wrong. Pam informs her everyone has noticed. Stephanie tells Pam she is delusional and she could have gone to jail but she saved her, she got her a job and now Pam is doing this. Stephanie tells her to get out. Pam says she has lost so much and she is sick. Pam looks at Stephanie and says if she avoids the warning signs she could die. Pam says she will go but she needs her to sign the contract for her and then she will go. Stephanie slams the papers down and says she can’t sign it. She is frustrated as Pam holds her tightly in a hug.

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